Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wahhhh I missed to post, I really missed to post... :(

My bad! Actually it's not my fault actually the internet connection in our place is too bad that it takes a couple of minute before an internet explorer can be open... sigh!

Anyway, I'm still here, kicking! Hehehehe. But before I forgot, I want to say.. Merry Christmas!

Gosh, time is really fast, I haven't notice that it's almost year end.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shocking News...

Just got a news a few minutes ago that 3 of my colleagues was been sent to a nearest hospital due to a car accident. Whew! I’m shock to hear that one of them is in ICU… as in Intensive Care Unit.

Whoa! Goosebumps! You really not sure what will happen to you. Even in a split of second anything can happen to anyone. Who can tell that this three just go out to take lunch and all of the sudden you will learn that they are sent to a Hospital?

I’m praying for their quick recovery.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Comment Ça va?

Bonjour! Comment Ça va?

It’s been a while since I last visit and update my blog. Anyway I just decided not to enroll for the meantime. Je n’étudie pas le français maintenant. I need to schedule all my activity first, put things in order before I continue my studies. Yeah, it’s very difficult for young adult like me to study while working. It’s really hard to focus on both things you do at the same time.

I just hope this is only temporary while I’m preparing my self. Just that I feel really unaware of consequences on every unplanned things I decided to do. Now, I believe on my friends word…”don’t rush things”!

Actually there are lots of things I learn from my past acts. I also learn lots of things in my course. In some ways I’m very proud that I accomplish one step on building myself. Though I’m just started and I know I still need to sacrifice lots of my time and thing to get what I really want… at least I already have step that I will follow in future.

Anyway, it’s already December and year of the Pig is soon to end. I still have no list of New Year’s resolution yet, but I’m sure I’ll include personal and emotional development as one of the things I need to accomplish.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I found a new interesting book at MPH last time I visited the MidValley. Titled “The Difference Maker” by John Maxwell, the book shows how to use attitude to become your positive asset. I already read half of the book and planning to finish it by the end of the month… fingers cross!

And finally, I already watched the movie “Hairspray” with my friend who just agreed to go with me because I forced her to. I found the movie quite interesting and entertaining. Well, because I love to watch musical movie, maybe that’s the reason why I enjoy it very much.

I remember the first musical movie that I have watched was the “Sound of Music” when I was in elementary. And there on, I became musical goers… hehehe. Hmm, I just realize… maybe this is also the reason why I love to watch choral competition… I also enjoy singing!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Aiming For The Next Stage


My class finally ends last week. It’s just a short meet up. Our professor just gave a survey sheets for us to fill up and distributed our certificate afterwards.

Now, I still have 2 weeks to think if I’m going to continue for the second level or not.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back Logs...

I had been to lost world for these past few days. Anyway I don’t want to list down the reason why. Toxic.. toxic.. toxic.

As payment for not having time in updating my blog, I list some of topics that I need to comment on.

Manny Pacquio

Okay, he won. I read it on the online news and did I read it right? He is going to have a show on one of the local channels in the country. Wahhh… Please spare me!!!

Desperate Housewives’

This became a real thing now. They already made an apology.. I haven’t read the full details yet since I got no time reading all those craps. Hahaha.. kidding!

But, yay! The issue became big now. Yes it’s kinda “racial”, but can we Filipino stop asking for more? I mean, yes we been hurt on the statement. The show and characters are fictional, yes, but those lines were already delivered and people around the globe already watch it. If they think other way around then be it. Be sensitive but not too much. I also reacted on the shows, but then, what’s happening now is too far on what I expected to happen.

We react and it’s normal. As I have said, it’s just like hearing bad things about your family from others… it’s the same.

Being too loud about this issue only proves that we’re guilty. Am I right?


My Birthday

Okay, nothing special. I planed to have a great dinner as gift for my self, but I failed. The rains stop me in going to the mall. I just sleep on my Birthday… a real worst thing ever happen to any individual. Argh!

That’s all! Au revoir!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

"Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday..
Happy Birthday to me!"

Yay! It's my special day without special someone again.. hahaha. Sigh some of my friends forgot to greet me... im sad. Anyway that's what it is.. as I always said people just come and go to your life. For those who still remember how important you to them, it's a gift. And for those who are not.... they are just part of your past.

Is this some result of getting old? I mean, I just notice that I'm being slightly sensitive..

My Birthday is not happy as I planned it. I'm in the office now since I did'nt take a leave. I want to use my annual leave going back to my Country. I just decided to go to the mall after my work so I can give myself a nice treat.... eating at my favorite fastfood chain... Mcdonalds... argh!

Last year, my closest friends surprised me on the midnight of my birthday. Its really a fun experience for me... sad to say, none of them remember me today.

Im now thinking, am I that easyto forget? I mean if you are part of someone, you should have to know their special day right?

Sorry but I am really just disappointed.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Desperate Housewives’ “foul” remark about Medical School in the Philippines

Well well well, I haven’t got any time to blog for the past days and now here I am posting about the scene in a recent episode of well-known TV show Desperate Housewives’ which I and other Filipinos found offensive and racist. Thanks to my collegue who sent the email this morning.

In one scene, Susan Mayer Delfino, played by Teri Hatcher, is talking with her OB-gyne. She tells this line which made us Filipinos offended:

Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Coz I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines”.

Filipinos are talented and smart… we all know that. That’s why I can’t under stand why this show just throw an insult just like that. Maybe for some who already watch the full episode(which exlude me) found it funny, but for me, a sensitive dialogue or issue like that should be carefully watchout…it’s a foul.

I know some medical people graduated in reputable Med Shools in the country who excels on their field of specialties. I also have some friends studying medical courses who put their hearts, focus hard and very much dedicated on their studies. How do you think they react once they heard these lines? Blown, isulted and offended.. same as me. Am I sound like I am one of them? No.. im not! Im not Medical Professional but I really feel hurt!


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Monday, October 1, 2007


Wow 2nd month of "ber" already arrived. It does'nt only means that the feastive of all Christians and Catholics is near to come but most importanly, one of a very special occassion is coming... my birthday!

Yeah, for the past years, I always see to it that I got a new stuff as gift for my self.. and now im excited. Been dreaming to have an 80gb ipod as answer f0r my frustations... singing. I love music! Yes, I really do!

I know lots of people whose birthdays falls on october... my friends and classmates since elementary to college. Some of them even got the same birthdate as mine! Hmmm if I'm not mistaken they are more or less 5...

Anyway, I'm little bit cold today since the rain falls(finally) since early morning. Really feel sleepy. Im actually thinking not to go to class because of lazyness and urge to sleep. But I don't want to waste my money because of my inborn sickness... anyway we only have 4 meetings before we start on 2nd level, so I will try to convince my self to just go.

Friday, September 28, 2007


"Buenos Dias" in Spanish, "Good Morning" in English, "Selamat Pagi" in Bahasa and "Magandang Umaga" in Tagalog. These are the meanings of Bonjour(bon-jhoor!).

It is salary day! I am so glad that my sufferings end. Been counting days since last week because I already spent all my allowances...hehehe.

Also one of the reason why I woke up early para makakuha kagad ng pera sa bangko. I need to send some money back home cause my uncle is sick. Hope he will be okay soon. Nakakainis lang kasi naiwan ko yung passport ko sa bahay. Okay lang sana kung malapit lang ako sa building namin, kaso nakarating na ako sa bus stand. No choice. Kailangan kong balikan ulit kaya nag palakad takbo na ako.

Anyway successful naman kasi umabot pa ako dun sa dumating na bus pag balik ko galing bahay. Yun nga lang sakit ng mga hita at paa ko.

Lesson learned: "Ugaliing i-tsek lahat ng gamit at gagamitin bago umalis ng bahay".

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Je suis beau!

Naman.. tinatanung pa ba yan.. syempre magandang lalaki talaga ito.. hahaha

Je suis beau for boys while Je suis belle for girls. The very important expressions that you have to know while studying french... atleast for me. Bagay na bagay sa mahahangin! hehehe

"Je suis ètudient un française"

"Jeh-swee etu-diont un fahn-seeh". Gandang pakinggan noh. Parang pagkatapos mong basahin sabay tanung ng.."ano daw @#$%???". "I am a student of french" okay cge na nga. Pakiramdam ko tuloy para akong bata. Natutuwa sa mga salitang napag-aaralan ko. Nakakaaliw pero mas nakakalito. Madalas pinagmamasdan ko na lang yung isa kong kamag-aral na nagkakamot ng ulo. Parang gusto ko cyang tulungang magkamot... hahaha.

Anyway, matatapos na naman ang oras ng trabaho, pero wla parin akong maisip gawin liban sa pagsusulat. Iniisip ko tuloy pag uwi ko kaya ng bahay matutulog ako, mag jo-joging, mag su-swimming o mangangapit bahay? Pag kasi ang isang bagay araw araw mo ng ginagawa minsan nakakabagot. Pag binasa ko naman yung mga notes ko aantukin naman ako.. hayyy hirap talagang mag-isip pag di matino ang nag-iisip :).

Isa pa, napansin ko lang sa mga nababasa kong blog sa web halos lahat ata nakasulat sa wikang ingles... hmm gayahin ko kaya? Kaso hindi na nga ako magaling mag pahayag ng damdamin sa sarili kong salita eh gagamit pa ako ng banyaga baka lalong wala na akong maisulat.

Naalala ko tuloy nagkaron yata ako ng phobia sa pag aaral ng ingles dahil sa guro ko noong highschool. Si Ms. Terror. Lagi kasing naka lisik ang mata pag nag tuturo... resulta.. nawalan ako ng ganang mag-aral.

Pero just to challenge my ability and knowledge(bigat!) eh mag try akong sumulat ng mga pa ilan ilang entries sa ingles. Sa tingin ko naman, hindi kailangang gumamit ng malalalim na salita upang iparating mo ang nais mong sabihin. Hindi naman ako nag-aral ng Journalism para maging perpekto sa pagsusulat.


Bienvenue or welcome ito ang salitang una kong nabasa sa dalawang pahina ng papel na iniabot sa amin ng aming magiging guro.

At first, i thought the institution will provide us book and cd that we will use while studying french.. im wrong.

Unlike others, my chosen school(kung matatawag nga siyang school) provide a very informal way of teaching... sabi ni Ms. chew.

Anyway, my first day is quite exciting..(atleast as i remember... 15 august, 2007). All of this are new to me. I remember dreaming of learning atleast 3 different languanges aside on my mother and adopted tongue. Now here I am sitting in a desk, feeling like being an elementary student with my other foreign classmates.

Maliit lang ang group/class namin. Some are foreigner like me... 1 from india and 2 from laos. The rest are from my adopted country. Nakakatuwang malaman na madami rin palang tao(hindi lang ako) ang nag nanais na matuto ng ibang salita.

First rule: "Words pronounciations is far different on its spelling".

Nose and ears bleeding. Gusto kong impog ang ulo ko sa pader na katabi ko habang nakikinig at sinusubukang bigkasin ang mga salitang binabanggit ng aming guro.

Bonjour Monssieur! (bon-jhoor mesyu)
Bonjour Mademoiselle! (bon-jhoor mademosel)

Hindi ko inakala na kakaiba pala ang pagbigkas sa mga salitang ito. Akala ko naman simpleng "Mon-syur" at "Made-moysel" lang puede na.. hindi pala. Dibale mas kaawa-awa naman ang inaabot nung isang tsekwa kong kasama. Baka naiisin nalng nyang putulin ang kanyang namamaluktot na dila.

Sa katapusan ng klase medyo madami na akong nalaman.. ang ibat-ibang uri ng pagbati... sana lang sipagin akong pumasok palagi.. nakakatamad kasing pumasok sa skwelahan pagkatapos mong mag trabaho sa opisina.

My First Post

Atlas! Nakagawa na ako ng isang lihim na blog hahaha.. sana lang maengganyo pa akong maiba ang template at pangalan ng blog ko.

Anyway, wala naman akong ibang intensyon na isulat kundi ang namumukud tangi kong pinag kakaabalahan sa mga panahong ito.. ang pag aaral ng pranses..

Sana lang maipagpatuloy ko ang pag boblog.. nakakainggit kasi yung ibang bloggers na may mahaba at matanda ng mga site..