Sunday, June 27, 2010

Standard Chartered - Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010

Finally, after a short preparation for this event, me and my friend, managed to finished it! We tasted the 10km of sweat, a bit of tears and foot blisters of my 4th marathon to date.

Its a fine morning.. a rainy, but fine morning. Good thing, the rain finished before we started our race. I just pity all those who join the 42KM run since the rain was on its mids when they started.

We arrived at the venue around 6am from my friend's house. The atmosphere is so intense when we reach there. There are lots of participants, from 21 and 10 Kilometers who are busy stretching and doing their pre-marathon routines. I just watch them and enjoy the moment. In my mind I say, "This is it, I'm not a newbie anymore.. I will surely love this!" Though my stomach and bladder isn't say so. They are nervous, nervous that I felt some butterfly in it and my bladder told me to go and search for a comfort room!

It was 6:52 when Me and my friends decided to queue on the starting area and condition our mind for the run. I was busy listening to David Cook's "The Time Of My Life" (not the "Dirty Dancing" theme, but the song he sang as his Final Song in American Idol) when the announcement was given for the race to start.

There are so many 10Km participants that it took us 2 minutes before we cross the starting line and record my starting time using our D-Tag attached on my left shoelace.

... Walk!
... Walk...

... was my technique earlier. I don't want to force my left foot which is still recovering from the sprain I got from the Badminton tournament last time. I am expecting to finish the race at an hour and 20 minutes, 20 minutes shy from my time on the last Marathon in Cyberjaya.

Its still early and here we was, watching the busy road of Kuala Lumpur while running. I'm counting if we are near to the finish line.. it looks like forever for me. I'm not aware of what song I'm listening to, or what song I have listen on my iPod anymore, I'm busy thinking where was my friends? Where was that drinking station after 4Km, isn't it 4km yet? Yep! 4000 meters and I'm already thought those things.. so Imagine what more did I think for the last 6km of the run!

Familiar places... KL Sentral, Indian Town, Police Station and now Jalan Sayed Putra. Finally, I saw the drinking station, and like the others who are thirsty, I queued and get my two cups of 100 plus from the table. I saw 4 portable toilet on the route but ignore to pee..

My run continue...

KL Railway station. I thought we are already near to the finish line because I haven't notice any "Mark Sign". I check my phone just to be surprised, 39 minutes? It's already 39 minutes.. I calculated 3 minutes more and I will reach the finish line.. that was fast.. what happen??? My mind was set that I am already near.. but it was a mistake! I haven't remember that we will cross the back of the KL Station twice as stated on the 10km map.

We turn left going to the Lake Garden, its an inclined area and it adds the burdens on us, runners. Most of us just walk and started to run again after we reached Jalan Cenderawasih and Jalan Parlimen.

It was in the last 2km to 2.5km when I noticed a commotion ahead me. It was, I think, in Jalan Raja Laut before Sogo Mall. Though still far, I saw a man lying on the side of the road, surrounded by some of his friend (I think). Some of them was shouting.. Mani! Mani! Mani! Many or Manie, I don't know what word they calling. Then all of the sudden I felt nervous, I thought that man lying there was my friend Manny who got separated from me earlier in the race. it was about 40 meters when I heard them clearly.. they are calling for Medics! Maybe their friends need someone who have oxygen... in my iPod, Regine Velasquez is singing "Babalik Kang Muli".

I passed near the group to check if its my friend.. Good Heaven, I thought... it's not him! Then my eyes got wet... Yes I cried! I felt sad about what happen on the guy there while listening to the sad music.. thinking, how if its me lying there? Or my friends? What will happen?

I pray that he would be okay.

I continue...

It's my final Kilometer, I saw the tents made by the organizers. I am near the finish line.. and this time, it's for real! My clock says, I been running for an hour and 15minutes, 5 minutes more! There are lots of people cheering for their friends, family and loveones. Other are just watching the event. Gathering pictures of the runners along the way.. and now my final steps! I crossed the Ark with a big happy letters "FINISH".

And everything are a very very sweet experience!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glee: Charice

Actually I read the news since yesterday but forgot to post it..

Yep, Charice, as per PEP and INQ is confirm to join US hot TV series Glee. But i'm just worried if this is still indeed true since I read one article from Newyork times that casting of 3 new role for the show through reality project was cancelled

To Quote:

Fox unveiled the never-titled reality project last January at the same time it confirmed it was renewing Glee for a second season. It solicited audition videos on ye olde MySpace from contestants who wanted to compete for one of three new roles on the show; the ensuing happy-off would be filmed for an American Idol–like multipart special that would lead up to the season-two premiere. "There's never really been an unscripted program like this on television before," Fox reality overlord Mike Darnell promised at the time.

Now there still won't be. Though they collected the tryout videos, Murphy and Fox execs have since quietly agreed to kill the on-air competition after it became clear that working on the reality show would mean less time for planning season two (and the recently announced season three). As it is, Murphy and his team have already had their schedules crowded by such extracurricular events as the brief Glee live tour, multiple hit soundtrack albums, a trip to the White House, and, of course, Oprah.

So its seems that one of the 3 slots landed to Charice who will play as an exchange student in the show.

Source: Vulture, GMA News

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was about to sleep last night when I decided to check the current Wimbledon match in the sport channel. I don't normally watch early stages of any Grand Slam not until its 4th round or Quarter Finals, I just had the urge to check what is the happening to switch my focus from the last match between Portugal and North Korea in World Cup. Oh Btw, the game is not that interesting.. though Portugal won 7 to none against PKR.

So I didn't know that my least favorite player, Federer (hahaha peace to all my friends :D ) is currently battling his survival in the tournament. They are currently playing the 4th set and 1 game each. I haven't notice at first that Federer was 1 set behind Falla who won the first and second set of the match. I was in this "Wow" state learning that Roger might exit the tournament earlier.. beyond expected.

It was in the 10th game, he got into a dimmed moment scoring 30-40 with Falla serving for the match when everything turn in favor of him again. And then I was in dismay!

The match finished with Roger winning in fifth set 6-0...

Good thing, I didn't have nightmare after that!

Weekends: Finals, Run, Friends

I haven't heard any news whether our badminton final will be set this coming Saturday. If it will, I do hope they schedule it in the morning.

My weekend would be very busy for sure. Sunday will be the day of our KL Marathon. I wasn't sure yet if I will get my Race kit personally or will ask someone to get it for me. If Saturday final will pushed through, then I have the whole afternoon to visit Titiwangsa where the Race Kit Collection Centers for the marathon is located.

I have no running/jogging practice for a few days now due to the sprain on my left foot which I got from the badminton game last weekend. I hope the sprain healed soon. If not, I will force to just walk and be left out on the running route.


Had an hour swimming practice last night with Thess and Allan. This is to test my breathing to check if I still can stand doing one routine for a couple of minutes without resting. A great cardio exercise too, so it will benefit me for my upcoming run.


By the way, I met some new great guys from the LBC cup. I learned that they will join the run too but in different distance. Hope to see them along the way. They are pretty cool and quite friendly. Atleast my world will not rotate in Cyberjaya alone...

Saturday, June 19, 2010


And I really meant it. Or maybe the proper expression should be a very deep and long sighhhhhhhh!

I just finish a total of 4 badminton games within 8 hours. 4 not intense but very tiring badminton games! I'm just glad that my partner and I won all that matches.

I just felt some soreness in my feet and so
E problem in breathing. I need a very long rest for sure to recover.

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Friday, June 18, 2010



Email posting trial since Ipod didnt support yet.. (ithink)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Planning to go back to my old routine... Just hoping for me to adapt again easily...

Thinking stupidly for the past days or weeks I supposed... Can't get out of it yet.. hopefully soon

Somewhere good things are waiting for me... or it just around me and I haven't notice it...

Is There True Love in Cyber World?

.. maybe there is!