Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Idol 8 Group 2 Result

So there another 3 people advanced to top 12 of this show.. and yeah, I also thought that there are more suspense and unpredictable result when Kris Allen got a spot in the final and not my bet, Megan Joy Corkrey... sorry but another disappointment.. maybe this show is lacking its power to thirst us... well I don't know if its just me..

Anyway, thanks for Brooke White who performed "Hold Up My Heart" .. which is the best thing that happen in the result show. I love Brooke.. she is still very interesting to listen... good thing.. She doesn't start and forgot any lyric.

First to proceed in the top spot is Allison Iraheta who Seacrest requested to stand together with Jesse Langseth and Matt Breidzkie. Again Allison sang "Alone" and she is still great! No suspense there... purely predictable that who ever stand beside Allison in the center stage will be out.

Second and in my great shock was Kris Allen who proceed to the stage together with Megan, Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes. Jeanine, who was showing how beautiful her legs are, was sent back to the couch first followed by Matt G. Leaving Kris and Megan who I think almost pass out and started to catch some air. I crossed my fingers hoping Megan to be called in but there.. a great shock and disappointment started.. Kris was in, my beautiful Megan is out. Well thats the power of attraction.. I bet all teenage girls around America voted for Kris.. I hope they will give Megan another shot to comeback.. She got lots of potential. Kris perform my favorite Michael Jackson's song "Man In The Mirror" and yes, he sound better that the other night.

And finally the last spot for the night is between Mishavonna, Kai, Nick/Norman(whatever), Adam and Jasmine....a very predictable ending.. Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine was sent back leaving Adam and Nick at the stage. Seacrest tried to suspense us when he call for break hoping that they will leave some people salivating for its result..Well sorry to disappoint them, no one who is mentally capable in thinking straight will think that Nick will win over Adam. Well, it will be unbelievable if it happens.. but no, it is the impossible that will never be possible.

Show resumed and Adam Lambert was announced to be included on the final 12. I think he and Nick already knew the result and was not surprised when they revealed it. Adam perform "Satisfaction" again, and yes, I hear some bad notes at the beginning of the song. I still think he is awesome!

Well, it is still a big 'bah'. If only they saved and announced Kris triumph against the other contestant before the end of the show and not in the midst of it, I think they will get my attention. I think it will be a great episode if he was paired with Mishavonna and Megan.. hayz.. well...

Last group will perform next week.. I'm still hoping some of my favorites do good enough to be in the final cut....

Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol Top 36 - Group 2

Again, a very boring presentation of the new season. There are some stand-outs but there are more disastrous performances.. even my early favorites was victimized.. argh!

Good thing the producer decided to let Ryan interview all the contestant on the stage after their performances.. they save more time! (Are they still on trial and error stage for this?-just wondering)

Here are my review.. from strong to not so good performances...


Adam Lambert - no doubt he blew that song... he is absolutely and vocally awesome... very very nice control. He can be a dramatic performer - yes!, but he can definitely be a good rocker.. I think he can also be a good balladeer - whe! :D

Singing "Satisfaction", he show us how he can effortlessly managed to produce a very very high note to low note to HIGH note! Kara ask who among the known singers can do what he can... I say... Regine Velasquez can do it... beh! (I love Regs!). No doubt he can win this!


Allison Iraheta - this youngster is way too good for his age... singing "Alone" she can be the next Kelly Clarkson :) - not a copy cat, but she have this very good husky voice.


Meagan Corkrey - Yay! Single mom rule! Remember Alexis Grace? Yes, they both a single parent - for now! (Alexis is waiting for the father of her son to finish his training before they marry, while Meagan divorce her husband).

Anyway, I love her.. love her... loooooove her! From an awkward choreography to her one of a kind voice... I will remember her for sure.. Singing "Put Your Records On", she give some chops and spice on the lovely song. Very right and good song choice for her. I hope she make it to the top 12.


Kris Allen - Well, I just think he made some justice on one of my favorite Michael Jackson's song. I really, really love "Man in the Mirror" so I put him on the number 4 top performer. His vocal is not bad. He has lack of airtime exposure on AI, but I do remember him singing together with Taylor Vaifanua and Danny Gokey (boooo - kidding!) on the group day in Hollywood. But I think some girls will probably throw some votes for him - let see....


Mishavonna Henson - She seems to be a very nice girl :). She sang "Drops of Jupiter". She have a good voice but her performance is boring.. She was lacking of some spice.. emotions.. experience..

I think she just have a very little chance to win a spot on the top 12 since there are lots of young and good singers on this season. But still she is good.


Nick Mitchell - Norman/Nick(whatever!) He is still hilarious to watch. Singing "And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going" he show us what a good stand out comedian he is.. Well, I was entertained.. He have a good voice though.. but still I will gone crazy if he made it to the final 12... which Im hoping :D hahaha.


Matt Brietzke - Sang "If You Can Only See" last night. A very boring performance.. but he have a nice tone - yeah! really!.


Matt Giraud - Wahhh he sing one of my favorite Cold Play song...:Viva La Vida" :(. He really had a bad night, I'm rooting for him to be one of the Finalist, but my dream melted away... huhuhu.. I like his soulfulness.. I like him like Elliot Yamin... I like him to win this.. argh!

See you soon Matt.. but I really do hope they will give you a chance to comeback for the Wildcard round..


Kai Kalama - Oh Kai.. Kai...! Don't ever sing a song which you will regret to sing when they out you on the show.. good thing they just ask to perform those who made it to the Final 12.. But still, "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" is a really bad song choice.

Anyway, he is one of my early favorites of the show.. I'm so disappointed that most of my early favorites are leaving one by one...


Jesse Langseth - I know nothing about this girl aside from some mug shots of her circulating on the net. Anyway she sang "Bette Davis Eye", a song which I don't know.. hehehe.. just don't want her presentation.. and I really hate bad back talk!


Jasmine Murray - They have lots of good hopes for this girl.. A total package, current and beautiful. She sang "Love Song", a good song choice for her age but she failed to deliver. Vocals are everywhere. Funny nothing was bee hit.. hahahaha.. (bad smirk!)


Jeanine Vailes - Sang "This Love". Well I can't comment further since I have no idea what she can bring vocally. Bad song choice. Vocal is just alright but I know someone who is much better that her (my friend shai :))Anyway she's a lovely and jolly girl.. Nice legs indeed!

So there you go.. just another group before we see who among our eliminated idols come back for wildcard round. Anyway, I'm still hoping that next week episode will be a good one.

Go Arriana! Go go go!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kicking and Punching

So there, our training resume last night from one and half months break.

I am a bit uneasy since I haven't had any practice for the past weeks. I'm worrying that my knees, legs and thighs will betrayed me due to lack of stretching and exercise.. No jogging session for the past 2 weeks, no long walk and only had limited time of swimming.

Anyway, I came late... yes.. and I'm disappointed. Actually, my bad mind told me not to come because of the not so fine weather. Another reason (just to justify my tardiness) is the new location of our training site. I'm not familiar with the area so I got confused.

Just notice, there are some new faces in the group..

Next training will be next Tuesday, I'll make sure to come early.

That's it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Poem

I had some idle time which give me some moments to create a poem...

For you

Sitting on my chair, thinking about you…

I think of something special that will leads me to you..

Ways to express my feelings and thoughts will do..

Which will make you happy as what I am too..


Friday, February 20, 2009

American Idol 8 Group 1 Result

So there, last night I have watched the most boring and the most dis-suspenseful episode of AI. I really hate the new process of picking the top 12 finalist out of 36 contestants. I thought before that there is something to wait for when I read from some spoilers that the show changes its original plot, choosing top 36 people from top 24 that they're doing for the past years.

I thought, they are planning to extend and expose all chosen contestant to us, viewers and fans, for us to choose and support the best out of them. For the contestant to developed their vocal skills, for them to realize where their comfort zones are and to gathered a huge fan based... I was wrong.

The great A had chosen their 3 favorites which automatically proceed for the final top 12. Sorry to disappoint some (including me), that if your bet are among these peeps, you will wait for a couple of weeks to see them again once they finish to fill all the 12 final spots. This is really boring, why?, first the chance of others to showcase what they really can was ended by the producers...(cursed you Simon!), second, how can other fought back from a shameless first performance? and lastly, how can you, voters sleep undisturbed, not worrying that your favorites time are counted in the show? (Okay, the last is self-made up :)).

But we want some thrill, we want a great show and we want to be worried!..that's what a good reality show is. Well everything in this life is unfair and I can't debate about that deeper.

So for anyone who lost track and chosen not to be spoiled.. the first three contestant who will moved for the final 12 are:

Alexis Grace - No doubt, this girl showcase her ability, and it paid off.

Michael Jeremy Sarver - I much prefer Anoop Desai to replace him on his stool based on their performance... Likeability wins against voice. Between the two, who Ryan call to stand beside him, I think Anoop is the most deserving man to be in the top spot... if not him.. I much love Tatiana to be there!

Danny Gokey - What is up to him? He make-face to poor Tatiana! That is a very very bad gesture buddy. I like you but that is not a great act for an Idol. Anyway, again they allowed his friend to bring a photograph of him with his wife... Golly! When will they stop this??? (annoyed!)

I hope Anoop and Tatiana made it to the final through wild card round..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol Top 36 - Group 1

Oh well, I decided to use this blog for my AI craziness. I will try to post some personal observation and review about the show and contestant. Though not regularly, I'll try to follow the news specially on my favorites.

And for the start...

The season opening didn't quite go well.. I think 3-4 out of 12 contestant from the first group do better and justified their singing... even some of my favorites blown themselves and risk their chance to be in the Top 12... some says its' because of the nerve and stage fear that they didn't show what their early fans expected...

The front runner of last night show is still Danny Gokey who sang "Hero".. kakainis lang dahil for the nth time.. the producers shows the emotional lost of Danny due to her wife's death.. I like this guy and he is one of my favorite but unlike the 3 judges who jump on their sit and comment as if the show comes to its finale and announce the winner of the show, I personally think that he just did what is expected from him.. he sang well and thats it.. too early to predict.. pero I can see him as one of the finalist and of course a sure spot in Top 12...


Second to my list is Alexis Grace who sang "Never Loved A Man".

Holy cow... I can't imagine this girl nailed that song.. She is really good.. Best control and vocal, though the song is not familiar to me, I can still see that she do very well. She is simple, likable and humble.. well, that what I can see in her.. She can do well.. sure spot for top 12


I'm torn between Tatiana, Ricky Braddy, Anoop and Michael Sarver on the next top performer..
so I will just comment on each of them randomly..

Let start with Ricky Braddy.. this guy is never shown on any episode of the show not until last night. A glimpse of him was aired when they revealed the top 36.. so I don't have any idea on his vocal capability.. Based on his performance last night, this guy can really sing.. He sang "A Song For You" and he really got the melody of the song. I love this song since I was raised listening to Carpenters music by my parents. But I think the chance of him being in the top 12 is so little compare to other contestant due to lack of exposure.


Anoop Desai sang "Angel of Mine" by Monica.. I love the song, I like his performance and I think he got an Okay stage presence too... Though the song and performance is quite safe for him.. I can't say he is secured to advance on next stage.. a wild card is his only hope to stay in the show... but still I like him... one of my favorites too.


Michael Jeremy Saver who sang " I Don't Wanna Be" shows his other side.. a Pop side. I don't like this song for him.. he don't show his talent by singing this one.. I can't stop my self to compare him to other AI alumni who sang this song.. Like Chris Richardson and Elliot Yamin who in my opinion sang the song full of soul.. ( Still listening to Elliot AI performances every now and then). Likability will win him to a spot in Top 12 and not his performance as per Simon.. and I really agree with him.. He seams to be a very nice guy..


Tatiano Nicole Del Torro aka Psycho aka Drama Queen - I am really surprise on her behaviour last night. Comparing to the early shows where she seen to be so dramatic, crying a lot and misbehave (if you can call it misbehaving). A different girl stand on AI stage and reserve her back talking not until she was ask for comment. Singing a Whitney song "Saving All My Love For You" with demurring touch, hitting her high notes and making the song her own, this girl can advance to next stage of competition. That is if America will allow him and vote for her because of her voice.. She really can sing.. and that is a fact.. though she some sort of having this behavioral instability.. she really seams to be nice.. I don't know, I am now confused about her..


Next will be Anne Marie Boskovich who perform an Aretha's signature song "Natural Women". Her star quality on her performance doesn't shine, but she is still okay... I much prefer Ramielle Malubay sing this song.


The other just have a so-so to bad performance..

Jackie Tohn who sang "A Little Less Conversation" shows her funny and performer side. Simon compares her to a Clown... Yay!


My girl, Casey Carlson, is the weekling on last night episode. Singing "Every Little He Does is Magic" by the Police really sacked her. From the vocal to the face expression.. I really feel sad about her :(


My other favorite, Stevie Wright who sang "You Belong With Me" doesn't belong to me anymore :( How sad. She tried to do songs she thinks suited on her age as advice by the judges which don't help her much. The low notes are very awful and the rhythms is really not right.. Anyway, she is still young and still have more opportunities in line..


And my least favorites (I'm really a biased one) are Brent Keith and Stephen Fowler singing "Hicktown" and "Rock With You". I don't have any more to say about these two. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Astig si Jabi

I was browsing the net when I crossed on this site, having an article about the number one fast food chain from Philippines who has now some chains around the word.

Mantakin mo pinipilahan c Jabi sa US.

(image from

Friday, February 13, 2009


40 Years' Worth Of Thanks - A good story to give hope and love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muni Muni

Lapit na naman ang hearts day :D.. Syempre wala na naman ako kadate...

Anyway, di naman ako nag se-celebrate talaga ng Valentines.. bakit naman kasi na imbento pa ang Valentines day.. they torture more all the singles who are already lonely..

Hypocrite are those who will tell me that they are not lonely and they are happy to be alone.. to be single... I, myself, is a happy person too and contented to be alone. But when the season like this comes, specially this date dedicated to those who have partners.. naiisip ko rin na "buti pa sila, may kasamang mag celebrate". Puede din naman magcelebrate with your friends.. diba or family pero since mind-set na yung pag sinabing Valentines, it refers to two people inlove towards each other.

Bitter na kung bitter kasi hindi ko pa nararanasang mag ka-dyowa, pero ganun talaga ang buhay eh. We have some personal priorities.. di lang siguro kasama pa yung special someone.. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Chris Brown, Rihanna Cancel Appearances - Good thing I didn't buy tickets...

American Idol

American Idol season na naman.. hehehe. I have one more reason to go back home early every Wednesday and Thursday. Before, Amazing Race Asia and Amazing Race (US), ngayon ito naman. :D

Ewan ko ba basta super hilig ko sa mga reality shows.. lalo na pag mga singing competition :D I'm a frustrated singer and a self claimed good one.

Anyway in the early stage of competition, I already picked some of my favorites. They are said to be included on Top 36 based on information I got from some top blog spoilers of the shows.

Presenting... my favorites....

Taylor Vaifanua - She was seen on Jacksonville audition singing "Joyful, joyful". I like her when she sang the song with a heartfelt melody.. They compared her to AI6 winner Jordin Sparks - oh no!

Stevie Wright - The girl with a smoky good voice.. I love her. The dark horse of the show(I think). Young yet confident... Love her!

Scott MacIntyre - My self claimed "Prodigy" he auditioned at Phoenix. Sang "So It Goes" (sama tama ang title). A blind who only can see a straw vision. Very intelligent - who graduated College at the age of 19 and gain a full scholarship in London. He is very very Talented.. I really like his braveness.. First ever blind singer in the competition (I think).

I hope he will go far in the competition, though many says that he will gain sympathy votes from the viewer.. sabi ko naman, his talent will lead him to success.

Naalala ko tuloy yung mga blind singers na nag audition sa Philippine Idol... nakaka touch ang mga boses and sincerity sa kanila.

Anoop Desai - "Randy, you can call me Anoop Dog!" Yay! He auditioned at Kansas City and sang "Thank you" with lots of oooooohhhh. I like him a lot and I really enjoy listing to him.. Will he be the next Sanjaya Malakar in the competition? NO! he is by far vocally capable than Sanjaya.

And because of him I watched "Slamdog Millionaire".

Nick Mitchell - Norman/Nick (Whatever) - He is just soooo hilarious to watch. But he got a good voice though. I like him singing "And I am telling you" with the "Balcony" and "Seacrest".

Kai Kalama - Lovable man and son. He's taking care of his sick mother in the morning and work in a band at night.. He has very nice control on his voice. He sang "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" as he auditioned in San Francisco.

Casey Carlson - My chick... shes sooo cute.. and I like the way she carry and dress herself. Sang "A Thousand Miles" in Kansas audition (syempre mas magaling parin ang White Chicks sa pagkanta nito) :)

Alex Wagner-Trugman - My geeky man.. I like to watch him singing specially when he sing at Hollywood group night. He really have this funny moves and I love when he twist his lips. Very geeky indeed.. he knew a country that I never heard yet.

Ariana Afsar - My other chick... (Cute girl is really my weakness) I love her, I love her, I love her.. Please adopt me. She sang "Put Your Records On" as she audition at Phoenix.

Anne Marie Boskovich - She auditioned at Jacksonville where she ask to dress up like a star. Don't know why they do that. They can save the Dress-Like-A-Star later I think. What matter is the voice... and she is really good.

Danny Gokey - Go Danny Go! One of the best vocalist in the competition.. I think being a Music Teacher helps him a lot technically and vocally. He lost his wife recently(don't like this, so I'll drop it). I love the spice he put on the song "Somebody To Love" in their Hollywood group night.

He auditioned at Kansas City singing "I Heard It Through The Grapevine".

and finally

Matt Giraud - I like him to win.. though I am torn between Gokey and him. I love his soulful voice.. When I first heard him singing "I Don't Want To Be" I remember Elliot Yamin. They have this similar aura which is very likable.

Love him more after I watched the Hollywood group night when they sang "I Want You Back" a Jackson 5 songs which is very very hard to sing.


So there.... I hope lots of people support my Idols.. win or not they will be always be my Idols.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wlandyok.. nag momoment ako a few minutes ago at medyo na idlip ng biglang sumigaw yung manok namin...

" Lenovo Singapore Queue calls"


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(Late post) My Idol Won the Australian Open

My idol just won his first Hardcourt Grand Slam and become the first Spaniards who win Australian Open...

Really love the game... both finalist exert all their power to give us a great game... Feel sad seeing Roger burst into tears when he received his runner up plate :(. He really wants to win badly to even Sampras on his 14 Grand Slam records.

Knowing RF, he will not stop until he got what he wants. He is one of the graceful and greater player of all time..

And lastly, my other favorite player who was been beaten by the mighty Roger :)... c kuya Andy!