Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not So Nice Tron

Though St. Nick haven't visited me on Christmas eve, to the fact that I haven't stay at home and let my used red colored socks hanging on my door, I enjoy  post Christmas celebration, with friends watching in a movie house.

Yep, after a whole day of watching downloaded movies yesterday, where We finished around 0330h today sharing a pitcher of Vodka mixed in orange juice, we still have enough energy to go down to the City Center to, first, attend a Mass in St. John, eating at Manang's 3M's (marumi, masarap, mura/filthy, yummy, cheap) foods and watching Tron at Pavillion Mall.

Funny experiences throughout the day:

First, a Man inside the church told us to be quite because he is saying his prayers... then all of us were like a child caught in a middle of doing bad things, or Eve and Adam caught eating the forbidden fruit. We stay quite until the gathering is finished.

Second, Saying Merry Christmas to the Food Vendor and asking for a discount on their fixed priced foods.. by Melanie

Third, smiling to a cute Cinema Attendant showing our two free passes but refused to be accepted saying the tickets are applicable to two weeks old movies only. Force to bought 2 lover seats for our group of two guys and 2 girls :D But this is not a date I swear!

The verdict...

Well the chosen movie of the day is quite disappointed or not. Well, it depends on what you are looking in a sci-fi film but for me it will be leveled to either you will like it or not liking it at all.

The Storyline...

Child at home playing his toy from the creation of his father. The father saying goodbye for his boy who about to sleep. The boy watching his father leaving by his expensive bike.. then,


.. the father didn't return.

A typical story, where you can expect that all sides of ending you think of is correct.

Okay, I would say the movie is not that bad, but yet, I'm not impressed.

(parang mas maganda pa yung original :D / Looks like the original is much better :D)

Christmas day With Petrang Kabayo And White Lady

Pucha... I over slept kanina. I woke up 11am. Feeling hungry and thirsty because hangover.. actually hindi naman ako masyadong nalasing kagabi(actually I haven't been drunk last night). Good thing I refill my two bottles of mineral water the other day.

I texted my friends to ask if they still have left overs from the last night party. I don't care if we're going to eat the same food, the important is we will eat again hehehe.

We decided to watch some movies after we eat. A good thing to spend Christmas in a foreign land... whew. A friend downloaded some Pinoy movies. We watched Petrang Kabayo (Vice Ganda not the Roderick Paulate's vintage movie). 
(image from wikipedia)

(A short movie review: Unlike the original movie, Vice Ganda's PK (short for Petrang Kabayo is bit a bore one. Maybe its just me, because Vice's punch line is already too old and I been hearing and reading it for so many times. It will not be sold to me.. Sorry Vice! I am a lover of Original Movies).

After Petra, we tried how brave we are and watched "White Lady" of Angelica Panganiban.
(image from wikipedia)

(A too short movie review again: Its a nice film actually. A typical "Pinoy Scary movie" but I love it. A dead girl making revenge to people who give her a hard time when she is alive or the reason of her death. It give me some questions like Who kills her, Why is she making revenge, Why, why and lots of why.. finally before the movie come to ends the answer come out... its for you to find out :D

And now, after a tiring tennis game, we are watching Shake Rattle and Roll 11. 
(image from wikipedia..ulit :D)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We are gong to have a Christmas get-together in a few more hours...

Chance to meet new people who will either become your friend or enemy... syempre friends lang hahaha.. di pa naman ako ganun ka sama (of course friends. I'm not that bad yet)...

1915.. I just finished cooking my share for our party. Me and friend, Shaila, decided to cooked turbo chicken.. Since Shai will not be around as her schedule for braces placement this morning, I decided to marinate the chicken by myself. I used the recipe that my nanay (mother) taught me when I was in Philippines.

I also decided to add mashed potatoes as our part. I just followed the ingredients that my friend, Titit, from singapore, gave me last week. I once tried to cooked mashes potatoes I think about 4 years ago but the taste is not that good.. di ko na matandan kung ano ano ang nilagay ko non (I don't remember what things I add up before).

Then I cooked pickled cucumber as a partner for our chicken..

Off to swim to relaxed... will update again later.


2015  earlier after an hour and a half hour of swimming, I decided to call my family to greet them advance Merry Christmas. I joked my Tatay  and ask for a gift, greet and spoke to my Nanay and siblings. While I'm making my call, some of the visitors arrived to the place where We are going the hold the part. Sharon told me some of the guys are already inside. I followed after I done my call.



0010 After sending lots of greeting messages to my friends. it is now time for me to post here my greetings...

Merry Christmas!!!!


0220 We are having some fun now.. all of the people, well most of them are dancing. Atleast they are all game too. But a few have some attitude.. it seems they are not enjoying the nightt, or maybe the crowd. HIndi na sana sila pumunta kung ganto lang (they should not come if they are like this). Well sabi nga nila (as they say) in a basket of tomatoes, there is a rotten one. Maybe some more minutes and I will go back.. I'm a bit tired and quite sleepy..


0305 Its early morning now. I'm going home now to sleep. I leave them here...

(posting using Sharon's laptop.. Thanks Shasha)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas


Ber - Christmas time... but I will focus in the Philippines.. which was been tagged as "country with long Christmas celebration" which starts from September until January.... (sana tama ang facts :D)

First - I'm starting to hate Christmas now.. because there are lots of memories that I can't help to remember when the season came. Basta there are lots of memories.. happy and sad ones. :():

Second - The fact that its been morethan 5 years since I celebrated this holiday with my family at our home. Malayo ako eh.. Then some of my friends would tell me.. why not take a leave to experience again? Celebrate with us!

Third - The answer for the last question.. This holiday means empty pocket.. actually I'm also hiding for the gift giving request, aguinaldo to all of my God Children and expending lots due to prices of all holiday necessities are sky high.. (I'm a very very bad person.. and as Jess of TARA4 would say..."You will rot in hell")

Basta Christmas for the past 5 years is like a normal day now. Addition narin if you are in a non-Christian country like where I am. You wont felt the spirit if you will not visit malls, or listen to your Christmas song collections in your iPod.. which I haven't done for the past weeks now.. I don't want to elaborate specially the  iPod one :( sob sob.

But I'm not fully grown a hard rock heart yet.. the reason why I want to greet everyone...

(image from here)
Happy Cristmas!!!
May all our wishes and plans in life comes true.. 

.. paging st. Nicholas :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost There

Someone knock on my door while I'm sleeping last night.. It was the guy from the other room that I never spoke to. He is standing in front of my door, smiling, saying something.. fast..Trying to catch the words he is telling me while extending his hand giving me something..

"I tried to catch up with you before you leave or before I leave to work but haven't had the chance. I know you been frantic, angry and worried.. here it is now. I saw it unattended 2 weeks ago. The other guys told me its yours and you been looking for this. Sorry for the delay"

I replied

"I post a notice 2 weeks ago to where I left this. I didn't received any calls or SMS though I left my number on the note"

Which he replied

"I didn't return back before Sunday. I might missed it"

Then I said

"Well  okay, thanks for keeping this safe, I was thinking of buying a new one (boasting)"

Then he left. On my hand my misplaced iTouch, lowbatt, in the green Maxis Pouch I won from a paper tossing game at MidValley. Finally I got it back. Yehey.. I'm rejoicing! 


Voila, I woke up.. Its just a dream.. the iTouch is still missing :(

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nostalgic Mode

I love to talked to random people.. before.

I somehow find excitement for doing so... I once talked to an ice cream vendor in Recto.. 
Taho vendor in Eastwood City..
Manang eating beside me in a Karinderia at Municipal Market
Manong Taxi Driver parked beside Goldilocks in Cubao
A kid playing Computer games in World of Fun SM Centerpoint and
A Foreigner playing bowling at Megamall..

Wala lang.. bigla ko lang naalala.

Stupidity, Good, Plans

Nang maiba lang...

I lost my iPod touch last week :( Super inis ko sa lahat ng kasama ko sa bahay lalo na sa sarili ko because of that. Well, it's my fault that the gadget is lost and I already accepted the fact that it is already gone and no way it will be given back to me. What I can't accept is that I lost it inside the place where I am staying.. in our condo unit! Super stupid no? It only proved that there is/are thief/thieves there.

Good part..

The Amazing Race Asia logo

The Philippine Team in TARA won the 4th season of the reality show. The Riches made a history being the first team who came from the Philippines (syempre made up ko lang yung "being the first"). Some of the comments for them include someone saying "They both stayed gentlemen on the race".

Another Reality Show..

The Amazing Race logo

Last night we've watch the finale of the TAR U.S version though we already know who won on the reality show. Kat Chang "Tastes like a Million Dollars" and Nat Strand "For the record, I have MD not PHD" becomes the first "all-female" team winning 1 Million Dollars. They are both great and very calm. I really love their strategies and determination. I also love to see "The TV Host" Brooke and Claire to win the show. All four of them are strong forces there! Bravo Bravo!

The Plan....

Syempre its Yuletide season and the year is about to end... 2011 is just around the corner.. Thinking about plans for 2011. For sure it includes travelling again, which is already set for April and learning. I'm still listing down some plans that I want to achieved and will compile it soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im Sick

Having flu.. yeah.

Never thought I will be ill again... whew!

I haven't mentioned before that I'm so terrified with medicines.. seriously! I'm scared to take any medicine other than those you can apply externally. The reason why I keep on refusing to take HighBlood Pressure Medicine from the Medical Practitioner in the nearest Clinic in our area. I'm always insisting to monitor my digits first though it reaches to an alarming 140/100.. my normal.

It started when I was young, when I'm about 11 yo when I frequently been attacked by asthma. I undergone to different medication that time, from syrup to tablet to nebulizer. Weeks will not pass without me having an attacked. And due to non-stop intake, my nanay noticed that I slowly losing hair. I also noticed some circle mark on my head and hairs on that area brittled and became easy to fall.

Then from there on, I minimized my intake.. I never take medicine not if I can't tolerate the situation. Then slowly I lower down my doze.

I'm just thankful that my asthma attack very seldom in Highschool and College. And gone when I graduated and started to work. It never bothers me, not until my first year overseas.. but that is due to overexposure on cigarette smoke because of my housemates.

Well, now, I'm practicing water therapy and enough resting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Travel Plans

I don't remember if I already mentioned before that we are planning to fly to Brunei, April next year.

Its been a while since my out of the country vacation and none of it happen this 2010, except of course my scheduled leave back to Philippines last May. It also differ from some weekends getaway from the rural place where we are staying.

I think it is time now to enjoy travelling again. I been a seasonal traveler after I work overseas, alone. I find lone travelling exciting and least stressful. You can girls hunt, eat, rest, sleep, walk whenever you want without minding others. Of course, I had some vacation with my friends but most of those activities give me headaches if not bad moods. Everyone needs to be pleased and no one can't argue that in any group, there is someone who will stand as a Boss. Telling everyone on what and not to do.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Go to Korea!

Its been my dream to travel to any place with snow. I even contacted my uncle staying in London to adopt me for a couple of weeks next year but he is yet to decide. China is the nearest place in Asia with winter season (well some part of it), Japan and Korea too. But some of them specifically Japan is quite strict in providing tourist visa to its neighboring countries due to lots of cases of over-staying.

China and Korea on the hand are trying to boost their tourism. My friends told me before that a complete travel itinerary is a key to secure a tourist visa for these countries.

Airasia is now having a promotional package going to Seoul Korea! Booking should be made on or before November 03 to 10. Travel schedule would be next year from April 1 to June 30. I tried to check for the random dates and the total airfare going to Seoul totaled to Rm 1,200++. It will lowered down I think depend on your preferred date. So anyone must grab this opportunity!

I'm still thinking if I will purchase a ticket for next year getaway.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things That Keeps Me Busy

There are lots of things that keeps me busy this past weeks and which makes me excited actually every time I do them.


Tennis - well some of my friends if not all of them knows I love playing tennis.. It all started when I enroll on a tennis subject in my University days.

Badminton - this is not my regular sport before but after I arrived in Malaysia and found out that they worshiped love to play this game.. I begin to get into it. I remember playing once or twice a month before in Eastwood City (Im not sure if that place is still there beside "dampa")

Bowling - one of expensive if not most sport out there (the like of golf noh). Yeah, to became a true blooded bowler and not just to be called as seasonal bowler you have to have a full bowling gears! Yep! From hand guide to bowling shoe,  and your own bowling balls and bags! It excite me whenever some of the guys decided to play bowling once in a while. I like the Chester King moves you know!

Swimming - the love of my life at the moment! Yep since the place I'm staying have 4 pools, I can't stop and think to dive every time I passed by the place to head home. I actually swim alternate days.

Taekwondo - Not all of my friends know that I'm practicing this sports. Well they always ask me where I am whenever we have a training. I'm planning to join an invitational game again next year at Melaka.

Movie/Series - from DDD to Glee name it. You might want to include Amazing race, both US and Asia version.

Foods - Yes! I love to eat and when I eat, I make sure I satisfied my hunger. This might be the reason why I'm getting fatter.

Ball, Kick, Splash

Guangzhou! here we come!

Of course I am just kidding. What I mean is that all eyes and attention will be in Guangzhou's after 9 days.  (I capture the picture yesterday-my bad). 

Been so into sports this past few years now, and planning to join another team here in Malaysia again, but I'm still yet to confirm with them. It will all depends on my mood actually.

Oh well I hope they televise all the games in Asian Game like they did in Commonwealth Games. 

I always forgot that beside facebook friendster? and twitter I still have
this site at the other side of the web. 
The other social networks keeps me away in this place.
Anyway, haven't visted my friendster account for quite some times now.
I am wondering what is happening in that site now.
I tried to visit it last time but the site runs very slow. too slow...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tweet Note

A web friend quoted on her tweet this morning:

"People change for two reasons: For their own happiness, and for someone they love"

Well, I believe that people change because of their wants not because of their needs...

Any thoughts? Kindly share. Thanks!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Update About Her

Last night, We give her an advance Birthday Celebration at her place. Her house is packed with her friends, old and new ones. We want her to remember how happy we were when she leave us here...temporarily.

Yep, we know and we all praying that she will be back again here in Malaysia to continue and work for her dream. We all know that God will give her all the strength she will need to face her situation today. That God will heal her, that He will guide her, that God will touch the hands of the professionals who will help in curing her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Her

It looks like her status is getting worse. We can sense her worries behind those force smile she always gave to us. Her house mate told us she cant sleep and she always hear her walking..

We are trying our best not to show our fear and worries in front of her. I told our friends to stay happy, talked lightly and laughable things every time we are near her.

But some broke up sometimes, asking her plans after this.. she will be heading back to the Philippines soon..

I hope and pray everything will be okay...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't know where to start this post really, I been thinking to post about the things happen around me this past days but I cant think of a word to start it. There are overwhelmed news, a happy and sad ones that We are experiencing now. We, as in, the people with me here in Malaysia. 

Its just 2 weeks ago, when I, out of nowhere, ask my friends a.k.a colleagues a.k.a countrymen to have a break and have some fun together and play bowling an the nearest shopping mall in our area. They all come except from one of my close friends who is not feeling well that day, and Bea who live 1 hour express bus away from our office. 

Its been a great night and a happy moment for us. We are glad to have a little time of bonding away from the stress from work.

Day after that, one of our friend had a car accident.. Good thing that she didn't had any serious problem from that. Though she got lots of bruises over her body.. she is fine.

Me, on the other hand, start to feel aches on my body and throat which later become a serious tonsillitis which bother me for a couple of days. I take 3 kinds of antibiotic.. 500mg each. 

Then a friend of ours, without known reason, felt wrong with her body/health.. which turns out to be a very serious illness. (post to follow)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thing That I Am Sure Now

Even though you keep your self trained and worked out...

... you will be down once you are ill. 

Wala lang.. pero ang sakit sa katawan promise!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Girl Who Save Us

one of the twitter peeps post on her page yesterday:

It takes 1 man to put the country into shame and 1 woman to bring back its flame!

Congratulations and Thanks You Ms. Maria Venus Raj!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Bored

There are no exciting and or frustrating things happen for the couple of days now.. My mind seems to stop to function too.

Can't think of anything usable to do..

This is not a good sign....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sun After The Rain

Reading randomly online when I found this yahoo story about this girl who lost her job busying her time to create a new wardrobe.

Cool story eh?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Trial

Found an application from itunes which help you to edit and post in your blog without using an email to post. It looks cool actually, atleast im not going to crack my head thinking how can i update my page.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back Again after 14

Hiatus after the nightmare I had last June. 

Notice, that there are some changes done by Blogger on their site, pretty cool eh? Haven't explore the new features yet, but it seems nice and neat. 

Having a headache today, stress with problem related to work. I need to make sure to take some good rest this weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thats it! I will hate July 14 for ever!
Wala akong mapaglabasan... sorry!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Doo doo doot doot

Just finish my dinner at 0010h. Not even reach my place. Had A long boring meeting at the office. Got a short chat conversation with my friend. She too told me how tired her day was. She added that she is in bad mood earlier, and in my surprised... In Me! Yep, in Me.

She doesn't explain why... But it doens't mattter anymore. Well it just proved that no one can pleased anybody in any way you like.

I'm just going to rest for a couple of minutes more before i head home...will burn the food i take before i hug my favorite pillow!!! Tomorrow is another day... Hope everyone are chilled by then!

Bon nuit!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's With The P??

It makes me amazed on how this "P.I" words is like a virus spreading in the area quickly..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Standard Chartered - Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010

Finally, after a short preparation for this event, me and my friend, managed to finished it! We tasted the 10km of sweat, a bit of tears and foot blisters of my 4th marathon to date.

Its a fine morning.. a rainy, but fine morning. Good thing, the rain finished before we started our race. I just pity all those who join the 42KM run since the rain was on its mids when they started.

We arrived at the venue around 6am from my friend's house. The atmosphere is so intense when we reach there. There are lots of participants, from 21 and 10 Kilometers who are busy stretching and doing their pre-marathon routines. I just watch them and enjoy the moment. In my mind I say, "This is it, I'm not a newbie anymore.. I will surely love this!" Though my stomach and bladder isn't say so. They are nervous, nervous that I felt some butterfly in it and my bladder told me to go and search for a comfort room!

It was 6:52 when Me and my friends decided to queue on the starting area and condition our mind for the run. I was busy listening to David Cook's "The Time Of My Life" (not the "Dirty Dancing" theme, but the song he sang as his Final Song in American Idol) when the announcement was given for the race to start.

There are so many 10Km participants that it took us 2 minutes before we cross the starting line and record my starting time using our D-Tag attached on my left shoelace.

... Walk!
... Walk...

... was my technique earlier. I don't want to force my left foot which is still recovering from the sprain I got from the Badminton tournament last time. I am expecting to finish the race at an hour and 20 minutes, 20 minutes shy from my time on the last Marathon in Cyberjaya.

Its still early and here we was, watching the busy road of Kuala Lumpur while running. I'm counting if we are near to the finish line.. it looks like forever for me. I'm not aware of what song I'm listening to, or what song I have listen on my iPod anymore, I'm busy thinking where was my friends? Where was that drinking station after 4Km, isn't it 4km yet? Yep! 4000 meters and I'm already thought those things.. so Imagine what more did I think for the last 6km of the run!

Familiar places... KL Sentral, Indian Town, Police Station and now Jalan Sayed Putra. Finally, I saw the drinking station, and like the others who are thirsty, I queued and get my two cups of 100 plus from the table. I saw 4 portable toilet on the route but ignore to pee..

My run continue...

KL Railway station. I thought we are already near to the finish line because I haven't notice any "Mark Sign". I check my phone just to be surprised, 39 minutes? It's already 39 minutes.. I calculated 3 minutes more and I will reach the finish line.. that was fast.. what happen??? My mind was set that I am already near.. but it was a mistake! I haven't remember that we will cross the back of the KL Station twice as stated on the 10km map.

We turn left going to the Lake Garden, its an inclined area and it adds the burdens on us, runners. Most of us just walk and started to run again after we reached Jalan Cenderawasih and Jalan Parlimen.

It was in the last 2km to 2.5km when I noticed a commotion ahead me. It was, I think, in Jalan Raja Laut before Sogo Mall. Though still far, I saw a man lying on the side of the road, surrounded by some of his friend (I think). Some of them was shouting.. Mani! Mani! Mani! Many or Manie, I don't know what word they calling. Then all of the sudden I felt nervous, I thought that man lying there was my friend Manny who got separated from me earlier in the race. it was about 40 meters when I heard them clearly.. they are calling for Medics! Maybe their friends need someone who have oxygen... in my iPod, Regine Velasquez is singing "Babalik Kang Muli".

I passed near the group to check if its my friend.. Good Heaven, I thought... it's not him! Then my eyes got wet... Yes I cried! I felt sad about what happen on the guy there while listening to the sad music.. thinking, how if its me lying there? Or my friends? What will happen?

I pray that he would be okay.

I continue...

It's my final Kilometer, I saw the tents made by the organizers. I am near the finish line.. and this time, it's for real! My clock says, I been running for an hour and 15minutes, 5 minutes more! There are lots of people cheering for their friends, family and loveones. Other are just watching the event. Gathering pictures of the runners along the way.. and now my final steps! I crossed the Ark with a big happy letters "FINISH".

And everything are a very very sweet experience!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glee: Charice

Actually I read the news since yesterday but forgot to post it..

Yep, Charice, as per PEP and INQ is confirm to join US hot TV series Glee. But i'm just worried if this is still indeed true since I read one article from Newyork times that casting of 3 new role for the show through reality project was cancelled

To Quote:

Fox unveiled the never-titled reality project last January at the same time it confirmed it was renewing Glee for a second season. It solicited audition videos on ye olde MySpace from contestants who wanted to compete for one of three new roles on the show; the ensuing happy-off would be filmed for an American Idol–like multipart special that would lead up to the season-two premiere. "There's never really been an unscripted program like this on television before," Fox reality overlord Mike Darnell promised at the time.

Now there still won't be. Though they collected the tryout videos, Murphy and Fox execs have since quietly agreed to kill the on-air competition after it became clear that working on the reality show would mean less time for planning season two (and the recently announced season three). As it is, Murphy and his team have already had their schedules crowded by such extracurricular events as the brief Glee live tour, multiple hit soundtrack albums, a trip to the White House, and, of course, Oprah.

So its seems that one of the 3 slots landed to Charice who will play as an exchange student in the show.

Source: Vulture, GMA News

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was about to sleep last night when I decided to check the current Wimbledon match in the sport channel. I don't normally watch early stages of any Grand Slam not until its 4th round or Quarter Finals, I just had the urge to check what is the happening to switch my focus from the last match between Portugal and North Korea in World Cup. Oh Btw, the game is not that interesting.. though Portugal won 7 to none against PKR.

So I didn't know that my least favorite player, Federer (hahaha peace to all my friends :D ) is currently battling his survival in the tournament. They are currently playing the 4th set and 1 game each. I haven't notice at first that Federer was 1 set behind Falla who won the first and second set of the match. I was in this "Wow" state learning that Roger might exit the tournament earlier.. beyond expected.

It was in the 10th game, he got into a dimmed moment scoring 30-40 with Falla serving for the match when everything turn in favor of him again. And then I was in dismay!

The match finished with Roger winning in fifth set 6-0...

Good thing, I didn't have nightmare after that!

Weekends: Finals, Run, Friends

I haven't heard any news whether our badminton final will be set this coming Saturday. If it will, I do hope they schedule it in the morning.

My weekend would be very busy for sure. Sunday will be the day of our KL Marathon. I wasn't sure yet if I will get my Race kit personally or will ask someone to get it for me. If Saturday final will pushed through, then I have the whole afternoon to visit Titiwangsa where the Race Kit Collection Centers for the marathon is located.

I have no running/jogging practice for a few days now due to the sprain on my left foot which I got from the badminton game last weekend. I hope the sprain healed soon. If not, I will force to just walk and be left out on the running route.


Had an hour swimming practice last night with Thess and Allan. This is to test my breathing to check if I still can stand doing one routine for a couple of minutes without resting. A great cardio exercise too, so it will benefit me for my upcoming run.


By the way, I met some new great guys from the LBC cup. I learned that they will join the run too but in different distance. Hope to see them along the way. They are pretty cool and quite friendly. Atleast my world will not rotate in Cyberjaya alone...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


And I really meant it. Or maybe the proper expression should be a very deep and long sighhhhhhhh!

I just finish a total of 4 badminton games within 8 hours. 4 not intense but very tiring badminton games! I'm just glad that my partner and I won all that matches.

I just felt some soreness in my feet and so
E problem in breathing. I need a very long rest for sure to recover.

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Friday, June 18, 2010



Email posting trial since Ipod didnt support yet.. (ithink)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Planning to go back to my old routine... Just hoping for me to adapt again easily...

Thinking stupidly for the past days or weeks I supposed... Can't get out of it yet.. hopefully soon

Somewhere good things are waiting for me... or it just around me and I haven't notice it...

Is There True Love in Cyber World?

.. maybe there is!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Knockin' FOR Heaven's Door!!!

Kansurok...I don't know how many of you or even Filipinos know about this place. I tried to search from Wiki pages and found no information about this hidden(?) place in Marinduque Philippines. Even my colleague who grew in Boac, capital of the Province know nothing about it. He only says, "Its too far and no transportation going at that place".

Why did I suddenly came up to write about this? Well no one knows that a close College friend is doing an outreached program to help and reached the people of the area. She is a part of a Christian Organization, the Capitol City Baptist Church who started a Church Planting and Development Project at the place.

Its overwhelming fact that this guys, though busy on their personal and professional lives, found time to participate in this mission. And after several months of helping the guys there, they will again visit the place on May 21 to 26 to conduct and continue their mission.

And because of this, I, through this little page in web, wants to encourage YOU to help these guys in their mission. Lets help them to make this activity a success....

Through prayers.. that God be their guide...

Through your donations.. donating your Old Books, Toys, and other School Supplies...and

Through your Monetary Help that they will use for all the activities on this mission.

I know that any help they will received from us will be a great assistance to them.


You may contact my friend Jocelyn through

2. her kansurok entries at "An Appeal For Help"
3. Email at (Bayan Telecommunications) or
4. Office phone +632-4970947, Cellphone +63-9223375140

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiring Melaka Trip

Just got back from our tour in Melaka..

It was so much fun.. I really enjoy the place. Its like Fort Santiago or Corregidor of Malaysia. I only have an issue with the weather in the place.. It was so soo sooo hot that I sweat my butt while walking around.

Since its Saturday, there are lots of tourist and local people around. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do so your time will not be wasted. Just ready your pocket since most of the places will require you to pay :D. Business baby.. business!

It's very tiring but yeah a fun day.

I will specify the things I done there soon.. hopefully if I got and extra time. :D

Keeping Busy

Sunway Lagoon activity is CANCELLED... this a sign for us to STAY at home? NO and thats a BIG one!

Plan B, Plan B!

If there is so called "Under Study" in theater...

we also have ours...

MELAKA here we come!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Just wondering...

Why did they call it Good Friday?

What is GOOD about this day?

Why not Good Thursday or Satuday?


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Long Weekends (Holy Week)

I'm going to have a long holiday starting tomorrow to observed Holy Week. I didn't practice much of me being Catholic actually which I think is not disrespecting the customs I grew with. It just that I'm not a practitioner, I still pray, I go to church, doing what I know (for myself) is right.. but thats it...nothing more.. nothing less.

So, when I learn that long holiday will fall on my off Saturday, me and my friends plan how to make the most out of this rare opportunity. Like last year, we went to Perhentian Island in Terrengganu and spent the days away from work to relax.

This year, we hope and plan to visit Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya. Were planning to go there on the 2nd since one of us still need to work on the 1st of April. Still do hope that this year's Holyweek be a peaceful and happy week for me.

Things I Missed To Do Lately

Cooking my own food...

Studying and reading my old notes in school...


My Friends...

Day Dreaming...

Using my brain... hahaha

* Thought this will be a long list *

Monday, March 29, 2010

Switch Your Head Gear On!

"On your mark... Set... Go!"

Those words signal us to go and make a new history for the first Energizer Night Marathon in the country held in Cyberjaya, Selangor. My third marathon to date and my second night marathon of the year.

I was so happy that my pre-run training help me alot to reach my goal. Though my friend Shai, who I always ask to jog with me didn't registered, I'm grateful that she supported me to this event. Together with some friends, Nog and Bea, and other runners and the crowd, the event became a success.

Again, Nog run on the same category as mine. We started together but since there are lots of runners and I think we both want to maintain our pace, we split our way. The first 2km of the run is really a struggle to me, my mind is not focused and I was worrying about my leg calves. I'm having a back pain early that day and my mind was not set properly about the event. Keeping my running pace is a problem too. Seeing those more fitted runners run as if its nothing to them felt very intimidating that you want to compete, you want to push your self, you want to sprint!

But the past experiences gave me lessons that pace and distance running has a step by step procedure that you need to keep in mind. You need to save your energy for the last kilometers of the run and best of all to keep the will to go through, keep running and keep motivated.

And so I keep going, checking my cellphone which I used as a stop-watch once I reached every drinking point stationed on every 2.5km mark (which I doubt since I only remember passing 3 drinking station points). I keep going and did not stop running until about 4km to walk and started to run-jog again after a minute of walk to rest. I continue the process for another 3km, walk for every up and running on down slopes.

Then I let my motivation push me to finish the last 3km of run. So what keeps me motivated? Those friends waiting and cheering for us on the finish line, those people who run for a cause (what ever reason might that be), and those people, despite of old age, challenge themselves to participate in the event.

And the sweetest moment of all came, the time I saw the finish mark, that huge ark that welcomes you, greeted you and somewhat whisper to me, saying, "Good Job".

My un-official time based on my cellphone is 1:02:03:04.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is it! Earth Hour and Energizer Night Race 2010

Almost 8 hours from now, the global environmental awareness activity a.k.a. "Earth Hour" will once again be observed here in Malaysia. Some of the cable providers will join the activity by cutting the regular program off and will be blacked out their stations for an hour which will start at 2030h. The company I'm working with will observed this global activity too.. so for those who wants to make a change by participating to this activity, all you have to do is switch off your lights tonight at "Earth Hour" (2030H).


And at 2100h, I will join in the first Cyberjaya Night Marathon sponsored by Energizer. The event will start at 1800h (for those who join the full marathon). Since I don't have the guts to try and push my self too hard, I only join the Mens Open 10km run. Some of my friends will be joining me to this fun run.

Healthy living yeah?///

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Environmental Event is Back - Earth Hour 2010

Mark your calendar peeps.. March 27, at exactly 2030h, the globe will experience the huge environmental event once again.

Be part of it...

Make a change...

Date: March 27, 2010
Time: 2030h
Venue: All around the Globe

Isn't that exciting???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My journal wasn't been updated for a couple of weeks. Like eating, I think I slowly loosing my appetite.. hahaha.

Anyway, I been quite busy in two months now, taekwondo training and competition, Sony Ericson WTA tournament and Marathon.

February 6 and 7 dated my first Tae Kwon Do tournament. Two weeks prior to the date, I been very busy training for 3 hours, 3 days a week. It combines my preparation for the competition and for my marathon a night before the BIG day. Its really a rush training since the students were been away for End of Year holiday.


9pm, February 6. My first night marathon in Putrajaya, Malaysia. My 2nd marathon to date. Together with my friend, Shai, I join the 7.7km fun run. It was a sweet experience but not sweeter than my first run. I was holding back to run fast since I'm worrying about my leg calf and muscles to contract. If it happens, my taekwondo tournament the next day will be doomed. I finished the race at 9:42pm... yeah 42 minutes after the starting time.. Well, I really thought I might get a medal that time.. but still I got none. Since we have nothing to do after the race, We decided to walk going home and took some pictures in Putrajaya's beautiful lover's bridge :D

7am, February 7. the Big day. I received an early sms from our group president, Eddy, requesting us to be in the competition place at 7:15. I did not inform him about my activity the other night, so he is expecting me and the rest of the team to be physically fit in that morning. He calls an early meeting for a run-through of the event. Since MMU is the organizer of the competition, We, the demo team are set to perform. I came late.. I wasn't able to join in the run-through. He says its okay. hehehe.

My fight was set to start at 9am, but the program proper started at 10. In my mind I thought, "bruises will be all around my body before We perform". I watched some fights, between the lower category, to observed and see how they move and play the game. Some of them didn't use the whole place to move and chase their opponent. No solid kicks and their stamina are very low. They are panting too much on the first half of the game.

My two teammates won their first match by a no-show opponent. I was next, the butterflies on my stomach started to bother me. I was nervous. I saw my opponent and it add ups the bad thoughts I'm feeling that day. Eddy is in my back telling me what to do if he thinks theres an open spot and possible points which I follow. It was a great match, a great experience and I can't wait to be part of the next tournament. I got a bronze :D


2pm, February 28. Sony Ericson WTA Kuala Lumpur Open. After attending the mass at the City, Shai and I went to Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort to watch the final match of the first WTA in KL. I was excited to see one of my favorite players, Elena Dementieva, who I called "Mommy". She is soooo pretty. I still love her though she didn't win. She is good but her opponent, Alisa Kleybanova is superb. Her ball placements are excellent that Elena can't break her serve or even save her own service game.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Hate You!

And I mean it!

I thought that this is just temporary, and everything will be back as what it is before.. as smooth and happy as what I felt.

You cheated on me...

Its been days and you keep on bugging me.. what do you want?

I have lots of sleepless nights now. You woke me in the midst of my sleep, for what, just to make me feel that you're still there? That you don't want to go no matter what?

I know that you knew I sometimes wake up with tears in my eyes.. and still you're not bothered.

You're too much, I had enough of you!

Get away.. I don't need you in my life....

Get lost! Goodbye!

-me to my flu-

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Christmas and Newyear!

Oh so, its been months since I last visited my site.... I think my passion is slowly dying (passion daw).

I'll catch up.. I will try :D

So, We celebrated Christmas as the usual celebration we normally do for the past years. Since most of my friends prefer not to go back to Philippines, we decided to make a small get together. We attended the post Christmas eve mass at St. John, Kuala Lumpur at 2200h before we consume the foods we prepared. It's not much but we really enjoy the idea of having your friends if not love ones around you on this kind of holiday. I end my night-morning re-watching "The Day After Tomorrow" before sleeping at 5am (a nice movie to start your new day huh! hahahaha).

Newyear is much more wackier than the Christmas celebration that we had. Though we missed to attend the evening Mass, we managed to turn the night into a Filipino Newyear Celebration, less the firecrackers ofcourse (non of us dare to have missed limb for the following years). For some reasons, most of the attendees wears read shirts (Christmas? Birthdays?), I don't know if wearing red had any significance in celebrating the day.

Anyway, when the clock ticked 12mn, we grabbed our plates and satiate over the table flooded with different kinds of foods.. baboy..baboy.. and lots of baboy! Its so funny that watching and hearing 2 or 5 guys shouting "Happy Newyear" without exerting efforts to show that they are grateful for having witness the changes of years. Hehehe

After the heartful meals, we watch a Tagalog Film "Kimi-dora". I thought first that its just a so-so movie (its an independent film actually), like other comical film I have watched. Well I was wrong... I blurted repeatedly on the midst of laughing that the movie is great. Add the tapping on the table next to me and holding some laughing noise in everyones throat. I learn later on that it topped as the biggest box office earner for an independent film..

Well, that's how happy I spent my newyear with friends :D