Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not So Nice Tron

Though St. Nick haven't visited me on Christmas eve, to the fact that I haven't stay at home and let my used red colored socks hanging on my door, I enjoy  post Christmas celebration, with friends watching in a movie house.

Yep, after a whole day of watching downloaded movies yesterday, where We finished around 0330h today sharing a pitcher of Vodka mixed in orange juice, we still have enough energy to go down to the City Center to, first, attend a Mass in St. John, eating at Manang's 3M's (marumi, masarap, mura/filthy, yummy, cheap) foods and watching Tron at Pavillion Mall.

Funny experiences throughout the day:

First, a Man inside the church told us to be quite because he is saying his prayers... then all of us were like a child caught in a middle of doing bad things, or Eve and Adam caught eating the forbidden fruit. We stay quite until the gathering is finished.

Second, Saying Merry Christmas to the Food Vendor and asking for a discount on their fixed priced foods.. by Melanie

Third, smiling to a cute Cinema Attendant showing our two free passes but refused to be accepted saying the tickets are applicable to two weeks old movies only. Force to bought 2 lover seats for our group of two guys and 2 girls :D But this is not a date I swear!

The verdict...

Well the chosen movie of the day is quite disappointed or not. Well, it depends on what you are looking in a sci-fi film but for me it will be leveled to either you will like it or not liking it at all.

The Storyline...

Child at home playing his toy from the creation of his father. The father saying goodbye for his boy who about to sleep. The boy watching his father leaving by his expensive bike.. then,


.. the father didn't return.

A typical story, where you can expect that all sides of ending you think of is correct.

Okay, I would say the movie is not that bad, but yet, I'm not impressed.

(parang mas maganda pa yung original :D / Looks like the original is much better :D)

Christmas day With Petrang Kabayo And White Lady

Pucha... I over slept kanina. I woke up 11am. Feeling hungry and thirsty because hangover.. actually hindi naman ako masyadong nalasing kagabi(actually I haven't been drunk last night). Good thing I refill my two bottles of mineral water the other day.

I texted my friends to ask if they still have left overs from the last night party. I don't care if we're going to eat the same food, the important is we will eat again hehehe.

We decided to watch some movies after we eat. A good thing to spend Christmas in a foreign land... whew. A friend downloaded some Pinoy movies. We watched Petrang Kabayo (Vice Ganda not the Roderick Paulate's vintage movie). 
(image from wikipedia)

(A short movie review: Unlike the original movie, Vice Ganda's PK (short for Petrang Kabayo is bit a bore one. Maybe its just me, because Vice's punch line is already too old and I been hearing and reading it for so many times. It will not be sold to me.. Sorry Vice! I am a lover of Original Movies).

After Petra, we tried how brave we are and watched "White Lady" of Angelica Panganiban.
(image from wikipedia)

(A too short movie review again: Its a nice film actually. A typical "Pinoy Scary movie" but I love it. A dead girl making revenge to people who give her a hard time when she is alive or the reason of her death. It give me some questions like Who kills her, Why is she making revenge, Why, why and lots of why.. finally before the movie come to ends the answer come out... its for you to find out :D

And now, after a tiring tennis game, we are watching Shake Rattle and Roll 11. 
(image from wikipedia..ulit :D)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We are gong to have a Christmas get-together in a few more hours...

Chance to meet new people who will either become your friend or enemy... syempre friends lang hahaha.. di pa naman ako ganun ka sama (of course friends. I'm not that bad yet)...

1915.. I just finished cooking my share for our party. Me and friend, Shaila, decided to cooked turbo chicken.. Since Shai will not be around as her schedule for braces placement this morning, I decided to marinate the chicken by myself. I used the recipe that my nanay (mother) taught me when I was in Philippines.

I also decided to add mashed potatoes as our part. I just followed the ingredients that my friend, Titit, from singapore, gave me last week. I once tried to cooked mashes potatoes I think about 4 years ago but the taste is not that good.. di ko na matandan kung ano ano ang nilagay ko non (I don't remember what things I add up before).

Then I cooked pickled cucumber as a partner for our chicken..

Off to swim to relaxed... will update again later.


2015  earlier after an hour and a half hour of swimming, I decided to call my family to greet them advance Merry Christmas. I joked my Tatay  and ask for a gift, greet and spoke to my Nanay and siblings. While I'm making my call, some of the visitors arrived to the place where We are going the hold the part. Sharon told me some of the guys are already inside. I followed after I done my call.



0010 After sending lots of greeting messages to my friends. it is now time for me to post here my greetings...

Merry Christmas!!!!


0220 We are having some fun now.. all of the people, well most of them are dancing. Atleast they are all game too. But a few have some attitude.. it seems they are not enjoying the nightt, or maybe the crowd. HIndi na sana sila pumunta kung ganto lang (they should not come if they are like this). Well sabi nga nila (as they say) in a basket of tomatoes, there is a rotten one. Maybe some more minutes and I will go back.. I'm a bit tired and quite sleepy..


0305 Its early morning now. I'm going home now to sleep. I leave them here...

(posting using Sharon's laptop.. Thanks Shasha)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas


Ber - Christmas time... but I will focus in the Philippines.. which was been tagged as "country with long Christmas celebration" which starts from September until January.... (sana tama ang facts :D)

First - I'm starting to hate Christmas now.. because there are lots of memories that I can't help to remember when the season came. Basta there are lots of memories.. happy and sad ones. :():

Second - The fact that its been morethan 5 years since I celebrated this holiday with my family at our home. Malayo ako eh.. Then some of my friends would tell me.. why not take a leave to experience again? Celebrate with us!

Third - The answer for the last question.. This holiday means empty pocket.. actually I'm also hiding for the gift giving request, aguinaldo to all of my God Children and expending lots due to prices of all holiday necessities are sky high.. (I'm a very very bad person.. and as Jess of TARA4 would say..."You will rot in hell")

Basta Christmas for the past 5 years is like a normal day now. Addition narin if you are in a non-Christian country like where I am. You wont felt the spirit if you will not visit malls, or listen to your Christmas song collections in your iPod.. which I haven't done for the past weeks now.. I don't want to elaborate specially the  iPod one :( sob sob.

But I'm not fully grown a hard rock heart yet.. the reason why I want to greet everyone...

(image from here)
Happy Cristmas!!!
May all our wishes and plans in life comes true.. 

.. paging st. Nicholas :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost There

Someone knock on my door while I'm sleeping last night.. It was the guy from the other room that I never spoke to. He is standing in front of my door, smiling, saying something.. fast..Trying to catch the words he is telling me while extending his hand giving me something..

"I tried to catch up with you before you leave or before I leave to work but haven't had the chance. I know you been frantic, angry and worried.. here it is now. I saw it unattended 2 weeks ago. The other guys told me its yours and you been looking for this. Sorry for the delay"

I replied

"I post a notice 2 weeks ago to where I left this. I didn't received any calls or SMS though I left my number on the note"

Which he replied

"I didn't return back before Sunday. I might missed it"

Then I said

"Well  okay, thanks for keeping this safe, I was thinking of buying a new one (boasting)"

Then he left. On my hand my misplaced iTouch, lowbatt, in the green Maxis Pouch I won from a paper tossing game at MidValley. Finally I got it back. Yehey.. I'm rejoicing! 


Voila, I woke up.. Its just a dream.. the iTouch is still missing :(

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nostalgic Mode

I love to talked to random people.. before.

I somehow find excitement for doing so... I once talked to an ice cream vendor in Recto.. 
Taho vendor in Eastwood City..
Manang eating beside me in a Karinderia at Municipal Market
Manong Taxi Driver parked beside Goldilocks in Cubao
A kid playing Computer games in World of Fun SM Centerpoint and
A Foreigner playing bowling at Megamall..

Wala lang.. bigla ko lang naalala.

Stupidity, Good, Plans

Nang maiba lang...

I lost my iPod touch last week :( Super inis ko sa lahat ng kasama ko sa bahay lalo na sa sarili ko because of that. Well, it's my fault that the gadget is lost and I already accepted the fact that it is already gone and no way it will be given back to me. What I can't accept is that I lost it inside the place where I am staying.. in our condo unit! Super stupid no? It only proved that there is/are thief/thieves there.

Good part..

The Amazing Race Asia logo

The Philippine Team in TARA won the 4th season of the reality show. The Riches made a history being the first team who came from the Philippines (syempre made up ko lang yung "being the first"). Some of the comments for them include someone saying "They both stayed gentlemen on the race".

Another Reality Show..

The Amazing Race logo

Last night we've watch the finale of the TAR U.S version though we already know who won on the reality show. Kat Chang "Tastes like a Million Dollars" and Nat Strand "For the record, I have MD not PHD" becomes the first "all-female" team winning 1 Million Dollars. They are both great and very calm. I really love their strategies and determination. I also love to see "The TV Host" Brooke and Claire to win the show. All four of them are strong forces there! Bravo Bravo!

The Plan....

Syempre its Yuletide season and the year is about to end... 2011 is just around the corner.. Thinking about plans for 2011. For sure it includes travelling again, which is already set for April and learning. I'm still listing down some plans that I want to achieved and will compile it soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im Sick

Having flu.. yeah.

Never thought I will be ill again... whew!

I haven't mentioned before that I'm so terrified with medicines.. seriously! I'm scared to take any medicine other than those you can apply externally. The reason why I keep on refusing to take HighBlood Pressure Medicine from the Medical Practitioner in the nearest Clinic in our area. I'm always insisting to monitor my digits first though it reaches to an alarming 140/100.. my normal.

It started when I was young, when I'm about 11 yo when I frequently been attacked by asthma. I undergone to different medication that time, from syrup to tablet to nebulizer. Weeks will not pass without me having an attacked. And due to non-stop intake, my nanay noticed that I slowly losing hair. I also noticed some circle mark on my head and hairs on that area brittled and became easy to fall.

Then from there on, I minimized my intake.. I never take medicine not if I can't tolerate the situation. Then slowly I lower down my doze.

I'm just thankful that my asthma attack very seldom in Highschool and College. And gone when I graduated and started to work. It never bothers me, not until my first year overseas.. but that is due to overexposure on cigarette smoke because of my housemates.

Well, now, I'm practicing water therapy and enough resting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel Plans

I don't remember if I already mentioned before that we are planning to fly to Brunei, April next year.

Its been a while since my out of the country vacation and none of it happen this 2010, except of course my scheduled leave back to Philippines last May. It also differ from some weekends getaway from the rural place where we are staying.

I think it is time now to enjoy travelling again. I been a seasonal traveler after I work overseas, alone. I find lone travelling exciting and least stressful. You can girls hunt, eat, rest, sleep, walk whenever you want without minding others. Of course, I had some vacation with my friends but most of those activities give me headaches if not bad moods. Everyone needs to be pleased and no one can't argue that in any group, there is someone who will stand as a Boss. Telling everyone on what and not to do.