Friday, September 17, 2010

Update About Her

Last night, We give her an advance Birthday Celebration at her place. Her house is packed with her friends, old and new ones. We want her to remember how happy we were when she leave us here...temporarily.

Yep, we know and we all praying that she will be back again here in Malaysia to continue and work for her dream. We all know that God will give her all the strength she will need to face her situation today. That God will heal her, that He will guide her, that God will touch the hands of the professionals who will help in curing her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Her

It looks like her status is getting worse. We can sense her worries behind those force smile she always gave to us. Her house mate told us she cant sleep and she always hear her walking..

We are trying our best not to show our fear and worries in front of her. I told our friends to stay happy, talked lightly and laughable things every time we are near her.

But some broke up sometimes, asking her plans after this.. she will be heading back to the Philippines soon..

I hope and pray everything will be okay...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't know where to start this post really, I been thinking to post about the things happen around me this past days but I cant think of a word to start it. There are overwhelmed news, a happy and sad ones that We are experiencing now. We, as in, the people with me here in Malaysia. 

Its just 2 weeks ago, when I, out of nowhere, ask my friends a.k.a colleagues a.k.a countrymen to have a break and have some fun together and play bowling an the nearest shopping mall in our area. They all come except from one of my close friends who is not feeling well that day, and Bea who live 1 hour express bus away from our office. 

Its been a great night and a happy moment for us. We are glad to have a little time of bonding away from the stress from work.

Day after that, one of our friend had a car accident.. Good thing that she didn't had any serious problem from that. Though she got lots of bruises over her body.. she is fine.

Me, on the other hand, start to feel aches on my body and throat which later become a serious tonsillitis which bother me for a couple of days. I take 3 kinds of antibiotic.. 500mg each. 

Then a friend of ours, without known reason, felt wrong with her body/health.. which turns out to be a very serious illness. (post to follow)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thing That I Am Sure Now

Even though you keep your self trained and worked out...

... you will be down once you are ill. 

Wala lang.. pero ang sakit sa katawan promise!