Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a late post...

As I promise before, I will update what happen on my next meeting with Missai.

It didn't turn out to be as good as I planed it and I am totally disappointed. Missai told me the last time we met that they will be dismissed earlier on their training but it didnt happen. They still consumed the whole office hours and even extend for a couple of hours. I called her at 630pm after I finished all my backlogs for the day and found out that they are still at IBM plaza. I told her that I will be late since travelling from Cyberjaya to Kuala Lumpur takes about 1 to 1 and half hours.

Afraid of disappointing her, I took the express train which cost me a couple of bucks just to meet her on time. When I was already at KL Sentral, I called up to check where they were. I ate to Mcdonald when she told me that they haven't reach the train station where they will take to go to KLCC.

So after I ate, I decided to go first and bought some present from my friends in Philippines. I bought some chocolates, candies and tea which I promise to give to s'Ela who sent me a kilo of dried squid from Cebu! I window shop to my favorite stall to check if there are some interesting shoe which can fit me for casual gatherings and gimmicks when I notice that its almost 930pm and I havent got any message from my friend. I call her and found out that they are already at the station ready to depart going to our meeting place. They told me that they will send me a text message once they arrived.

Waiting still, I decided to proceed to Parkson and fed my eyes with some expensive cloths there. After an hour I received and SMS from them asking where I was because they already reached the place. Hurried and nearly pissed I went to the train station to check if they are waiting for me since thats the first set up I told them to do. To my dismay, I haven't found them on four corners of the station and learned that they are already outside the KLCC near the fountain where lots of peoples stayed to take some pictures.

I met them outside the building with two other guys who I don't care who are(bad). After taking some picture around the Twin Towers I ask all of them if they still want to shop at Chinatown to buy some tokens and gift for their friends. One of their friends suggest to take a bus which wasted our only little time to go to the place. Without telling any word I follow them and listened to all their stories about what happen on that day when where already at the bus.

Reaching our destination, we found some of the store people busy fixing their things to close. We then separated to look for some interesting things and met up after a few minutes. So exausted I told them that it is nearly for me to go back because I want to take the last train going back to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya station. After exchanging some thanks I go back while thinking how bad I had that evening :(.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A had a great night yesteday with my old friends from Philippines. She is here in Malaysia for a week training. We just worked for a couples of months at Part Center in my newbie year but our friendship remains when I transferred to other department.

We just had a dinner in Secret Recipe at One Utama near the hotel where she's staying since their training ends 1900h and there is no time for us to travel going to KLCC as our first plan anymore. I met her two co-trainee from Thailand and Indonesia which are both funny. They are not that good in communicating through Mother Language but they are all heart out in expressing whats on their minds which makes everything okay.

After a few conversations I found out that all three of them were all first timer in this country and they are all eager to hang around the city. I just told them to plan a visit to China Town to buy some cheap souvenir stuffs and of course at Twin Tower which complete their visit in the City.

Missai is always telling me that she had'nt got any decent meal since she arrived here and requesting to have a good dinner to me. That's why I recommend the place since I know the shop will answer her prayers. I'm right! She requested another order of rice after exchanging foods with me. She actually order Chicken Kebab which I boastfully recommend to her as good as the other. I order Chicken Cordon Blu as I always take whenever I eat on the shop. Its a course of deep fried rolled of chicken with ham and cheese seved with potato fries and salad as side dish.

After the meal I offered her to try some of the cakes which are far different from Philippines when her two friends told us that they will walk around the mall first. I would like to gave her White Chocolate Macademia but the waiter told me that it is already out of stock. I just ordered Chocolate Indulgence as take out since Missai told me she is very full. Funny is, she told me she will take a bite to taste how good the cake is... but didn't stop eating it until it was finished. I then offerred her to try two other more and bring it to her room.

We will meet again this coming Friday...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its been a while since the last update of this blog. So many things happen and yet I haven't got any time to post it on my web. I can't even remember what are those things.. now that is the price I have to pay for not dedicating my self to update this blog regularly...

Past is past and I have to start again. Life must go on as they say. Actually I envy those people who gave most of their time for their web. Putting their thoughts and feelings into words. That's why I ask myself why I can't do what the can. Why I can't give 5 minutes of my time to update. I'm not a born writer but reading what you have done (through writing) in the future will give you diffrent feelings.. happines. I am a nostalgic type of person who wants to bring back the memories of the past and this will help to bring back those memories that my brain cant hold for long time.