Monday, April 26, 2010

Knockin' FOR Heaven's Door!!!

Kansurok...I don't know how many of you or even Filipinos know about this place. I tried to search from Wiki pages and found no information about this hidden(?) place in Marinduque Philippines. Even my colleague who grew in Boac, capital of the Province know nothing about it. He only says, "Its too far and no transportation going at that place".

Why did I suddenly came up to write about this? Well no one knows that a close College friend is doing an outreached program to help and reached the people of the area. She is a part of a Christian Organization, the Capitol City Baptist Church who started a Church Planting and Development Project at the place.

Its overwhelming fact that this guys, though busy on their personal and professional lives, found time to participate in this mission. And after several months of helping the guys there, they will again visit the place on May 21 to 26 to conduct and continue their mission.

And because of this, I, through this little page in web, wants to encourage YOU to help these guys in their mission. Lets help them to make this activity a success....

Through prayers.. that God be their guide...

Through your donations.. donating your Old Books, Toys, and other School Supplies...and

Through your Monetary Help that they will use for all the activities on this mission.

I know that any help they will received from us will be a great assistance to them.


You may contact my friend Jocelyn through

2. her kansurok entries at "An Appeal For Help"
3. Email at (Bayan Telecommunications) or
4. Office phone +632-4970947, Cellphone +63-9223375140

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiring Melaka Trip

Just got back from our tour in Melaka..

It was so much fun.. I really enjoy the place. Its like Fort Santiago or Corregidor of Malaysia. I only have an issue with the weather in the place.. It was so soo sooo hot that I sweat my butt while walking around.

Since its Saturday, there are lots of tourist and local people around. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do so your time will not be wasted. Just ready your pocket since most of the places will require you to pay :D. Business baby.. business!

It's very tiring but yeah a fun day.

I will specify the things I done there soon.. hopefully if I got and extra time. :D

Keeping Busy

Sunway Lagoon activity is CANCELLED... this a sign for us to STAY at home? NO and thats a BIG one!

Plan B, Plan B!

If there is so called "Under Study" in theater...

we also have ours...

MELAKA here we come!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Just wondering...

Why did they call it Good Friday?

What is GOOD about this day?

Why not Good Thursday or Satuday?