Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Christmas and Newyear!

Oh so, its been months since I last visited my site.... I think my passion is slowly dying (passion daw).

I'll catch up.. I will try :D

So, We celebrated Christmas as the usual celebration we normally do for the past years. Since most of my friends prefer not to go back to Philippines, we decided to make a small get together. We attended the post Christmas eve mass at St. John, Kuala Lumpur at 2200h before we consume the foods we prepared. It's not much but we really enjoy the idea of having your friends if not love ones around you on this kind of holiday. I end my night-morning re-watching "The Day After Tomorrow" before sleeping at 5am (a nice movie to start your new day huh! hahahaha).

Newyear is much more wackier than the Christmas celebration that we had. Though we missed to attend the evening Mass, we managed to turn the night into a Filipino Newyear Celebration, less the firecrackers ofcourse (non of us dare to have missed limb for the following years). For some reasons, most of the attendees wears read shirts (Christmas? Birthdays?), I don't know if wearing red had any significance in celebrating the day.

Anyway, when the clock ticked 12mn, we grabbed our plates and satiate over the table flooded with different kinds of foods.. baboy..baboy.. and lots of baboy! Its so funny that watching and hearing 2 or 5 guys shouting "Happy Newyear" without exerting efforts to show that they are grateful for having witness the changes of years. Hehehe

After the heartful meals, we watch a Tagalog Film "Kimi-dora". I thought first that its just a so-so movie (its an independent film actually), like other comical film I have watched. Well I was wrong... I blurted repeatedly on the midst of laughing that the movie is great. Add the tapping on the table next to me and holding some laughing noise in everyones throat. I learn later on that it topped as the biggest box office earner for an independent film..

Well, that's how happy I spent my newyear with friends :D