Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coffee: Hate not

I'm a coffee lover... though not a coffee genius. But still, I can tell what coffee is good and what is not. What is perfectly brewed and what is sour. What is the best to choose and what are to ignore on the list of coffee brands.

I'm not into expensive coffee like Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Beans, or other Coffee shops who stormed every street in lots of places like fastfood chains... Coffee for some, are part of morning life or I should say everyday life. You can even see people drinking their coffee in the middle of the day.

I started loving coffee when I'm still with my former company. I normally do a mid-shift duty which started from 1400h until 2300h. To keep my attention alive and not to fall asleep, I always took minimum of three(3) small cups a night.

This morning, I craved and longed for this drink. I didn't notice that its already a week now since I took my last cup. This also means that its been a week for me taking green tea as substitute. And so, I just found myself on a Starbucks counter ordering for a cappuccino before I go to the church. At noon, after having lunch on our favorite "3M" food place beside the chuch (Masarap, Madumi, Mura / Good, Filthy, Cheap), I head straight to the nearest McDonalds to order large cup of Brewed Coffee which I consumed while on the bus going to Midvalley.

After checking the latest movie schedule at GSC, I went to Coffee Bean and bought a medium cup of Ice Blended Coffee which I only consumed in a blink since the guard at Jusco did not allow me to enter with it.

And when I satisfied my eyes on lots of discounted items inside the mall and decided to go back home, I go to Roti Boy stall and bought a cup of White Coffee which I drink while waiting for a bus going to Central Bus Station.

And now as a result of consuming beyond normal consumption of the drink, I feel hyperactive and palpitating...

... and yes I really love coffee :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Enough Sleep

Haven't had enough sleep this past few days for a couple of reasons..

First, I'm enjoying and killing time every night updating my MW account in Facebook...

Second, I'm browsing and re-watching movies that I already watch before. Its not my intention to re-watch it actually.. I only realized it when I'm already halfway on every story..

And last, Neighbor hopping. Two consecutive nights we and my friends agreed to watch horror movies. Thursday, we forgot to borrow an S-Video cable from another friends so we only had a long chitchat. Last night, we already got the cable to found out that the television doesn't have a port.. hahaha.

We head home around 230 am. I woke up 7am today since I need to work. I really need to have an energizer like coffee but I don't have anymore stock. I didn't notice its been a week now since my last cup. Hmmmm

We will be having a few days off next week. I don't know if we still going to "Sunway Lagoon" as every one requesting long time ago.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beauty of the Sky

I wish I can see this beauty... :D

Strong Meteor Shower Expected Tonight

(from yahoo news)

Happy Birthday Bam :D

To the person who patiently listen to all my nonsense stories....

Happy Birthday Bam... missed you very much :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy Day!

I got a message from a friend in Philippines saying she is scheduled to fly going to the country today. Its a sudden news that she is schedule to leave our homeland to join me here in my adopted country to work.

I wasn't informed about the schedule not until I received the message.. now I'm worrying about her stay here. It turns out that the place where she will temporary stay is not yet fixed, and no one is set to meet her in the airport.

I don't know if everything is my fault, I mean, She is my friend and I, atleast look for a comfortable place for her to stay in. I tried but I'm not lucky. In the other way around, I must blame the Agency about mishandling of her safety.. yes its a safety issue about her. And it is included in the contract that they are responsible for securing a place to stay in for all their foreign employees... or at least temporary.

The answer that I got from them when I ask is "I thought she will stay with you?"

What I stupid assumptions. My responsibility to her is minimal in compare to their responsibility. They didn't even ask me if she will stay with me nor I told them I will look for a place for her.

This is wrong...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Tay :D

We consider August as the 'Birthday Month' in our family. Since most of member celebrates their birthday the month before the Christmas Season starts.

Today is the Big day of one of the greatest person I know... my Tatay.

I tried to call him earlier this morning to greet him.. but he didn't answer my call, so I just drop him a message:

" Ma Pere, Papito, Tatay, Itay, Tay... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love you :D"

Late this afternoon, I successfully contacted him. He told me he received my message but unable to reply back because he forgot he don't have credit on his phone. I sensed he is soo Happy... and I'm glad about it.. He is really enjoying his Big Day.

Again Happy Birthday Tay!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Visa Update

I just received my new visa... finally! I can now apply for a new IC "Immigration Card" (hula ko lang :D) to replaced my old one.

Good thing I will be on holiday tomorrow, an extra time to fixed things. I'm planning to visit the bank to request for a maximum withdrawal per day on my account since I always got some problem every end of the month. I'm tired of asking help to other friends to withdraw for me due to the withdrawal limit.. hayzzz

Plan to watch "Half-Blood Prince" tomorrow too in the nearest Movie House, though I've heard lots of negative feedbacks about the film. But who cares, Harry is Harry. I been outdated already and missed those movies that attracts me. And hearing bad review to some self-named "Movie Critic" will not stop me.

Also still feel pain on my left foot. It's been two days now after the marathon and I can still feel it.. I think this is the result of wearing new shoe... wahhhh

Monday, August 3, 2009

King Of The Road



and join the...

until one by one....

and Finally....

And yes! I'm The King Of The Road :D