Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Go to Korea!

Its been my dream to travel to any place with snow. I even contacted my uncle staying in London to adopt me for a couple of weeks next year but he is yet to decide. China is the nearest place in Asia with winter season (well some part of it), Japan and Korea too. But some of them specifically Japan is quite strict in providing tourist visa to its neighboring countries due to lots of cases of over-staying.

China and Korea on the hand are trying to boost their tourism. My friends told me before that a complete travel itinerary is a key to secure a tourist visa for these countries.

Airasia is now having a promotional package going to Seoul Korea! Booking should be made on or before November 03 to 10. Travel schedule would be next year from April 1 to June 30. I tried to check for the random dates and the total airfare going to Seoul totaled to Rm 1,200++. It will lowered down I think depend on your preferred date. So anyone must grab this opportunity!

I'm still thinking if I will purchase a ticket for next year getaway.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things That Keeps Me Busy

There are lots of things that keeps me busy this past weeks and which makes me excited actually every time I do them.


Tennis - well some of my friends if not all of them knows I love playing tennis.. It all started when I enroll on a tennis subject in my University days.

Badminton - this is not my regular sport before but after I arrived in Malaysia and found out that they worshiped love to play this game.. I begin to get into it. I remember playing once or twice a month before in Eastwood City (Im not sure if that place is still there beside "dampa")

Bowling - one of expensive if not most sport out there (the like of golf noh). Yeah, to became a true blooded bowler and not just to be called as seasonal bowler you have to have a full bowling gears! Yep! From hand guide to bowling shoe,  and your own bowling balls and bags! It excite me whenever some of the guys decided to play bowling once in a while. I like the Chester King moves you know!

Swimming - the love of my life at the moment! Yep since the place I'm staying have 4 pools, I can't stop and think to dive every time I passed by the place to head home. I actually swim alternate days.

Taekwondo - Not all of my friends know that I'm practicing this sports. Well they always ask me where I am whenever we have a training. I'm planning to join an invitational game again next year at Melaka.

Movie/Series - from DDD to Glee name it. You might want to include Amazing race, both US and Asia version.

Foods - Yes! I love to eat and when I eat, I make sure I satisfied my hunger. This might be the reason why I'm getting fatter.

Ball, Kick, Splash

Guangzhou! here we come!

Of course I am just kidding. What I mean is that all eyes and attention will be in Guangzhou's after 9 days.  (I capture the picture yesterday-my bad). 

Been so into sports this past few years now, and planning to join another team here in Malaysia again, but I'm still yet to confirm with them. It will all depends on my mood actually.

Oh well I hope they televise all the games in Asian Game like they did in Commonwealth Games. 

I always forgot that beside facebook friendster? and twitter I still have
this site at the other side of the web. 
The other social networks keeps me away in this place.
Anyway, haven't visted my friendster account for quite some times now.
I am wondering what is happening in that site now.
I tried to visit it last time but the site runs very slow. too slow...