Friday, September 19, 2008

Pain in the @%%

I don't know why people around us tend to become the worst nightmare that we will have. Kakainis, from a good yesterday to a disastrous today.

There is, a proud person who act as if he own and feed me destroy my morning. I don't really know why I am not yet used to talked to this kind of people in my 6 years on customer assistance. Maybe because I prepared my self to get more problem talking to the external and not to an internal client. Wahhhh.. this is one reason why people in my field looks older than our age.

Now I know the root cause of hypertension and headache!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I really stressed myself too much this past few days due to workloads that I have. Tried to get some things to help me relax but no use.

I don't have time for things that I usually do on my idle time.. Like browsing on net, viewing my friendster account, chatting and or reading articles. This is caused of too much concern about everything inside the workplace. Wahhh!!!! This must be stop!

We are planning to have a whole body massage this weekend with my girl-friend(kaibigang babae) to distress. Atleast I have something to look forward to.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering People of 9/11

The years passed really fast.. I can't recall how many happiness and sadness I felt through out the year. My birthday is also approaching and my long awaited vacation will finally come.

September 11 is an unforgettable date of the year. Not just me but all people around the globe.. specially the U.S.

Who will forget the picture of the two highest tower in the world brought down by planes hijacked by sour people? Well not by me. It is still clear on my mind what happen on this same day. All eyes are on the live news. I just arrived from my University around 11pm since my first schedule in my early tertiary days are mostly at night. My country is ahead of 12hours against U.S. so I am not expecting to saw shocking news before my bedtime.

The next morning all people are talking about one subject... The Twin Towers falls down. They are not grieving about the building... they are grieving about the casualties. Brave people offer their help to recover what are left at the site... I can't recall the total of dead people flashed on the headlines of major news paper. This only reminds me of one reason... War.

Now, people are still grieving about the incidents. Families of those who are not fortunate were still offering some prayers. Hopefully others do their part. I already done and will still doing mine....


Thursday, September 11, 2008


God uniquely created us different from one another.. physically, mentally and emotionally. Even the twins are not the same. Well some of them are physically alike but still there are some small things in them that makes them different from each other.

I think this was made for us to survive.. to be dependent on each other. One can't live without other.

"No man is an island"

This is definitely true. I, myself can attest that even how strong you are personally, you can't live without somebody around you. That is why we have to love other as we love our self. But still, there are people who are boastfully overwhelm of what they achieve, what they are and what they think of themselves who keeps on degrading other as if they don't have the right to be around them.

"Racism - Discrimination or prejudice based on race"

I think every one of us possesses this characteristics. Come on. I will not buy if you will say you don't! The worst thing to know is that people around you tend to pull you down. I know lots of people who do that, and the sadden part is they were belong in one place... born to the same norms and beliefs.

People in my country are not exemptions. I don't blame them to be one. But I also can't think of any reasons why we are. Is it because of envy? I don't know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue day

Just this morning I feel as if today is the worst day of my life. You know the feeling of laziness, crankiness and being bore rolled in one.

Thanks to my friend who mocked me on YM.. it really changes my mood. I really like what she told me...

"Friends are siblings that GOD provided us"

Na touched ako sobra... Thanks Jho!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

At the Zoo

Just last week (late na naman) we had a tour in Zoo Negara with some of my colleagues. The five hours tour was great and unforgettable. I'm an animals lover by heart and I really cant hide my excitement when we reached the place.

Unlike the Zoo in my Country, Zoo Negara showcase different kind of animals found not only in this country but around the world (excluding those who live in cold countries... naman mamamatay cla :( ).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Holiday!!!

Just recently my adapted Country celebrates its 51st year of independence. You can really see on the faces of people that they are proud of having their own identity and celebrating one of the special day on their country. I'm just thinking... Why we, Filipinos are not celebrating the way other celebrates their independence..?

For years, I witnessed how my countrymen celebrate our self proclaim independence. Anyway, we just treated the day as a normal holiday for fun and family gatherings.. and not a special day for the country... now my view changes.

Okay enough for that :D

By the way, it's the last month of 3rd quarter. Month of 'ber' is now approaching. I am really excited to have more Holidays to celebrate. :D