Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiring Weekends

Off work... after 5pm, Saturday....

..... Tired of office work (not surfing the net... just playing online games.. hahaha) I head home and lie down on my bed.. I slept and was disturbed by my thought (my dream) that some people are waiting for me... I forgot, We have a badminton game!

.... excited on the upcoming "Earth Hour" activity. I looked outside the windows to check if it is already happening...

5 minutes more... I wait...

830pm!... nothing happens..

9pm... its still the same. Lights are all lit up.. no one will participate...

930pm... it's over.. I'm broke!... arg!


After the game, I invited my friends for karaoke.. yeah!

10pm not having a shower... they decided to watch instead.. "Serendipity" is the title..

... okay I'm craving to sing... but the movie is good.. I'm hooked!

... atlas! the movie is finished... we still have time.. wait, its already 1130. We aren't night owls.. but we can pretend to be :D (evil smile)

Same time... Magic sing's mic are all set up... we sing our heart, stomach and intestines out.. yeah..

1 am... geez.. the batteries are all empty.. no spare.. :( we headed home... took a quick shower.. then took off to sleep.


Next morning 6am.. get up early to catch up 8am mass service...

.. lost on track, the time passed quickly.. I'm late to catch the early bus.. took the taxi to catch the 735 train to KL. Arrived a bit late.. I missed the first reading :(

.. 0915...waited for the choir practice to start... wait until 1030h.. the musician didn't show up.. wahhhh...

-----FAST FORWARD -----

230pm Midvalley, Cinema 16.... We've watch "Watchmen". I felt bored.. the story is sooo slow.... story is too predictable... :(

515pm we bought Ice blended coffee at Coffee Bean. I consumed 1 large cup(that is equivalent of my 3 days coffee intake)... My senses are fully alert..

... decided to take the train... 545... the next schedule will be 549..

.... 5 minutes after... the trained was delayed... next will arrived at 618... train on other track already arrived...

....1619 no train.. 2 minutes after... train on the other track arrived....

....1635... no train still... after a minute or 3.. train on the other track arrived..

- crowds are getting bigger and bigger.... everyone are hoping to ride on the train that will arrived... if it will.

....1710... the rain started.. still no train....

....1720... finally the train arrived... GOSH.. no space anymore.. pushing... pushing.. pushing... Just a little bit move when..... WOOOOTTTTT... the guard stop us.. no space for a medium sized people like us anymore.. we have to wait again.

... after 10 minutes.. another train stop.. We finally got on board.. (sigh)

... bought KLIA train ticket to PutraJaya, depart time is 801.. still have 20 minutes... then we hang around..

... I saw an imitated wallet... bought it for 20bucks.. yipee! I have new wallet now!

... we lost the time.. we missed the train.. we have to wait again.. saw my friend looking for new sandals to buy...

...0831.. we finally boarded... arrived at 855 at PutraJaya... no bus.. NOT AGAIN!

...920.. the bus arrived..

930 we finally get in...

950pm.. arrived at home.. didnt dare to change... get on bed.. snooooooree

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 - Countdown(3)

Enthusiastic it is... but I have to do it.. again to remind everyone.

We have more than 11 hours left now before this World-wide activity..

Please join. Observe. Participate.

Earth Hour Today at 2030h.

Switch off your light for an hour....You can make a difference....

American Idol 8 Top 10 - Elimination Result

Geez, I thought everything is a JOKE...

What happen? Why the H#** he's sitting at the stool? Matt Giraud? Bottom 3.. the worst, bottom 2? AI is indeed a popularity contest. And it only shows that my bet is not popular... I'm sad :(


Well atleast I was entertained. First, I heard songs that I really like. Second, I see my love Megan dance awkwardly with the other two girls on their lipsynch performance. And lastly, watching the legend... the wonder Stevie!

Yep, as I said before.. I had a strong feeling that they are lip synch-ing in the show. Found this article online. Anyway I don't feel cheated so its still okay. Atleast they are still the one who recorded the song. :D.

So there, after the group song and commercial, Ruben Studard perform his new single, "Together". The song is very interesting.. I still like Ruben. Really like his R&B sound voice. Let's not talk about his huge suit.. hahaha.. He still great.. but he sweat a lot... tissue please! Kidding :)

After the break, a few chat with the Idol about their great ride on a private plane to Detroit.. I saw Scott yawning :). If I heard correctly the other night, Michael is not with them due to illness... hmmm.. Then....

... the moment all had been waiting for. Seacrest call Adam from the top couch.. review... then was announced SAFE. Matt called out next... I'm in a great mood.. when suddenly... he is in the Bottom 3.. NOOOOOO! Matt isn't happy, so do I. Kris was called next... He thought he too is in the Bottom 3, Seacrest faked him again.. but he is SAFE. Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver are next.. Anyone can be in the Bottom 3... Is it Lil? or Is it Michael... (at the back of my head... "Please be it Michael"). Seacrest review past season contestants who perform the same song sang by Lil the other night which unfortunately sent them to the Bottom spot... but not Lil, she is SAFE. Michael is in the Bottom 3.. yey!

Smokey Robinson, this week mentor, performs after the break. Wow, he is still in good shape.. the voice is interesting.. I like it! He duet with that girl which I lost the name.. :(

The next set of elimination begins. Allison was called first and was SAFE. Seacrest calls Anoop on the other side of lower couch next. He is SAFE too. Danny Gokey next and is SAFE. My heart is pounding... my two favorites left.. Scott and Megan. Megan is more experienced to hang in survival.. But Scott is not nervous either. Seacrest announced Scott in the Bottom 3. Megan looks surprised yet happy... Im torn..

Matt, Michael and Scott is the Bottom 3. Seacrest ask Randy who he thinks not deserve to stand center stage and faced elimination. Randy reply back and declares Matt shouldn't be there (they are declaring Matt is one of the front runner now in the show for the past week). Matt is hurting inside. To add up, Scott was sent back to the couch.. He is safe, leaving Michael and Matt as the Bottom 2.

I am contemplating.. If Matt got the lower number of votes.. will the judges force to SAVE him.. they love him now. On the other hand, if Michael is the one.. they will kid every body and play as if they will try to consider in saving him.... anyway...

The moment is here.. the "wonder" sings after the break. Performing my most loved songs.. "My Cherry Amour", "Superstitious" - (I remember Ricky Brady in some moments there), "Overjoyed" and "All About The Love Again". I really like Stevie.. he is still wonderful. Most of the contestant are grooving... I felt sad for the other two who are standing far away from them.. waiting... sigh!

Back from the break. They dimmed the lights, then.... "Who will sing for survival tonight" says Ryan...

Michael Sarver got the lowest number of votes.. Matt is SAFE!

On the stage Michael drop a joke, "I have to sing after Stevie, crap!". Then he started to sing "Too Proud To Beg" again. He is in his full self.. not proud but humble. The judges play as if they are discussing again.. the girls are halfheartedly swaying and dancing during the performance.

Then after Michael done singing... Simon says, "We haven't decided yet". Who are they kidding? Then afterwards, Simon says, " I have to make the decision. Michael, you're going home".

Michael is smiling while watching his journey clip on Idol... then the other join and hug him afterwards.


So there, Michael is out now. I'm not throwing him out of the window just because I hated him. I just don't feel his thing. He don't have a chance to win in this show too.. so its okay. Atleast he got the exposure and he will be on tour with the other 9 contestants.

In this Elimination episode I can't stop to think what will happen next week? Does Matt already counting his time on the show? Would America still save Megan? Scott? Are they going to stick on favoring Danny and Adam? The answer next week......

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 - Countdown(2)

I became a huge supporter of this activity right after I saw and heard it on the news.

So just to remind everyone if there someone who accidentally redirected to my site to PLEASE support this and participate on this activity. An hour of participation will not cost you much. All you have to do is turnoff your electricity for an hour to spread the world about Global Warming awareness.

The date: MARCH 28 at 2030h

Simple thing... HUGE Impact!

It is our part to ACT.

For more details about Earth Hour please visit their website:

American Idol 8 Top 10 - Performance (Motown)

We have a very informative and entertaining night in AI last night. I love Motown music but haven't tried to check where it began. I thought that its just a simple record label for a kind of music.. I was wrong. Anyway, so Motown derived from the word "Motor" and "Town" which is based in Detroit.. wow!

When was the last "Motown" theme on AI? Not quite sure bout it really.. but as I remember (if this is correct) the last time was in Season 3... Love John Peter Lewis "This Heart Of Mine".. yay! So I'm very glad they bring back the music this time...

Okay, so the performance last night is far greater than the first two episodes... in my opinion. Most of the contestant really feel and put themselves into the competition and not holding back and not hesitate to bring their cards on the table. I like the other who try to jump into their comfort zones, try new, reprised and make the songs their own.

So below are the Top 10 Finalist performances listed from my favorite to least.


Adam Lambert - sings "Tracks Of My Tears" by this week mentor, Smokey Robinson. I can't deny the fact now that he is one of interesting contestant in this season. Why? He got lots of surprises. Very unpredictable. Though I'm not yet convince and not my favorite yet, Lambert brings a different emotion about the song. He tone down., use his falsetto and sang tenderly. Full of emotion. I felt his performance for the first time... Judges favorite which is very obvious. One of the tight contender to bag the seasons crown.... but odd things can happen.. you know :)


Allison Iraheta - sings "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" by The Temptations. What I love about the performance is the that its not a copy cat of the original nor the same tune and arrangement like the past contestant who sang the same song in AI. I just can't remember who perform the same song here(so if somebody can remember please tell me...). The "Dark Horse" in the show?... maybe?.. I'm nearly convince that shes the one need to be watch in this season.. In this point of competition... Adam or Danny can't be sure tobag the title since most of the contestant are growing as a strong contender.


Kris Allen - sings "How Sweet It Is". One of my favorite Motown songs popularized by Marvin GAye. Really love the arrangement and the voice. Perfect song choice for him. He didn't hesistate to put some touch of himself in the song. I agree with Kara(who?) for the first time by saying that the song is neither Temptation nor James Taylor version but His. I'm very surprise about the last note of the song.. I can't believe he can pull that off.. great great work. Very soulful and very convincing performance. As Simon says, "Brilliant!"


Matt Giraud - sings "Let's Get It On" another from Marvin Gaye. One of my awaited song of the night. Glad my bet didn't let me down. Not the best performance but still a good one from him. He started playing the piano then he gets up to work on the stage which is a good effort from him. Letting him self away on the piano where he is most comfortable with. Randy says, ".. you are challenging them on the top spot" which refer to other front runner and favorites on the show. I love to see him sailed through the final... Hope America will let him reach there. My friend says, "Deserving to be picked back from Wild Card Round"... Agree!


Danny Gokey - sings "Get Ready" by Temptations. Okay, he need to stop the dancing thing. It's very disturbing. The first try is okay but he keeps on doing it... wahh.. The vocal is still good, But not on my top list. He still the pick to bag the title this year. Judges Favorite. The one whom they reserving "The Judges Save" for I think. The other judges likes it though. But Simon says, "Clumsy and Amateurish". Not his best but still an average and enough not to be in the last on my list.


Anoop Desai - sings "Ooh Baby Baby". I thought not to recognize the tune at first or maybe I just being deaf. Anyway, much better that his past performances. The chorus part for me is a little bit odd but hmmm still acceptable. I like his chest tone more than his head tone.. I agree with the judges about this. His delivery is very tender though.. he tried to feel the song I think.


Lil (little) Rounds - sings "Heatwave" by Martha and the Vandellas. I first heard this song in youtube (Thanks Youtube!) and I thought the song is great. I first thought Brandy came to Idol.. hahaha peace! Yeah she looks like Brandy. Okay enough. I thought she will kill that performance.. I thought she will nailed it.. I thought.. I thought....

Well, something is wrong about the performance. She is emotional back in the Motown Museum so I think this add on the outcome of her performance. A bit trying hard. Pitchyness is everywhere. Nice try for her though. She will be back for sure... if not the judges will be force to use their "Save" thing.


Scott McIntyre - sings "You Can't Hurry Love" by the Supremes. He plays the piano once again.. He is a great pianist.. really love to watch him playing.. how can he do it? Wahhhh

Okay, reality check, Scott got a heavy criticism from the Judges. He lost the tune on the first high note of the song.. but I still love it. I feel uncomfortable though.. I can't explain why.. there is a moment in his performance where I want to say "Scott, please end it now. I already had and listened enough.. don't worry I still love it" just to save him. Anyway, everyone love Scott. I still believe in him.. and oh.. I like his being sooo inocent :). Scott is love!


Megan Joy Corkrey - sings "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder. Another Motown song favorites. Hmmmm, I don't know how to start. Ei, shes beautiful last night.. like the bangle and the hair dress :D.

Okay, I love the song but I'm not convince in her interpretation. The arrangement is okay but the phrasing is not. Simon says she is in serious trouble and commented " Horrible and Atrocious". But I still have faith.. I will still see her.. It's not her time to exit yet.. yey!


Michael Sarver - sings "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" by Temptation. Okay, I want him to stop the first he hit the note. I can't bear to listen to him longer. Everything is wrong. I don't know. (hater? me? hmmm maybe.. hahaha!). There is only one type of song he can nailed though.. he is a Balladeer. He had this huge voice for ballad. Well he is my pick to be ousted since last week.. I think this is the moment...


So as I said, my picked to leave on elimination night would be Michael. Bottom 3 for me would be Michael Sarver, Megan Joy Corkrey and Scott McIntyre. But since people love underdogs, it could be change to Mike, Megan and Lil or Mike, Megan and Anoop. But people love Anoop. Asian- American will definitely save him so I will stay on my first choice.

Ruben Studdard (AI2 winner) and Stevie Wonder will perform on the elimination show.. yehey!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

I just finished donating my blood.. nothing seems to changed.. how I wish sucking up your blood will get you thinner. I'm still huge hahaha.

Not the first

This is my 4th time to donate blood to help others in need. My first was when I'm still in College. I was second year then when I decided to give a part of my blood for good deeds. Then twice when I was in my former employer. My colleague's brother is ill due to leukemia (RIP). He was confined at Phil General Hospital then. Actually our blood was been used to replaced a very rare blood type that they acquired at "Red Cross". First blood transfusion to his brother is successful and was declared fully recovered by the doctor. But sad things happen. No signs of sickness. In just a flick, his brother felt dizzy and having high temperature after 10 months. Another blood transfusion is needed so I agree to donate for blood replacement again. But he cant fight enough, God takes his brother with HIM... Blessed his soul.

Then after 4 years, today, I again offer a part of my system for other. Doctor says it better since they can be replaced in weeks or months again.. so nothing to worry.

Earth Hour 2009 - Countdown

So I just learned that my Company will participate in the upcoming World-wide Awareness this Saturday known as Earth Hour. I am excited... yep! Really. I just really feel excited about this Saturday activity. Its just a simple gesture but the impact is very huge.

I'm watching last night when they repeatedly shown the commercial about this activity...Its very intense.. and I've heard lots of people in our area will participate...


Earth Hour

American Idol 8 Top 10 - Spoiler

Everyone loves spoilers... hahahaha.. I will slap the face of those who will refuse to agree..

Okay, this week theme is "Motown". I love Motown musics.. I love Marvin Gayle, The Supremes, Jackson 5 and more...

Spoilers from MJ Blog:

Matt Giraud - Let's Get It On

Kirs Allen - How Sweet It Is

Scott McIntyre - You Can't Hurry Love

Megan Joy Corkrey - For Once In My Life

Anoop Desai - Ohh Baby Baby

Michael Sarver - Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Lil Rounds - Heatwave

Adam Lambert - Tracks Of My Tears

Danny Gokey - Get Ready

Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone


From the above lists.. I'm salivating to hear "You Can't Hurry Love" by Supremes and "For Once In My Live" by the wonder Stevie. Also cant wait to hear "Let's Get It On" by Marvin..

This will be an exciting episode... Yehey!

After The Clock Buzz

Same thought...

"Isn't it Weekends yet?"..... yawn!

"Its still dark and cold... I will still ask for a few minutes before getting up"

"Let me hug my pillow and sleep more"

"I have a headache.... Is it okay to advice for MC(Sick Leave)?"

"What would be my lunch for today?"

"I have to get going... but wait.. I still have time... I can still sleep"

Yawn yawn yawn

Yawn yawn yawn

"Hope today is Holiday"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Survival, Needs, Sploit

Due to recent and continued recession experience by most of the countries because of the slow down on financial sectors, most affected people think of things on how to earn for living. I'm thankful that I'm still working with my current company. Unlike others specially those who are in the field of Semiconductor, who lost their jobs and struggle to move forward.

I was reading the online news and came up to one article discussing about the disturbing activities by other nationalities towards my countrymen.

News here: Syndicates sneak, tuck, sew drugs into Pinoys.

It's sad to face the fact that we came to one of the struggling country. We have abundant national resources which are in needs to develop but due to lack of funds, these natural wealth was wasted and enjoyed by others. A gift from nature that will help people in the country. As result people fly from other country to try their luck and hope for some fortune.. Unfortunately most of these people falls as a prey to some greed people who abuse them and use for wrong doings.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Up, up and away

How good is your weekends? Is it the same old TGIW (Thank God Its Weekend)? or a lots of plan was successfully pushed through and you are happy about it? A boring day of doing your laundry? Studying? Or wasting your time day dreaming?

Mine is neither of the above.. I haven't had a Thank-God-Its-Weekend dilemma nor wasting my time doing nothing. I still done my laundry while watching movie which made my job more exciting... But I still had most exciting activity than that... by flying! Yep, Flying! Not me physically but my imagination with colorful giant balloons above the air.

For the first time, which add my excitement, I witnessed how they prepare this giant things to fly above the sky.. The colorful giant balloon are one of my favorite things to watch.. and one of my dream to ride on. Its amaze me much on the different sizes and shapes that they have. From cone to rectangular, to clown to peacock shape... I let my kid self scape on me.. and overwhelm my self by watching and dreaming my self riding on it.

I am really thankful that I just staying near the place where they held the 1st Hot Air Balloon Festival... Putrajaya.

The event, held in conjunction with the Federal Territories Day celebrations, featured Hot-air Balloonists from different countries including France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, New Zealand, the Philippines, United States and Thailand.

Busy Weekends

I didn't have enough rest for this past few days. I think this is the reason why I'm experiencing body ache and dizziness.

I engaged my self on lots of activities since last Friday and wasn't able to get a goodnight sleep since then. It all started when I agree to come to all the activity invitation from my friends around the area. Last Friday, since we haven't confirmed any bookings for badminton game, we decided to take a swim in the newly fixed clubhouse pool near in our place. We then decided to go straight to one of our friend place for Karaoke. Since the following day is weekend, they all agreed to have a small drink which lasted until 2 in the morning.

The following day, I woke up around 5am to watch an ATP game since one of my favorite Tennis players (Andy Roddick) have a schedule live game at that time.. well, it pays of since he won his game in a 2 straight set point against his opponent (Novak Djokovic). At 730, without breakfast, we headed to Putrajaya to join and watch the Hot-air Balloon Festival (I will post different entry for this).

About 825 am, I received a text message from one of my friends from Cyberview asking for my whereabout, confirming my attendance on our tennis game which I thought was been canceled. I joined their game at 915 after I hurriedly went back to my place to get my things. The game lasted for about two hours under 30 degrees heat of the sun.

I arrived home at 1230 pm and do my laundry while eating. I finished my weekend job (unpaid - hahaha) after three hours together with the movie I've watched... I then go to my friend's place to help in preparing the food were going to bring for the small get-together beside the small pool in the farthest building in the area. Finished at 530 pm, I went back to my place to get my things that will be use for our 6 to 8 pm badminton game. After our extreme game, I headed to the get together to join my friends who are already taking a swim for a light supper. I then join them after resting for a couple of minutes until 10pm.

I slept 20 minutes past 11 and woke up at 530 to prepare for church. I decided the night before to attend the 8am service for me to have some time to join our Choir Group practice in preparation for our next Filipino mass schedule. I thought of heading home to take some rest after we finished before 11 when I received a text message from my friend requesting me to buy a KFC rice combo meal. She was sick and was not able to attend on Sunday Mass Service. I then go the nearest KFC branch at Puduraya to buy the food. Unfortunately, they are still serving a breakfast meal and not serving the combo meal until 12pm. Since I still have plenty of time to waste, I decided to go to Midvalley to visit MPH and look for some interesting books to buy some time.

Overwhelm on so many choices, I ended up to buy nothing and decided to get out the place at 1215 to buy the food. I reached my place before 2pm and eat my food bought from McDonalds with my friend enjoying her KFC while watching Bowling Game in the Sport Channel. I then headed home after the game finished before 4pm to take an afternoon nap. I woke up an hour and a half after due to unbearable noise from my flatmates.

I just lie down on my bed for a couple of minutes to adjust and take a quick shower after. Pressed some of my clothes before taking a dinner at 8pm. I watch another movie from my collection of Harry Potter before sleeping at 1030.

That's how busy my weekends are.. :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 11 - SHOCKING Result

A shocker night on AI!

I feel bad.. just really bad.. Why this things keeps on happening.. :(

Alexis Grace is eliminated and the judges choose not to save her.

Really bad! I just wondering why don't the judges allow the eliminated contestant to sing a different song for survival and save themselves.. I was watching how my favorite struggle and choke some lyrics and desperately shows the judges that she deserve a second chance when I came up on this question... And I don't believe that Simon is truthful when he says they are considering to save her but still need to prove her worth... It just add the pressure on her.. yes! And I think they just said it to add up some drama... I was hit :(

What else I can do? I even don't throw a single vote for her.. I like but I can't.

Anyway, this is the effect of being too hooked on this show.. but I'm okay now.. just really felt sad to see her go... why her? why not the other who are much worser than her?


The contestant sings "Trouble" as a group song presentation. Scott is playing piano while the other are spreading around. I really think they are all doing lip sync-ing - wahh i really don't know.. I can't confirm this but I'm growing to believe that they are.

Then a farewell party for the eliminated contestant last week was shown. It's very emotional to see this video.. I think this is the first time they done thing like this...

Followed by a very touching and emotional question thrown by Seacrest to Mike Sarver. Mike Sarver choked while talking about his family specially his daughter... I know Meagan and Alexis feels the same emotion that Sarver has. Then a slight cute scene showing sick Megan Corkrey wrapped with scarp on their rehearsals.. with other people wearing medical masks.

Then the elimination begins announcing Danny Gokey, Lil (little) Rounds and Anoop Desai to be safe after some reviews from other night comments made by the judges. Leaving Allison and Michael who stands on the top couch. Seacrest then ask Paula (whose hair are straight which suited her) who among the two she thinks is in the bottom 3. Paula then choose Allison after some blab and teasing from Simon. Allison is in the bottom 3 and was asked to sit on the stool from the other side of the stage. Ryan then ask Michael to stand again when he sat down and announce that he too is in the bottom 3... whehehe..

A performance from one of the Grand Ole Opry member, Brad Praisley... I don't know him so let just leave the fact that he sing on AI elimination night. :)

Then elimination continued. Seacrest announced Scott McIntyre, Megan Corkrey, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen to be safe leaving Alexis and Adam standing and waiting for the verdict on who will join the first two on the bottom 3. And ofcourse Adam was called to be safe, Alexis is not and was ask to stand to the center stage together with Allison and Michael. One was sent back to the safe couch and that is Allison. Leaving Michael and Alexis who are not talking to each other...

A performance from Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis....

... and after everything are said and done... Michael Sarver was announced to be safe, leaving Alexis who was ask to sing for her survival....


Sadness comes to me while watching her... and watching how the judges pretending to deliberate for the dramatic "Save" result.... This is cruelty..

Well atleast I still have some of my favorites on the show.. and they are all joining everyone on the Tour!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change . It was pioneered by WWF Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, and achieved worldwide participation in 2008. (Wikipedia)

- Here, in my adopted country, they are advertising the encouraging every one to participate this world wide awareness. Next Earth Hour will take place next coming Saturday, 28th of March.

American Idol 8 Top 11 - Performance

It is Country Night on AI and they performed songs from The Grand Ole Opry!

I personally don't know anything about this. All I know is about the "Country Music"... well I don't want to use me not being a citizen of a country where this genre was better known. But in the planet where I came from, we have almost the same song styles popularized by our own veterans.. but I can only provide one name which I now pictured on my mind... Mike Hanopol - Yahoo!

Anyway I really enjoyed most of the performances... I'm still staying to favor all my early favorites from the show.

Below are the list of performances last night in order from my favorites to least one...


Matt Giraud - Sings "So Small". I recognized the song as one of Carrie Underwood's. Not one of my favorites, but wow, after hearing Matt performance.. I started to be crazy about it. I love the song now.. if Matt will re-record it..I'll definitely but it. The soulful blend of his voice to the song is really fantastic! There are some pitch problem on high notes, yeah, but it was been ignored by his outstanding hearth felt performance. He is very connected to the lyric and the way he deliver the message is flawless (well for me). He plays the piano again..

I'm really happy that all the Judges are happy about his performance. Simon compared him to Michael Bublé (Bubble as per Ms. Mega) and says "You outsang Danny". Bravo!


Kris Allen - sings "To Make You Feel My Love". A very good song choice for him.. He is really a balladeer. He change up and not play with his guitar on last night performance.. a very good move for him. Very heart felt. Very good. I even told my friends that if he sing it in front of a girl he will definitely got a speed "Yes and I do!". Very deserving to be one of the top singer of the night. The judges are loving him more and more... Kara(who?) says "It was very Kris". Hahaha...


Megan Joy Corkrey - sings "Walking After Midnight" - She is sick :( but she still sound unique. Her performance if beautiful just like her. I heard this song before sang by Kellie Pickler from AI5. I love Kellie's rendition before but love Megan's even more. Definitely a good song choice for her. It sounds a bit the same from the original song I would say since her chops is not stressed much. Maybe because of her flu....

The judges are very impressed with the performance. Simon says "You are better this week than last week". Well good job Meagan - get well soon.


Anoop Desai - sings "You Were Always On My Mind". My tatay really love this song. I am not aware that this is a country music... oh well.

I'm just a bit unconvinced on truthfulness of his heartfelt performance.. I found the other part of his song serious and the other sweet. I like his falsetto though. I was on the edge of my sit waiting if he can pull through on the obvious part where he will use it, but yeah.. he made it. He really wants to show that he can sing. And said he change his singing style due to last week criticism from Mr. Cow-ell. Randy says, "This is the reason we really wanted you in this competiton". Tito Obet will definitely be happy about this hahaha..


Lil Rounds - Sings "Independence Day". She was pretty on her new look. She admitted that she is not familiar with the country music and try to hold back a bit and not to do her usual R&B sound. The performance is a bit safe I think and the verses is quite long. I agree with the Paula when she address her concern in using one verse rather than 2 verses in the song. All in all performance is really a plain one. Simon calls her "Little" instead of Lil and was arguing that it is the same.. wahhhh.. Randy says "It was ambitious", a double meaning for me.. But I think it is a good comment for her.


Danny Gokey - Sings "Jesus, Take The Wheel". A favorite from Carrie Underwood. The first half of the songs is boring and flat.. the fire just started when he begins to pull out and sang the high notes on the chorus. A weak performance for me... really not good for a person whose been receiving lots of praise, pimping and endorsement from all the judges. I feel they are still lifting him and not giving him the right harsh critic on his performance.. Well... he was their "pet".


Scott McIntyre - Sings "Wild Angels". He is really a contemporary singer. I'm not sure if its okay for me to be sad about the performance. I was sure his performance in Michael Jacskon's and Country Song night sounds the same. This only shows that he only fit to a one type of music... his voice sounds good technically but not versatile enough to try and experiment to different musics. But still his performance topped the other who are listed the least. Paula commented, "The piano maybe a bit of a crutch now" which I agree.. He must do and present something new... a performance without a piano...


Adam Lambert - sings "Ring Of Fire". One of the bad performance of the night for me.. Really hate the arrangement. Hate his expression.. hate his seduction.. hate his.. his... wahh I hate it. I'm still not jumping and cry out for his vocal capability. Unlike Kara(who?) who says, "That's interesting.. a bit strange, but I kinda like it". ei! I agree more to Simon who says, "Horrific!" even the young girl in our place told us that she was scared with Adam.. hahaha..


Allison Iraheta - sings "Blame It On Your Heart". I want to like the performance but I cant.. I still love her though. Still like her husky voice.. I thought the performance and the song is good for her but theres a bit split of being a rock and a country sound in there.. a far good one from last week performance I think. Judges still like her and encourage to pick songs and put her own into it... Might be booted off in the elimination night.. but.. votes still counts!


Alexis Grace - sings " Jolene". Hmmm very very bad song choice for me.. I can't stop my self comparing her to last season contestant who sang the same song.. Brooke. I much prefer Brook's rendition of the song.. I felt like Alexis is struggling to meet the notes.. I don't know.. Judges loves her before.. she is in danger to leave and be eliminated.. I still cross my finger and pray "Pls not her". She really got a big edge and big talent.. I hope America see it.


Michael Sarver - sings "Ain’t Goin’ Down Till The Sun Comes Up" - tongue twister? The weakest on my list. He might sounds country when he talk but I think this kind of songs is not fit for him. He got a big and soulful voice so he needs to concentrate on that. I mean, he can pick a song and arrange it to what he thinks can benefit his voice. He is my pick for bottom 2 or 3.


So there, some of the people are expecting to have a big drama on elimination night. A shocker on 2nd week of final? Might a good one. Anyway, it will be between Alexis and Adam for a shock elimination then the Judges will force to use their "Veto". What a lovely episode.. hahaha.

But no, I will still stick on my pick that Michael Sarver will going home and the Judge will not save him since they want to reserve it for Adam and Danny... agree?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Messenger Status...

Just thought of listing down all the status messages of peeps from my Yahoo Messenger.. La lang pampalipas oras :D

Affiliate list

Mr. I - "Coming Soon..!" - A soon to be dad?
Ms. P - "The problem today is options -- you have too many of them" - A bit confuse?
My pareng Yan - "Big Ouch!" - Telling someone what should they feel :D
Ms. She - "I Love you Baby, miss you" - A mother to her son

Alipin sa Gigilid list:

mr. El - "Busssy..." - someone doing nothing.
Ms. Mel - "Yah..watta day.." - bad mood.

Big B list:

Mami D - "No dsl connection!!!!!" - frustrated
Sir Cris - "Tulog muna ulit..." - sleeping leaving his ym online.
Mr. Estee - "Parating na ang may hawak ng susi sa aking paglaya" - Playful... a man with cool mind.
Mrs. Manz - "Organic lollorosa and Romaine Lettuces for Sale!" - Business minded mommy.
Ms. Jo - " I wish I could tell you I'm feeling better everyday that it didn't hurt me when you walk away but to tell you the truth I cant find my way" - Inlove or broken hearted?
May - "You are like my own personal brand of heroin..." - just watch Twilight the movie.
Mike l - "How can you choose a one-colored world when you know that I've got a rainbow for you" - Inlove.
Ms. Ren - "Your hand leads me to the place, where I first met you face to face. I stand there in silence, and fall in love with you again and again :)" - Inlove
Uncle P - "Healing Time" - Recovering from sickness.

Big B in Mys List:

Uncle J - "Soon 2 b back home ;)" - Excited for his near vacation schedule.

Big B kahuyan:

Ms. Bebs - "Knowing is not enough, we just apply. Willing is not enough, we must do" - Thoughht she wants other to know.
Shen - "Just move on....." - Hurt?

Kabobo network:

Ms. Anna - "Why would you settle for less, when world gives you more?" - Dreaming BIG
Ms. Flower - "Sickness Strikes!!! not feeling soooo welll....." - Sick.


Me - "You're all I need to get by...." - Frustrated to be inlove.


Rainy Days on..... Wednesday? :)

I really love rain specially when it happens in the morning.. I don't really know why.. basta I love it...

I remember before praying to rain whenever I felt lazy going to school. Of course there are lots of things I can do when it's raining, like taking a bath under the cold tears of sky, playing my self made paper or slipper boat, watching the birds covers them selves not to be wet and be amazed while watching everything becomes black and white.

Like today, I was struck by this nostalgic feeling of my childhood.. How I wish to be granted and let my self travel back to my childhood days... just once.

Friday, March 13, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 13 - Result

First elimination for the final 13 happened. As what Simon said the other night, two of the hopefuls will be eliminated that is... if... (here is the twist) they decided not to save them using the "Judges Veto".

Judges Veto - as Ryan Seacrest explains, is the power of all the judges to save a contestant who got the lowest number of viewers vote to be booted off the show, if they thought that this contestant deserve a second chance. In return, two contestant will be eliminated on the next elimination night.

This "Veto" only applies before top 5 and can only be used once in the show, and the decision should be unanimous. - interesting - but I found it bias :).

Anyway the show started with a (of course) group number. Songs from Jackson 5. Well I felt like they are all lip sync-ing. It's a clean presentation since they didn't move a lot. Glad to see Scott walking around with some guide from other contestant.

After a short break, Seacrest start to delivered who will be the first to be eliminated. On the top couch row, Michael Sarver, Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen was informed to be safe. Leaving Jasmin Murray and my crush Meagan Corkrey who was asked to stand at the center stage. This gives us the message that these two received the lowest votes and was in danger to head back home.

Seacrest then inform Meagan that she is safe. Jasmine was ask to sing again while the judges deliberates if they will decide to use their veto to save her. After the performance, Randy told Jasmine: "Sorry baby, but this is not going to work", a clear message that she is booted off.

After Kanye West presentation, the elimination continued.

On the below couch, Seacrest called Anoop and Jorge at the center stage while the rest was told to be safe. This includes Scott McIntyre, Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds.

Kelly Clarson perform her new single "My Life Would Suck Without You" before Ryan continued to deliver who received the lowest vote between Anoop and Jorge.

Anoop was announced to be safe leaving Jorge at the stage who performed "Never Can Say Goodbye" once again. I was hoping for him to be spared for elimination since he got lots of potential when an unfriendly Simon says 'NO" to him.


Okay there, I was not a biggest fan of the eliminated contestants, but I was really shock that they let Jorge to go. I mean.. why of all those people who have some down moment on the presentation night.. why Jorge? They can booted Allison whom I was picked to be eliminated together with Jasmine. But I just realized that they will probably save some girls from elimination since the show were infest by lots of boys this season.. Oh well for Jasmine, who was barely made it to top 13... her time was over. She just made it because of "being commercialize" as claimed by Kara(who?) which didn't help her much.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 13 Performance

The first night on the big stage seems to be a not so bad show.. yeah.. "not so bad" why? Because we can't hide the fact that most of the finalist either sang "off keys", "over-the-top" or tried to impressed too much.. I don't know, that's what I feel while watching the episode.

I even ask some of the people who are watching with me on what they thought about the singers after their performances. Most of our comments are the same but there are some which are not. I'm just wondering, am I listening a differently? Watching a different show? Well anyway...

They start the show by introducing the four judges which are standing from the big stage before they walk through and head to their table.. I can't remember they do this before.. I'm quite not sure.. :(. Followed by Seacrest - end

Below are the list of the night performances from which I think are the strongest to the weakest:


Matt Giraud - Some people will find me bias about this. Why? Because they much prefer and most of them agreed that Adam Lambert has the best performance of the night.. well sorry not to join the club.. this is my moment so let me do this on my own way :D - peace

Okay, he sings "Human Nature" while playing the grand piano (grand ba tawag dun?). I really like his solid current soulful voice. This is definitely his things.. a very nice performance. There are some pitch problem specially when he uses some falsetto but, boy, I really like it. I wasn't able to chat down the judges comment since its a bit quick and I was distructed.. anyway I heared Simon calls it "meat and potatoes solid" performance. Is he safe for elimination? Definitely safe!


Adam Lambert - He is on my second pick of having the best night. He sings "Black and White". He is a rocker.. that is obvious. He can pull any songs he want to perform and make it what he wants to do with it.. remember the upbeat "Do You Believe" by Cher? yeah that's what I mean.

I don't like his low notes.. really hated it much. But I somewhat feel the shouting is overdone. Well it what's other people love about him.. He have a different ability. I just really feel disconnected.


Lil Rounds - sings "The Way You Make Me Feel". My another Jacko's songs favorite. I think she really pull that performance. Though its not powerful as what she does on the semis of top 36, it shows how different she is. A few touch on the arrangement which is good and nice. She seems to be very much comfortable on the stage. One of the best performances of the night and best to start a final... I will add.


Danny Gokey - Sings "Pretty Young Thing". Well, I'm grateful that they didn't dig the "death wife" thing again on his few moments.. and that's what I love on his time. The performance is abstract for me. His voice is surely good, the dancing is a bit distracting. But all in all he have a good to so-so performance.

Paula drops the "You're on your way to the finals" bomb on this man. My answer.. well its too early to predict .... ma'am. :D


Alexis Grace - sings "Dirty Diana". I want to put her on the 3rd or 4th slot, but she just over sang the song a little bit. I love the performance - yes - and very clear that she is one of the best singers in this season. I love they way how she moved on the stage. She definitely want to be "dirty" trying to be sexy? hahaha. Anyway, she got a few words from the judges (I think they running out of time - by flirting on each other - grrr) like: "I like it" from Randy, "Naughty girl" from Kara, "Fantastic" from Paula and "Over the top" from Simon.


Kris Allen - sings "Remember The Time". Another Favorite. I choose him over Michael Sarver since I much feel his passion by presenting this song. I just don't like the act of bringing and playing his acoustic guitar to his performance.. Its a little bit awkward. "Clumsy" as per Simon... hmm well I want to agree.. but I think its his way to be at ease on the big stage. His soulful voice is very pleasant to listen.

Good to know that he helped some of the contestant... very nice of him. A cool guy I think. Simon tried to ruin the evening by commenting about kris's wife "you should have hid her for a while" - what? What's the problem of showing your better half if you have one? I feel bad for the wife - and she looks not happy about hearing that :( - ngey!


Michael Sarver - Okay so the rig guy really can sing. He sings "You Are Not Alone". He is a balladeer! He got a powerful voice there. Much better performance than his semis. One of the best vocal and supposed to earn my 5th spot but due to his vibrato.. I feel distracted that I never feel his message on the songs. He will sure to come back next week again to perform.


Scott McIntyre - He sings "Keeps The Faith". An unfamiliar song for me. But I heard from Paula that it hit #1 in Norway.. wow. Anyway, he plays with the piano. The songs just fit to his voice, a very much good performance from him so far. The judges loves it and so do I, except from Simon who are too proud to say "I hated the song". The song writer is in the audience and one of the people who gave Scotty a standing ovation.

Can he hold on the game? I bet yes! He is a very talented guy.


Meagan Joy Corkrey - She is soooo lovely. I really fall for her. This is a very tricky one. I love her voice.. I am really a fan. She sings "Rockin' Robin" and I don't know if the song benefited her voice. She surely do her part to change the song and becomes her own. I think not a best song choice for her but we will surely not forget her. Kara (who?) strikes a nonsense comment " It's very Meagan" - wahhh.. that is the only she can give. Still love her Corkrey dance move though Simon really hates it. Still got a big chance to come back again.


Allison Iraheta - sings "Give In To Me". She knows what she wants to do. She is a rocker! yey!
Not the best performance for her but the voice is still interesting. I can't understand words on some parts of the songs which made me think that she have a chance to be eliminated (alright I just made this prediction). She is young so there might a chance of her to be spared to be eliminated. All the judges loves her!


Jorge Nuñez - sings "Never Can Say Goodbye". I am a bit disappointed on the performance.. It's very weak and definitely a bad song choice for him. I agree with the judges. Though he shows us his range and how well he can sing, the lack of emotional connection made him one of the weaklings. I just do hope that Spanish speaking people in America give him chance to comeback again.


Anoop Desai - sings "Beat it". A very wrong song choice for him. The energy is lack but you can sense he is trying. Very uncomfortable stage presence and the voice is missing. I don't think upbeat and fast tempo songs is suited for his voice. Everything is not in the right place.. I'm so sad. I agree with Paula, the song is untouchable... anything else sounds karaoke.

I hope he will be saved by lots of Asian-American. I really really like this kid.


Jasmine Murray - Well she just proved me that she really doesn't deserve to be there. She sings "I'll Be There" one of the Jackson five's trade mark. Its a total mess. She is a bit of shouting on most part of her performance. The judges seems to be kind of her. I don't understand why. My sure pick to leave on the elimination night!


So there, not a bad start for an AI Final.. no forgotten lyrics.. hehehe.. Simon looks like behaving a little bit :D.

Picked to be on the bottom would be Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nuñez, Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai. My picked to be eliminated would be Jasmine and Anoop though I'm hoping it would be another one.

Simon talks about a twist on the result show. Wondering what would it be. Some says the judges will have to say if a booted contestant will be staying or not.. it will be their call. Well I'm not against with the idea.. but I'm not sure if it will be appealing to me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 13

Okay, so tonight will be the Big night for all AI8 hopefuls. It's Michael Jackson Night in AI - yay!

I hope Kara (who?) will perform "Thriller" together with Simon :D.. That would be a lovely presentation.. right?

Anyway, I'm growing to like Paula more because of Kara. I feel like Paula delivered her comments with much sense now than before.. and the other girl is not... yeah she talk more craps! (hater? hahaha)

Anyway I found some cute icons of our 13 hopefuls.. here are they...

(Danny Gokey)

(Anoop Desai)

(Allison Iraheta)

(Alexis Grace)

(Adam Lambert)

(Scott McIntyre)

(Michael Sarver)

(Megan Joy Corkrey)

(Matt Giraud)

(Lil Rounds)

(Kris Allen)

(Jorge Nuñez)

(Jasmin Murray)

(source: here)