Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Kid in me… Super Electron Bioman!

Tinamaan na naman ako ng lungkot ng pag-iisa.. hahaha

Ewan ko ba..

I was browsing youtube, when I decided to try and search if I can still find some clip of my favorite sentai super hero show… voila! Meron pa!

I remember together with my elder siblings, we watch this show every weekend on our old Toshiba Black & White Television. We used to imitate the hero and pretend to fight the bad guys. I always choose, of course the leader of the pack… RED ONE.

There were some time when my nanay or kuya prohibits me in watching the show due to stubbornness. At the age of 5, I will leave our house to hop on our nearest neighbor to ask if they can allow me to watch...

That is the time when I was exposed to many foreign shows in the country. I feel comfortable watching and listening on different language than my own… in some way, though young, I can already understand words that I have heard on that medium. Hindi lang ata na develop mabuti, the reason why I’m poor in interpersonal communication using what other bragged as “Our second Language”.

4 Country President, other sentai shows ends, local variety shows dispersed…



My love of the show remains…

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who is your Mom?

To All Our Mothers...


Thanks for giving our precious life...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 4 - Performance (Rock Music)

Hmmm where should I start... think... think... THINK!

Okay! Wreck Sign Tower, a Rock star wannabe judge and an over covered powder on Paula's face... this is American Idol.. hahaha

This is my less love theme ever... Rock Night. Though lots of people preferred noisy sounds, crazy vocals and loud screaming over a melodic music. I still much prefer the other side where you can feel the harmony and melody of the song. Anyway, since every one love AI, I will try to embrace what ever theme they have on stage. :)

So, I'm expecting for eight different Rock Songs last night when someone told me that there will be only one song per each contestant plus two duets from them. Well, yeah its new on the show. They keeping this interesting as possible. It interest me since this will be the first, I think, that they will paired two contestant to perform in the show.

For my the solo performances...

Allison Iraheta - sings "Cry Baby". I chose her to be on the top list since I genuinely believe that this is a flaw less performance. Again, her phrasing of the song is superb and this song is definitely the best choice for her. She said, she is choosing "Someone To Love" together with "Cry Baby". Good thing she pick the latter. Kara says, "Janice is the right choice for you... I think you transform when you go on stage". Indeed, she grow a lot during the competition.


Adam Lambert - sings "Whole Lotta Love". Again, this is just my opinion. Some says his vocal is perfect on the song.. maybe yes... but I'm really not convinced. But still he got a huge chance to win this whole thing. Ey, noticed that he cool down working on the stage a little bit. Maybe hes being cautious and still thinking of him being on the Bottom 2 last week. Randy says. 'This is the Adam that I love. dude... you are a rock stare tonight". Simon says, "I thought the performance was a little understated... no body can top that now". Ehem!


Danny Gokey - sings "Dream On" by Aerosmith. This is actually a good performance if not just because of the last note he made. I love the song and I think this is a good song choice for him. I'll give him B+ for exerting an effort and try to pull off the song. Though he fails, I think its still forgivable. And remembering the last note... he scream like he is gargling a mouthwash there... Well now I know whose video he been watching now... Paula says, "I don't know if this was the right song for you. But I'm a huge fan. I give you an A+ for going for it".


Kris Allen - sings "Come Together". This is a perfectly safe performance from him. A very safe song that you can notice the similarity of the arrangement to its original. But still, he win with the grate phrasing he put on the song... very Kris :). Kara(who?) says, "For me, this wasn't a great performance... you were trying too hard... wrong song... ther's more that what you deliver tonight". Okay what ever!


On the battle of the duets I will give the top position to Allison an Adam who gave there all on their "Slowride" performance. They are both confident and fit great together. They have a good chemistry which made you feel that you are watching their own concert. On the other hand, Danny and Kris duets lack the chemistry that Allison and Adam has. They sound good yeah, blend their voices okay but the conviction is lacking. They lost specially on their solo parts. >deep sigh<

I think Kris is in danger to leave on the elimination night. He, out of the 4, had the very weak performance. Though I bet that his fans will do everything and anything to save him. Next pick to be booted is Danny.. yeah. I don't know if some people will feel turnoff on his scream. Adam and Allison on the other hand is more or less safe from the elimination but since the table is round, they might too leave if people don't support them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Opps They Did It Again

Been to the Embassy yesterday to renew my nearly expired passport. Thought that I can finish to furnished all the needed documents and application earlier since I arrived 10am at the city, but I reach home late nearly frustrate and stressed... and believe me when I said nearly... I mean this close... THIS CLOSE!

From the delayed assistance you will get from the ever not-helpful people inside the institution to the incomplete information on their messed up bulletin boards. No chance for anyone to use their wide and creative mind but to ask someone and hope to get a clear idea on what should be done. Great if you will get a clear instructions from them but since they are all pretending to be busy, they will let you hang and complete the puzzled idea that they initially gave.

Good thing, there a some hopeless people like me who been at the place since early morning who, unfortunately, still yet to complete what ever request ask to them. I ask them and pick up some of the pieces of the puzzle that I already have. Its very frustrating really. I'm just fortunate that I'm still on leave so I still have time to relaxed my mind.