Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long Weekends (Holy Week)

I'm going to have a long holiday starting tomorrow to observed Holy Week. I didn't practice much of me being Catholic actually which I think is not disrespecting the customs I grew with. It just that I'm not a practitioner, I still pray, I go to church, doing what I know (for myself) is right.. but thats it...nothing more.. nothing less.

So, when I learn that long holiday will fall on my off Saturday, me and my friends plan how to make the most out of this rare opportunity. Like last year, we went to Perhentian Island in Terrengganu and spent the days away from work to relax.

This year, we hope and plan to visit Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya. Were planning to go there on the 2nd since one of us still need to work on the 1st of April. Still do hope that this year's Holyweek be a peaceful and happy week for me.

Things I Missed To Do Lately

Cooking my own food...

Studying and reading my old notes in school...


My Friends...

Day Dreaming...

Using my brain... hahaha

* Thought this will be a long list *

Monday, March 29, 2010

Switch Your Head Gear On!

"On your mark... Set... Go!"

Those words signal us to go and make a new history for the first Energizer Night Marathon in the country held in Cyberjaya, Selangor. My third marathon to date and my second night marathon of the year.

I was so happy that my pre-run training help me alot to reach my goal. Though my friend Shai, who I always ask to jog with me didn't registered, I'm grateful that she supported me to this event. Together with some friends, Nog and Bea, and other runners and the crowd, the event became a success.

Again, Nog run on the same category as mine. We started together but since there are lots of runners and I think we both want to maintain our pace, we split our way. The first 2km of the run is really a struggle to me, my mind is not focused and I was worrying about my leg calves. I'm having a back pain early that day and my mind was not set properly about the event. Keeping my running pace is a problem too. Seeing those more fitted runners run as if its nothing to them felt very intimidating that you want to compete, you want to push your self, you want to sprint!

But the past experiences gave me lessons that pace and distance running has a step by step procedure that you need to keep in mind. You need to save your energy for the last kilometers of the run and best of all to keep the will to go through, keep running and keep motivated.

And so I keep going, checking my cellphone which I used as a stop-watch once I reached every drinking point stationed on every 2.5km mark (which I doubt since I only remember passing 3 drinking station points). I keep going and did not stop running until about 4km to walk and started to run-jog again after a minute of walk to rest. I continue the process for another 3km, walk for every up and running on down slopes.

Then I let my motivation push me to finish the last 3km of run. So what keeps me motivated? Those friends waiting and cheering for us on the finish line, those people who run for a cause (what ever reason might that be), and those people, despite of old age, challenge themselves to participate in the event.

And the sweetest moment of all came, the time I saw the finish mark, that huge ark that welcomes you, greeted you and somewhat whisper to me, saying, "Good Job".

My un-official time based on my cellphone is 1:02:03:04.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is it! Earth Hour and Energizer Night Race 2010

Almost 8 hours from now, the global environmental awareness activity a.k.a. "Earth Hour" will once again be observed here in Malaysia. Some of the cable providers will join the activity by cutting the regular program off and will be blacked out their stations for an hour which will start at 2030h. The company I'm working with will observed this global activity too.. so for those who wants to make a change by participating to this activity, all you have to do is switch off your lights tonight at "Earth Hour" (2030H).


And at 2100h, I will join in the first Cyberjaya Night Marathon sponsored by Energizer. The event will start at 1800h (for those who join the full marathon). Since I don't have the guts to try and push my self too hard, I only join the Mens Open 10km run. Some of my friends will be joining me to this fun run.

Healthy living yeah?///

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Environmental Event is Back - Earth Hour 2010

Mark your calendar peeps.. March 27, at exactly 2030h, the globe will experience the huge environmental event once again.

Be part of it...

Make a change...

Date: March 27, 2010
Time: 2030h
Venue: All around the Globe

Isn't that exciting???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My journal wasn't been updated for a couple of weeks. Like eating, I think I slowly loosing my appetite.. hahaha.

Anyway, I been quite busy in two months now, taekwondo training and competition, Sony Ericson WTA tournament and Marathon.

February 6 and 7 dated my first Tae Kwon Do tournament. Two weeks prior to the date, I been very busy training for 3 hours, 3 days a week. It combines my preparation for the competition and for my marathon a night before the BIG day. Its really a rush training since the students were been away for End of Year holiday.


9pm, February 6. My first night marathon in Putrajaya, Malaysia. My 2nd marathon to date. Together with my friend, Shai, I join the 7.7km fun run. It was a sweet experience but not sweeter than my first run. I was holding back to run fast since I'm worrying about my leg calf and muscles to contract. If it happens, my taekwondo tournament the next day will be doomed. I finished the race at 9:42pm... yeah 42 minutes after the starting time.. Well, I really thought I might get a medal that time.. but still I got none. Since we have nothing to do after the race, We decided to walk going home and took some pictures in Putrajaya's beautiful lover's bridge :D

7am, February 7. the Big day. I received an early sms from our group president, Eddy, requesting us to be in the competition place at 7:15. I did not inform him about my activity the other night, so he is expecting me and the rest of the team to be physically fit in that morning. He calls an early meeting for a run-through of the event. Since MMU is the organizer of the competition, We, the demo team are set to perform. I came late.. I wasn't able to join in the run-through. He says its okay. hehehe.

My fight was set to start at 9am, but the program proper started at 10. In my mind I thought, "bruises will be all around my body before We perform". I watched some fights, between the lower category, to observed and see how they move and play the game. Some of them didn't use the whole place to move and chase their opponent. No solid kicks and their stamina are very low. They are panting too much on the first half of the game.

My two teammates won their first match by a no-show opponent. I was next, the butterflies on my stomach started to bother me. I was nervous. I saw my opponent and it add ups the bad thoughts I'm feeling that day. Eddy is in my back telling me what to do if he thinks theres an open spot and possible points which I follow. It was a great match, a great experience and I can't wait to be part of the next tournament. I got a bronze :D


2pm, February 28. Sony Ericson WTA Kuala Lumpur Open. After attending the mass at the City, Shai and I went to Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort to watch the final match of the first WTA in KL. I was excited to see one of my favorite players, Elena Dementieva, who I called "Mommy". She is soooo pretty. I still love her though she didn't win. She is good but her opponent, Alisa Kleybanova is superb. Her ball placements are excellent that Elena can't break her serve or even save her own service game.