Friday, November 7, 2008

Les Miserables

After 10 years, I finally saw the movie... I been wishing to see this film since I missed it when it was first shown.

Late bloomer nga yata talaga ako... biruin mo 10 years.. 10 long years!

That was in my childhood days when I have been hearing about this musical play together with Miss Saigon. Because of their songs, It opens my passion in music. I am really proud then hearing that lots of my countrymen was included in the production of these two great play. Though audition of Miss saigon was done some years ago (20 years din ata) that was 1988 or 1989 the information just reach me through television.. (thanks for my crankiness my mom let me watch it).

Okay, back to Les Miserables. The Movie is a hearth-wrenching for me... Fantine and Valjean really made me cry. Though the story don't have the depth that anyone can't understand, I found it common. But I would say one of the good movie that I have watched.

I just hoping that someday, in the right time, I can watch the stage play of this one.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Newly Elected President

By a landslide, 338-155 from the online web.. Barrack Obama is the newly elected President of Big A.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am okay now

Finally I recovered from my worst illness last time. I am not fully feel well but at least my colds and slight fever are already gone.

Now I have to deal on having a healthy diet. I have to plan on what I have to eat. I need to loose weights but need to gain my strength.

I still have to maintain my physical and mental fitness. Thanks to people who always ask me to join their badminton game.

(Basta! Nakakatakot magkasakit)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Alone from Nowhere

It's very difficult to be upset. It is very hard to expect on something that you don't have a clear positive answer.

I tried to be a life coach to some of my friends who open their difficulties in life and I really try my best to cheer them up... give positive advice.

But now, I'm on the mids of a black-world.. a nowhere. I feel alone....