Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 5 - Elimination Result

This is the time of the season where the fans are going wild to save their favorites. If I too have a chance to throw some precious votes... why not? Who are safe? Danny? Adam? Kris? Allison? Matt? No one knows. Though the internet peeps think that Matt is going home... still no one is sure. It could be anyone.


Group performance was up first on the elimination night. All of them are blending now. That's lovely.

After the break a clip of top 5 celebrating the birthdays of DAnny and Allison. BAking and cake throwing... wow! the mess on the mansion is all around!

Result next...

All of the idols are lined up on the stage. Matt Giraud was called first. He says he feel good about his performance the other night. Ryan ask him to stands on the right side of the stage... not telling if he is safe or not... They are up in splitting two groups now.... geez! Danny Gokey is next and was ask to stand on the other side... left. Allison Iraheta is next and was ask to join DAnny. Kris Allen is next who joins Matt afterwards.

Adam Lambert is left... He might be the only sure SAFE... but not. He was ask by Seacrest to choose which group he thinks he belongs in. Adam says he loves everbody. "Base on last night?" he ask, and he joins Allison and Danny...

Seacrest announces that Adam, Danny and Allison are not the Bottom 3... guiding Adam to join Matt and Kris which he then introduced as the Bottom 3. Every one is in shock. Even Danny and Allison who look together awestruck. What do they expect??? grrr!

Natalie Cole arrives on stage after the break singing "Something's Gotta Give". She looks younger at her age... being in the industry for 4 decades.. wow! Her voice is still full though the performance is pitchy.

Another break and former Idol Winner, Taylor Hicks is back to rock on stage... He is missing the likability sparks that he had before. I can't feel his performance unlike before... sorry.

Before the break Seacrest sends someone to the safety stool... and that is Kris who joins Danny and Allison. Matt and Adam are left in the Bottom 2.

Jaime Foxx performs "Blame It" after the break. I dont like the whole performance... geez It was a total mess for me. I don't know.

The journey is about to end with the two who left in the Bottom 2. And finally, the moments of truth came. Over 47 million of votes... Adam is SAFE...

MATT is going home.

Matt sings out for the last time. Not worrying if he will be save or not. He seems relaxed and expect what happens. The performance is better than the other night.


So there Matt is finally sent home... I'm sad that he is already gone. I like the way he perform though he keeps on doing the "Timberlake Thing" always. I'm glad on what Kara says to him before the show ends, "One of the best things we did this season was save you".

I felt tired doing this now especially that my favorite is already gone... hahaha :D Just glad to know that this show is near to end in a month.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 5 - Performance (Rat Pack)

This is it! Only five people remains in the competition. I wasn't that crazy about the theme or maybe because its very unfamiliar to me. I do some online research about it but I'm still blur on the depth and meaning of it. Week theme is "Rat Packs".

So what is especial about this week? I think it would be a more interesting to listen familiar song in order to give right compliments to the one deserves it. I thought that all of the performances are equally good if not great. It keeps me some times to pick the one who should be on the my top and bottom list. Its very difficult to choose who are the strongest and weakest specially if you're choosing among few people. All the remaining hopefuls are good on their own ways... that is why its difficult to choose the new front runner.

In some point of the show, I end up in speculations that this is the moment where in you will witness the judges favorites among the remaining contestant. I heard some compliments which was over given and harsh criticisms from others who not deserved to received it.

How did they do? Here is my take...


Kris Allen - sings "The Way You Look Tonight". One of my favorite of the night. He pick a slow song and stays in tune all through out the performance. He definitely don't have a big crazy vocal which is his weakness but he knows how to interpret a good song... Very nice. He done a very good phrasing too which is his strenght. He really got it right. I just don't understand Simon who says, "I thought it was a little bit wet (???). I didn't get the feeling from you tonight that you can win this competition". Hmmm I think this is a bomb for supporters out there to save Kris to stays in the competition. Its a really waste of talent if he will be booted out this week.


Allison Iraheta - sings "Someone To Watch Over Me". That husky vocal of her really catch my attention now. She hits a lot of nice high notes on the song. Good phrasing and nice arrangement. No doubt, she is indeed the only hope of all girls in the competition. She is the savior. hahaha.

She grown to be one of the front runners now. Having Allison around, I think, gave this competition a lot of kick than expected. She just need to produced some performance like this to stay in the competition. Most of the judges loves the performance but not Simon who says, "I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight". Hmmm.. this could be true in this point but this might also result to some furious fans who will throw precious votes to this girl just to save her. Let see...


Danny Gokey - sings "Come Rain Come Shines". One of Danny's best vocal though there he is again who done an Over-The-Top performance on the latter part of the song. I just noticed that he got this monotone vocals to all of his performances. But it doens't matter, this is a great interpretation of the song. Randy says, "You are the only one I heard so far that could actually have an amble of songs like that and win…forget the connection stuff…this is a singing competition and you can sing"... Well, I think all of them can sing no?


Matt Giraud - sings "My Funny Valentine". Wow! I like the song, I don't know why. His vocal is a bit shaky but he got some glory high notes there. I'm still sure he doesn't master his vocal range yet. Not crazy about the phrasing which I feel akward listening with too. Simon who disagree to Randy who says "It was a little bit pitchy" says "It was the only believable, authentic song I heard tonight…I heard some Nat King Cole kind of phrasing there". Oh my! He loves Matt. He really like to save him this week. But I'm worried. The competition is already tight and Matt definitely is in trouble this week. I'm sad :(


Adam Lambert - sings "Feeling Good". I want to like the performance because I love the song... but I don't. I don't know... I'm not liking the arrangement either. Something is wrong out there. Add the different entrance he had on the stairs... I'm imagining him wearing a long gown...hahaha. I can't think of anything to describe his weird performance. But for sure... He gots a very crazy vocals. Paula says, "You make me feel better than good…watching you is like watching the Olympics and you are Michael Phelps". Can't forget his saliva flying when he says the first "Feeling Good". It feels good indeed :D


Talented people remains, but for all we know, one of them will be leaving on the elimination night. My worst fear comes... Matt is the obvious pick to leave tomorrow night. He is been consistent on being the lowest vote getter on the past weeks and was just save by the judges using their "Veto". Allison on her sea-saw stands on the competition might be, indeed, in trouble as what Simon says, if no one still supports her.

I'm still craving for a shock elimination... and that will be between Danny and Adam. Though I might be more happy if it will be Danny :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Online News - Swine Flu

I got a headache this morning and thought to have fever. Good thing, its just a result of oversleeping... so nothing to worry.

Anyway, another virus breakouts was reportedly done killing some people in Mexico. This time the source are swine... boars, hogs or known to many as pigs.

Some facts about the swine flu below from Yahoo Health..

What You Need To Know About Swine Flu

Monday, April 27, 2009

Updates: Birthday, Training, Leave

I'm a bit excited on tomorrow's training. It will be the night of grading to move on another stage on our kicking class. I am confident that I can pass the training exam. I don't know, just had this feeling that I can pass what ever the exam is.

I'm a bit lazy to woke up this morning actually. I never had enough rest this weekends. It started since Thursday night when I accompany my friend and sleep at their place. Then this Saturday, after work, I play badminton and join our friends Birthday celebration party after until 3 am of Sunday. I didn't attend the Sunday service since I woke up late.

I think, I really had this bad habit now that need change. I feel its becoming unhealthy already.

Anyway, I missed my friends birthday... my bad again. I know he is very angry with me now :(.

My Indonesian friend's Birthday also came, last April 23. I promised to threat her a dinner. We plan and scheduled it this coming Saturday.

Planning to take two days of leave next week to apply for a new passport... hope my superior approved my sudden applications.

Friday, April 24, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 07.b - Elimination Result

There we're been a buzz from the net on who among the hopefuls will be leaving on the elimination night. Lil as the first pick and Matt or Anoop to join her. Last week, I been waiting for a familiar drama on the show where, Seacrest divide the group in two 3 peoples and will leave 1 spare who got the highest votes to choose among the two as who he thinks got the lowest numbers of votes. Waiting for another David Archuleta and Melinda DooLittle who will choose to sit at the middle of the stage and decided not to pick any of the group. Or another George Huff who decided to choose but was shocked to realized he is wrong...

A group dance/song choreograph by Paula Abdul as a starter. I am impressed on how they pull off this presentation. One of the best group presentation I think, though they are obviously lip sync-ing.

After the break the elimination started. Seacrest call Lil Rounds to stand up. After some yada-yada, he requested her to walk to the other side of the stage, she is one of the lowest vote getter. She wants this obviously.

Then Seacrest announced "Unfortunately... the journey ends for Lil Rounds tonight".

It's very quick... I was surprise and not expecting her to be eliminated just like that.

She sings out and was better than the other night. Then Simon says after the performance, "I'm a fan but you made some bad decision. I'm going to miss your family screaming". As if.. what ever!

Disco medley was next after the break. Seacrest introduced Freda Payne who sings "Band of Gold". Wow! That was pitiful. She is panting while singing... If I'm near, I'll tell her not to move a lot.. yeah. But they are good for their age... singing live on stage. She introduced Thelma Houston next who sings "Don't Leave Me This Way". She is better than the first singer. And yeah, I know the songs they sang. Wow.. I can relate hahaha. But I'm not born on their genre... Then KC from KC and the Sunshine band performed "Get Down Tonight" next. And... I don't want to comment more... I want to be polite you know.

Seacrest continue to deliver the result after the break. Kris Allen stands first. And he is SAFE followed by Adam Lambert who too is SAFE. Danny Gokey is next, some blah blah talk and was announced SAFE. He seems to think he is in the bottom 3 which I speculate too. His sisters are all good looking right(Off Topic)?

Anoop Desai is next. He thought he could have done better the other night...but over all he was happy with his performance. But people think the other way and he is in the Bottom 3. Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud are next. Allison talks first. She says she changed her song because she is afraid to sound karaoke. Matt on the other hand, says he, himself, arranged the song to try to make it original which paid off because he is SAFE. I never thought Matt will be safe since Allison done a very good job the other night. Anyway, these two have the most few supporters on this show... I know!

Allison make her way on the stool and join Anoop while singing "Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes again..". She is soo funny. :)

Then after the break, David Archuleta performs "Touch Her Hand". He is a total performer... I'm just worrying about his voice. He nees to have some vocal rest for a while I think. After the song, he walks down to greet Anoop and Allison and gave them very good words of encouragement.

Anoop and Allison stand center stage. One of them will be leaving. And after over 45million votes.. "The second person going home tonight.." says Ryan, "... is Anoop". It means there is no all boys for the following week. Allison is SAFE.

Anoop sings out and was better than the other night. He says he is disappointed after but was glad he will going back to Chapel Hill. Lil joins her and both of them watch their video.


Only 5 people left and this show soon to end. After a month a new champion will be hailed. Some says Adam can win this while the other says its Danny Gokey. I, in my opinion, think that Kris also have a chance to win this. His fan base is growing tremendously. Allison and Matt, on the other hand, are best to reached top 3. But still, the ball is round and anyone can bag the title. No one knows what could happen...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 07.b - Performance (Disco)

I really had a very tough week but I'm still glad I manage to watch one of my favorite shows. I really tried to concentrate to feel connected on what I am watching but in someways, I felt so lost. Not sure why. What I know is that I still love this show.


This week theme... Disco Music! What can we expect?,... more of upbeat music and dancing. Who among the remaining Idols are good in dancing or let say, can really work the stage? 1 or 2? Believe me most of them didn't know how to work the stage. But did we witnessed all of what we expecting on the night's theme? NO! And because of that, I feel great... and relief :)

Relief, because I don't want to see another Danny Gokey's PYT move, I don't want to see another "Beat It" performance and another Justin Timberlake's move copy cat. (Okay, the last can be forgiven).

Who excel on this week performance? Did Adam does his thing? Did Matt proved again that he is worth to stay? How Kris manage to surpass the challenge to be away on his comfort zone? Is this the moment for Lil to showcase what she is in the music industry?

The verdict. All in all, I think the night performances are interesting. There are obvious standouts who out-shines the other. And here are my lists...


Kris Allen - sings "She Works Hard For The Money". And yeah, that great acoustic version and good arrangement was the best performance of the night. By singing a girl song and made it as his own is probably one of the best and bravest decision made on this show. Very impressive. Paula says "There aren't many men who are willing to shop in the woman's department. Your shopped and found a perfect fit." Every one loves the performance. I bet on that.


Adam Lambert - sings "If I Can't Have You". I never on my wild dream expect that Adam will not do his things on "Disco Night". We used to see him jumping around and screaming and this theme perfectly fit his style. Not been a fan of him, but I can't deny that he has a big change to bag this season's title. I'm not familiar with the song but I feel connected on him on some part of it. The vocal is there, less the growling sounds which i hate a lot, and you can feel the emotions. He just lost me when the song started to come to its end. Still one of his best.


Allison Iraheta - sings "Hot Stuff". One of my favorite performances from her. She plays on the arrangement and it really paid off. Like her growling sound... hahaha. Big note at the end. She is indeed the hope of the girls on this competition. Self aware on what she can do and she is not afraid to show it. I like the arrangement really, unlike Randy who says "I didn't love the arrangement, it was a little over-indulgent for me... but you're one of the best singers in this competition."


Matt Giraud - sings "Staying Alive". A metaphor of him being save last time as per Seacrest, I thought that his performance save him for another week or two. He hits some high notes there. Pleasant to hear and he is staying in tune. I just always worrying about his falsetto which he haven't mastered yet. I really like him to sail through the finals... but having Kris, Allison and Adam as the Front Runners, the best he can reach is top 4 or 3. The judges love his performance but not Simon who says, "... It come a cross a bit desperate". Hay... well...


Danny Gokey - sings "September". This is one of the song that I want to hear on any disco houses which make me dance. One of Danny's weak performance I would say. He is shouting most of the time. Never mind the dancing now... it is still bearable... hahaha. Kara says "You are an incredible vocalist...your pitch is so right on... you never have an issue". Hmm, I think Kara is deaf... she hadn't heard the yelling? Wow.


Anoop Desai - sings "Dim All The Lights". He really is not fit to do upbeat songs. The first part of the performance is okay, but got dull when it goes to up tempo. He also seems to be not comfortable on what he is doing up on stage. Anyway, I know someone who will love what ever he does. Simon says, "That was mediocre at best. I prayed that the tempo wouldn't come in. It was horrible version of that song... genuinely that was your worst performance by a mile". Wow, he really throw him under the bus!


Lil Rounds - sings "I'm Every Woman". It was a karaoke version of the song at its best. Totally off pitch. I'm really sad to see what happens to her. She is one of the contestant who lost her own identity throughout the competition. She is confused. Geez. I can't stop my self to compare her to what happens to Von Smith who follows the judges advice and lost his self because of that. This is the last time we can see Lil on the competition I'm sure.


So there, its very predictable who will be going home after watching all the contestant performed. Since the "Veto" was used to save a person last week, two of the hopefuls will be voted off on the elimination night. This was cleared by Simon last week. I think Anoop and Lil sings their last songs on the show. But I'm also worrying that Matt is one of the two who will be leaving due to lack of support from his fans.

I'm also open to a shock elimination which I been waiting for the past 4 or 5 weeks now. My top pick to be eliminated if ever we had the unexpected elimination would be Danny Gokey but I will be so much grateful if its Adam who will be the one to go home... hahaha.

But if America hear the right notes and favored everything and follow the right ways of picking the weak performers...

... Lil and Anoop will say goodbye to us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Activity Updates

My body is aching today maybe because of 2 consecutive games that we had this weekends. Also add the late sleep last night since I stay awake to know what happen to one of my friends who were sent to the hospital due to allergies complications.

Anyway, I almost lost my temper last Saturday while we are playing. There were some rude people who came in and tried to thrown us out of the club house's badminton court. It's not really cool to have a conversation with dumb people like them who boast a lot. It turns out that there is a conflict on the schedule list from the clubhouse management which is not our fault.

If they just talk and ask nicely, we might let them use our court. But since they are trying to intimidate us, but failed, we insist and raised our rights. One of them is claiming that he call the clubhouse office to booked for two courts from 8 to 10 pm, which overlap our schedule which started at 7 to 9 pm. During our conversations, he keeps on insisting that we should leave because first, he reconfirmed the booking earlier prior their game. Second, he is bragging about him being one of the flat owners on the community as if a tenant like us doesn’t have any rights to use any of the community amenities. He even dares us to show a written confirmation schedule from the court guard just to prove our claim. Unfortunately the guard on duty can't show any list which confirms both of our schedules. Not satisfied and talking to their own language which we can’t understand, he tried to scare the poor guard just to impress his friends.

End up, we still play until our schedule finished and irritate them by showing that we are really having some fun playing...

Friday, April 17, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 07 - Elimination Result

They done it!

The precious "Veto" was used on the elimination night... I love this show! I love this twist.. I love them for saving my favorite. Gah!

Wow. It was the most amazing night I witnessed from the show. Amazing than seeing Simon gave a standing-ovation. Amazing than seeing a flawless, perfect performance from any of the contestants, and bested than any spoiler and controversy about anyone on the show. Who will not be static seeing someone almost ousted to give a chance to be saved back? Nah! Wild-card selection is nothing if compare to what happen last night... this is what I call History!


Started with the video of the other night performances and a premier preview of Zac Efron's new movie "18 again". I think its a good movie... though I really don't like Zac... hehehe.

And the result...

They call Allison Iraheta first from the top couch and was announced safe followed by Adam Lambert who says he felt not insulted by Simon's comparison of his "Born To Be Wild" to a "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Well he still horrific hahaha. Anoop Desai was left and was announced to be in the bottom 3.

Jennifer Hudson performed her new single, "If This Isn't Love", after the break. She is one of the successful former Idol contestants and just won a Grammy!

After another break, Ryan interviewed Anoop and ask the judges what they think about him being in the Bottom 3. Paula is a bit surprised while Simon thinks he deserve to be there...arg! Kris Allen and Lil Round are next. Ryan ask Kris if he feels sorry he didn't play his guitar... he says he wasn't. Simon interrupted and says, " Kris, you are brilliant"... Wow! (hmmm I smell some feud between Simon and Randy now) After a few talks Ryan finally says, "Kris the bottom 3 is... (hang a moment) your going to have to take a seat... on the couch". Lil joins Anoop on the stool, she is in the bottom 3!

Matt Giraud and Daney Gokey stand up next. Matt says he might sing the song straight and not to make it own if he had a chance to re-do it. Gokey on the other hand says he is confident about his arrangement. Randy fire back Simon and throw his comment for Danny and says, "You worked it out last night!". Ryan continues and announced Gokey as safe. Matt is in the bottom 3 which is expected since he was teamed to Danny (I'm sad) . Before they queue for the break Seacrest call the Bottom 3 and send back Anoop to the Safe couch, leaving Matt and Lil waiting for their fate.

Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hanna Montana sings after the break.. wow.. she's.. she's... I cant listen more hahaha. I'm so rude... sorry :) - end

After the dreadful performance of Miley, Ryan ask Simon if they will use the "Save". Simon replied and said there is one he would consider saving (I had a feeling that it's not Lil).

After the break, Matt and Lil stand on the center stage. Seacrest deliver and announced, "After the nationwide vote of over 36 million, Lil...I'm afraid you're going to have to endure the competition at least one more week".

Matt Giraud is Eliminated!

Matt is smiling... he is ready to fight and prove to the judges he is good to be save. The crowd is cheering while he perform. Wow! A lot bad notes there, he seems desperate to be saved. The two girl judges are going wild too!

After the performance... everyone is shouting SAVE... SAVE.. SAVE.. they love Matt now! Wow! They didn't care on what the judges are playing at.. hahaha. Then Simon says "You doesn't have a chance to win this competition"... The other judges protested... Simon continues, "Matt, we've made a decision... and it's good news."

My heart jumped in excitement while watching the other contestant rushed to hug Matt. He was been saved!

Simon continues and says “I wouldn’t be so quick to congratulate him,” he warns , “Number one, two people are going home next week, second piece of bad news…next week is disco week.”

Who cares!

And everyone is Happy!


So there, the History of the save was made... Love it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 7 - Performance (Movie)

Back to the crazy world!

Last week, after I return from the other planet, the first thing I do is checked the AI site to see who was been eliminated. There I found Scott McIntyre, being the casualty of the last elimination night. Anyway, one of the highlights of last week performance I learn is the Adam-Simon "What-a-great-performance-Ovation", which is way too cool. This, I think, is the first time Simon give a Standing-O to a contestant...agree?

This week theme are songs from the Movies...will Anoop Desai sing the theme song from "Slumdog Millionaire"? Who knew? It might be happen. I haven't visited MJ Blog to check for the spoiler so I haven't had any Idea about the Idols song choices. But what ever song it is... I will never stop to comment hahaha.

Seven Idols left and most of my early favorites were been eliminated one by one. Kris, Matt and Allison are the only people I really love to watch. Danny Gokey made me confuse all the time... I really love his voice but I have a slight likability issue with him... I don't know. Anoop is in the middle of my list though my friends keep on supporting him. And there the "Golden" Adam Lambert, whom I really can't understand the drama he is doing...


Now, below are the performances which I list down from my favorite to least...

Allison Iraheta - sings "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the movie Armageddon. I love the song choice. One of her best performances. This song is really difficult to sing. I even tried to sing this song but failed. hehehe. She really is one of the top contender this year. The uniqueness of her voice adds the spice on the song which make me more love it. Simon says, "You are the girls only hope left in this competition right now... we could see you all the way through to the end", I really agree!


Danny Gokey - sings "Endless Love". I'm sure I heard lots of bad notes on his performance but I still put him on my top spot. I feel him... He got a lot of inspiration while singing the song... I bet his thinking about his wife (RIP). He really convince me about his emotion. He sings accompanied by a Harp, though I barely heard the music from the instrument. Simon says he is disappointed about the performance, while Paula loving it... well :)

*** Noticed on last night episode that only two judges commented each time a contestant done their performances... I think they did this set up to save time... hahaha.. why not they remove Kara on that panel? ***


Kris Allen - sings "Falling Slowly". Not familiar with the song choice and the movie it came from. I wasn't sure if every one will love the performance.. other side of my mind told me to like it and the other not. So I'm a bit confused. I will still give him points on vocal which I think keeps on getting stronger. He really grows a lot in this competition. Kara likes it but Randy doesn't. He will still be safe this week I know!


Adam Lambert - sings "Born To Be Wild". His darker side came back! The eye liner and the black finger nails... hahaha. I'm not really fascinated on rock music like this. But he really is very interesting. He knows how to play the stage. Paula says "One of bravest contestants I ever witnessed..." while jumping out on her seat. Yeah, he is one of the bravest but horrific contestant I witnessed :) peace!


Matt Giraud - sings "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" by Brian Adams from the movie "Don Juan". What a coincidence that were discussing this song with one of my friends earlier... I like Brian Adam and I like the song too.

I think Matt is still on experimenting stage. For the past few weeks he seems to try if he is versatile enough to pull a different kind of songs.. I really like his soul voice and he brings back it on this performance. He failed to hit those high notes and even failed to keep on the melody especially on the bridge part of the song. I still like the performance but not static enough to feel that he will be safe this week. He's been a very consistent low vote getter a few weeks ago and I'm afraid that this will be his last performance on Idol :(.


Anoop Desai - sings another Bryan Adam's song, "Everything I Do" from "Robin Hood". He is staying on being a balladeer in the show now. Good for him. He hit the first note badly, I think. I love to like the song but I feel lost on some part of his performance. Emotion is very important to me in judging if a performance is great or not and I don't feel his emotion is unique. I don't know... maybe it just me. Kara and Randy both approved and praised him.


Lil Rounds - sings "The Rose". She is really lost. She failed on delivering that song. Lots of pitch problem here and there. I really don't know now if she is good or not. She can hit a big not though. But her being an R&B artist is really lost... missing. Simon says "I think that you are getting this completely wrong...". And she seems to be pissed that she started to back talk. Wow! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


There, It's really hard to choose whose going back home tonight. But I think Lil will be the unfortunate one... hahaha.

Bottom three would be Anoop, Matt and Lil or Matt, Lil and Danny... I'm craving for another shock elimination to happen. If Lil is going to leave, I bet the judges will not save her (they hated the back talking thing... especially Simon).

There are still some possibilities that either Anoop or Matt will be leaving at this point. Anoop for being on the bottom 3 consistently and Matt for having another a so-so performance. If Anoop comes to the moment of saving his life to the judges... they will not save him even though Simon likes him. Matt on the other hand has a bit chance to be save by their "Veto". He is one of those the judges want to keep.

And for SHOCKER... my pick would be Danny... and of course he will be save!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Reality

Back again from the long holiday..

I still had the after effect of my last travel. I have to tighten up my schedule since one of my teammates is still on vacation. Just hoping that work loads today are minimal.. I think they are still on holiday mode.. hehehe.

I have a schedule practice later with my kicking friends in preparation for the upcoming belt grading next week. I don't know if I can join them, but I will still come for tomorrow training... I think I still need to rest... Need sometime to be alone...

I forgot that its been a while since our last badminton game... The Clubhouse management change their process again and didn't entertain us when we call them to book for a court. I will try to ask my friend to help us for this... I need to move some of muscle more.. I'm afraid that they still feel the trauma of the almost horrifying incident last time... :( It's a good preparation too since our Company is planning to hold a tournament soon... I hope I can join.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Other Side Of Our Journey

Its was almost noon of Maundy Thursday when we reached Perhentian and was able to booked a place to stay for the rest of our holidays in the Island when we decided to go straight away to the beach to save time. Without rest, we enjoyed the heat of the sun which was started to shine that time. It wasn't hot that a mademoiselle from France told me that she was a bit disappointed about the weather. She was told by a friend that it was great to visit the island because of the warm place. Well for most of Asians like me... the weather was enough not to darker our skin more since we have no plan to sun bathe.

After a few minutes, I decided to swim on the clear sea water. My friends didn't join me and just satisfied themselves laying on the sand. There are some people who are already there, some surfing enthusiast who waits for the right waves and some who are already swimming. I paddle for a couple of minutes... playing and swimming along and against the waves. I really enjoy the moment. Swimming is one of my outlets to distress and being in a great beach like Perhentian adds up on me being more relaxed.

Roughly 20 minutes after, I felt tired but ignored the urge to take a rest. I still continue paddling when I noticed that I can't move forward. Waves becoming bigger and they take me farther. I tried to use breast stroke so that I can see if I can make it near the shore, nothing happens. I tried to do free style but I felt the pressure on my legs and arms. I take a rest and float for a while and try again. I'm worrying already that I can't really make it. I wasn't on hysterical yet but my mind tells me that I really need help... Then I made a decision....

I let my self sink first and push my body up to breathe some air before I cried for attention... I battled on the sound of waves to call for help. It was on my 4th or 5th call when a group of people notice me. And before another wave hit my body... I saw them move urgently nearer to save me. When I make sure that help is coming, I float again and wait for them to grab me. The first word I said to them when they came is... "Sorry".

"Are you with someone?" they ask.
"No, my friends are at shore", I replied.

I kept my body relaxed while my mind works and think how stupid I am to be in that situation... nearly drowned.

When we finally got in to the shallow part of the sea, I stand and give my never-ending thanks to them. I return back to my friends who don't have any idea on what happen. I don't want to scare them and spoiled their vacation. I lie on my back and close my eyes to relax... and there I found that I am really tired... I fell asleep for a couple of minutes and rethink on what happen when I woke up. I saw the group who help me and ask for their contact info... (I learn that they are from Czech Republic) Take some of their pictures and gave thanks again for helping me...

The Journey

Long travel is quite tiring, specially on road trips. Thats why we decided to take a flight when we took an off to relax.

With my three friends, we decided to spend our Holy Week to an island not yet spoiled by tourist... Perhentian. Unlike Langkawi, where a direct flight will take you to the island through Air Asia, Perhentian has a bit tricky ways to reach. The island can be reached either from Kota Bahru (46Km) or Kuala Terengganu (109 Km). As for us first timer, who didn't research enough, we took the latter way.. traveling a long way from Kuala Terengganu...

Anyway, our flight to K.T was 20 minutes delayed. Originally scheduled at 2005h, the plane departed at 2025h, reaching Sultan Mahmud Airport quite late. As a normal tourist act (as I know it is), we took some pictures of their Domestic Airport which is much better than LCCT which hold both, Domestic and International flight from different cheap carriers. Much better in my Country's "Diosdado Macapagal Airport" in Clark too! my opinion.

We look around to ask a simplest way to reach Kuala Besut except from taxi where we will spend the night before we continue our journey to Perhentian Island early the next morning. Upon knowing that the last bus from KT going to the place might already left, we decided to spend the night to the nearest hotel nearer to the bus terminal.

We checked-in at Hotel Indah around 2030h after a 15 to 20 minutes taxi ride from the airport. Cheapest as you can get (as per the helpful airport taxi counter staff), we got our room for 80 bucks, with two king size beds, air-con, TV with local channels and attached bathroom with water heater. My only problem is their lack of bathroom rags, other than that, everything seems to be fine.

We then hang around and checked for the earliest bus departure schedule to Kuala Besut after taking a quick shower. We learned that the first bus to KB is sched to depart at 0900h, with roughly 3 hours travel time... a total waste of time if we will reached the place at noontime. We then decided to try our luck to grab a cheaper taxi the next morning. We went to the nearest 711 store to buy some water and coffee before we head back to our hotel. Some chitchat about the plan for the following day and bed set up before we decided to sleep.

The next morning, Maundy Thursday, I woke up early and proceed to the terminal again to check if the the stalls are open to confirm the schedule we got the other night. Everything is still the same as we left the place. All the stalls are close, except from some taxis lined up at the road. Without luck I went back to the Hotel and persuade the group to get up, take a bath and leave early.

We check-out around 0715h full of enthusiasm about our next road trip. We rent a taxi van which we got for Rm80, a cheap price for an hour and half journey to KB. The journey went good.. I really love the view, specially the mangroves that I saw on the road time by time. We reached our destination earlier than expected. Our driver sent us to the traveler's agent office (MD Tours) where we bought our jetty ticket scheduled to leave at 1000h. Having more time, we spend the rest of the hour eating at the nearest Chinese restaurant at the place. I really enjoyed their "Nasi Goreng Ayam". And yeah, I didn't forget to inform the owner/cook that my taste buds are well satisfied...

The Jetty station is not far from where we bought our ticket. Together with few Westerners, we head to the boat station. The day is a bit cloudy and windy which add to the already bigger sea waves. Most of the passengers are shouting when our boat started to take off... the highest boat jump we experience is about 1 to 1.5 meters. We reached the first drop off after 30 to 35 minutes.. our destination.. the island of Perhential Kecil or what they call "The Small Island".

The boat operator informed us that we need to walk for about 10minutes to reach the long beach where we decided to stay. The boat is not going to the place since the waves are much bigger there. Wet and almost exhausted due to the long journey, we track the way through the jungle. Then finally, after a great patience.. we reached the place. We tried to look for a Chalet to stay on for the rest of our days there. Unfortunately finding a place to stay is difficult. We even experience how some of the receptionist discriminate us and choose the people who they want to entertained.

After more than an hour of searching, we finally got at room at "Mohsin Chalet", one of the cheapest place to stay at the long island. And there, the great long beach experience on the beach started.

It went on...


As We planned..


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are all things here?

Extra Shirt - Check!
Swimming short - Check!
Wallet - Check!
Money - Check!
Undies - Check!
Slippers - Check!
Shoes - Check!
Pants - Check!
Toothbrush - Check!
Sun Block Lotion - Check!

and the most important....

Passport - Check!
Ticket - Check!

... Terengganu, here we come!!!!!


Okay, I just learned that none of us traveling later had an idea on how to get to our destination.. hahaha. Funny but true! It turns out that the place we want to visit is too far from the town and airport.. geez.

Our initial plan is to visit Pulau Perhentian which is in Terengganu so we bought a ticket flying there. We just found out that the jetty terminal going to Perhentian is much nearer if you fly to Kota Bahru. Well, thats the result of being too excited and not done any research before buying a ticket.. hehehe.. But thats where you can find excitement right? Being lost. hahaha

I want to explore so its fine for me.. the only problem is that we will reached the airport at night and we are not sure until what time the buses operates there. Airport taxis are expected to be more expensive knowing that the place is one of the Country's "Tourist Places". I tried to search for more convenient way to reach the port but I can't find anything that will lead us to the place soundly. There are some transportation that can be use like train and buses but you have to go down from places to places which will measure our patience and waste our time.

Anyway, We just all decided to rent a taxi in case we can't find any option.. We don't want to stressed ourselves thinking to try different ways... this is a vacation and we all want to enjoy... :)

Not So Good News

I received a message that one of my friends mom just passed.... She was been diagnose to have a malignant tumor on her lungs..

I just talked to my friend last week asking how his mom doing. He mentioned before that she is currently recovering and was doing fine. That's why I can't believe to heard the news that she's gone now.

It's very difficult to lost someone you love.. specially if that someone gave your life...

American Idol 8 Top 8 - Spoiler

Since I'll be away for vacation.. I will not be able to write a review about American Idol.. It really hurt me alot since I attached my self on this show... I love this show you know... hehehe

So the best thing I can post is the spoiler about the show.. We love spoiler.. we love the "no suspense things".

Spoiler from MJ:

Theme: "Songs the year they were born"

Danny Gokey - "Stand by Me"
Kris Allen - "All she Wants To Do Is Dance"
Lil Rounds - "What's Love Got To Do With It"
Anoop Desai - "True Colors"
Scott McIntyre - "The Search Is Over"
Allison Irahet - "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Matt Giraud - "Part-time Lover"
Adam Lambert - "Mad World"

From the list of songs above, "True Colors", "The Search Is Over" and "I Can't Make You Love Me" are familiar to me...

I tried to catch up and comment if I got a chance...


I got an invitation last night from my "kicking" friends to join the Annual Dinner and General Meeting at the Equatorial Hotel this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, I decline the invitation due to some plans and commitments.

I really love to join them.. they are so nice and happy to be with. They are always laughing in every training sessions which makes everything lighter.

They are all young though :), Most of them are still in College... I think I'm the only working person in the group. But anyway, I'm very pleased that they welcome me to join them... I'm really happy.

Thanks and Sorry Irene.. I wish to join the group plans next time.. :)

My Tired Mind

And I'm back from the long silence!

I tried to squeeze something to write from my mind but I wasn't successful. I'm still overwhelm about the long holiday I had last week. Hahaha.

I'm getting tired of reading online news to check whats new around the globe, but none attracts my attention..

Maybe later.. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Weekends!

I will try to visit some nearest tourist spots here in my adopted country. I think this is the right time for me to explore and unwind again. A whole day away from my usual path and places will do I think. Plan to visit their Historic Site going to Singapore.. hayzzz I feel so stressed since Monday.

I will spent my "Holy Week" holiday at the beach with my friend too.. Can't wait for that time anymore.. I'm so excited.

Hope it will not rain later.. I want to swim alone to distress. It's been two weeks since my last swimming...


American Idol 8 Top 09 - Elimination Result

I don't know where to start now.. My brain is not working properly(as if it works okay before). I'm still in taste of two consecutive disappointment since last night...I'm easy to be affected of anything around me.. so bear with me and wide your understanding :).

Okay, another hopeful was ousted on elimination night.. I sticked on my pick on who will be ousted.. I have a strong feeling that I am correct again on choosing who will leave. Ofcourse, I'm still denying the fact that Megan and Matt are also on the list to leave the show...

... Let start with the judges giving their view about the song choices on last episode.. on how some these contestant picked the wrong songs.. (I am still convince that the episode lacks its spark). Others talked about having conviction and confidence... and set Adam as example. Simon thinks Anoop, Matt and Megan should be worried and in line for elimination.

Group song next. like the early group songs, this is pre-recorded one... I'm sure about this already :). They sings the top download songs on iTunes by Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". Scott playing the piano again while other move around to give us some entertainment... end with the flash of Adam's color black finger nails... :D

Then, a video of Ford commercial shooting shown next. The contestant are all loving these things. Pictorials, pictorials and lots of pictorials... Then on the mansion showing the contestants messing around.. Impersonating each other.. Matt to Danny singing "Hero". This continues live when Seacrest ask Danny to impersonate Matt.. trying to copy his "Viva La Vida" singing style which I found kinda mean. Allison to Danny singing "P.Y.T". And the best among all, Anoop impersonate Kris, singing "How Sweet It Is"...I was entertained... for the WIN!

Then the moment every one is waiting for.. the Result!

Seacrest splits the nine remaining contestants into three groups. First calling Meagan, Matt and Kris sending them to the farthest side of the stage. Next, Adam, Lil and Allison who stand at the center. Lastly, Scott, Danny and Anoop who stands at the other side.

A performance from last year winner David Cook singing "Come Back To Me" after the break. Then he received his Platinum Record for reaching 1,000 sales of his album.. wow!

After the break, Ryan continue on delivering the result. Pulling out the safe one randomly.. Thought he will pick the the group who received the lowest numbers of votes :(. From the first group, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud was sent back to the couch leaving Megan.. she is in the Bottom 3.. NO! Ryan continue on the second group. Sending Lil Round on the couch. Allison next and she is in the Bottom 3, followed by Adam who was sent instantly to the safe team. Last group next. Danny Gokey was called first, and of course is SAFE, leaving Anoop and Scott. One is safe the other is not. Randy says, it should be Anoop. Anoop says, "I had a feeling, watching the performance back, I can understand too". And yes, he is in the bottom 3. Scott is SAFE.

After the break, a performance from Lady Gaga, singing her hit song "Poker Face". My friend love the performance.. same as I.

Then before the break Seacrest ask Simon if anyone is worth to save which Simon reply, "Just one". I know its Allison!

Back from the break, Seacrest sent Allison to the SAFE side leaving Anoop and Megan. Megan seems to think she will be leaving, making some fun. Smiling, waving and faux frightened face. Then Seacrest annouced:

"The person who came in at the bottom and faces elimination is...Megan!"

She really knows its her time. The judges did not even contemplate to save her...

... Then she sings out... She is still happy.. a more joyful performance than the other night.

After the last performance, she thanks all the people on Idol and call for her Baby. Awww, She missed him soo much :(.

Then the video of Megan's journet to Idol..


Geez... I felt sad :(.. She is gone now.. Thought I could still see more of her on the showm huhuhu :(

Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol 8 Top 09 - Performances

Okay, I never heard what the "Theme" for this week is. It's just yesterday when I found out that for the first time the contestant were given the liberty to choose a song of today... to be current.

But wait, am I heard it right? They are choosing any song they like as long as it is popular downloads on I-tunes... hmmm any song that can be downloaded on I-tunes makes it popular.. right? so It doesn't mean that we can only heard current song on this episode.... anyway....

....I'm hoping to be entertained since I have a strong feeling that at this point, these contestants knows where their comfort zones lies on. To choose songs that will benefit their vocal qualities and to show what kind of singers they are. But I was confused. I thought I was on a different world.. I can't feel them.. I felt unattached on the show.. from my own favorites.. :(

Well, there are still standouts from the night shows.. vocals are still there. I think thats enough to move on. My list shows the strongest to weakest performances last night...


Kris Allen - sings "Ain't Know Sunshine". An old song which Kris made new. An awesome arrangement and performance from this unnoticeable guy. He can no longer stand behind the shadow of well pimped Adam and Danny.. He is one of the "Front Runner" now. From the past 3 weeks in a row, he shows us what he can do.. what he is. He grow fast and keep growing still. I now believe in him... He can hold on till the end I bet. The best performance of the night for me. Kara says, "That is artistry"... I agree!


Danny Gokey - sings "What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts. Okay, I'm actually think twice before I put him on the second spot. I considered Adam to be on this spot but I change my mind and weigh their performance based on sincerity.. where I feel connected.. a little.

So there is Danny wins the second spot on my list. He tried to reach some higher notes there but fails. Some sounds are not good.. But the performance is full of emotions... I feel it. Simon says, "This week, I thought, it was your best performance".


Adam Lambert - sings "Play That Funky Music". Back to his over-the-top performance, he tried to make this one of the old song current. It doesn't sound current to me, but I still agree that he can sing any songs he want to sing. I like the first part of the arrangement. I like his look now.. I mean the face without black eyeliner... He looks clean. "True genius", says Paula.


Scott McIntyre - sings "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel. I like the song.. the performance is above average. He looks like struggling to reach some notes there.. I still love the piano and watching him play. His best performance I think. Better than his Jackson's night. Don't like the hair though. He is still an inspiration.. Randy says, "One of the best". This performance help him stay in the show longer.. a week or two I think. Scott is Love!


Allison Iraheta - Sings "Don't Speak". The judges commented more on her outfit and not the vocals. Well I think she is quite good. The correct song choice for her. She got the chops and do well on the phrasing of the song. She didn't try to be somebody.. she try to be her.. her alone. The judges are really harsh on her... Simon says, "You shouted the song"... I think.. NOT!


Lil (little) Rounds - sings "Surrender" by Celine Dion. Well this is the shouting they talking about. Shes trying to be somebody.. Theres no uniqueness on that performance. The arrangement is not different from the original. She's loosing herself there.. Anthony Federov out-sang her in this one. Simon says, "I found it quite similar to a wedding performance".

I was touch by her children... She cried seeing them off stage :(.


Anoop Desai - sings Usher song, "Caught Up". I don't know how to say this right.. but argh!, I'm not loving it. His vocal is still there. Performance is a bit "trying-hard". A very amateur performance for me. He tried to hang on. Kara calls it as Frat-Boys performance.... hmmm


Matt Giraud - sings "You Found Me". To try new, he sings around the bunch of audiences. The song choice is definitely not right for him. The vibrato is in force. The soul voice is no where to be found. I'm lost on the performance. He seems like not so comfortable. Everything is flying. I'm worried that this might be his last performance... NO! He can still hang on.


Megan Joy Corkrey - sings "Turn Your Light Down Low". I thought this song is good for her. But there are lots of pitch problem toward the performance. I love the song. I like the fact that she tried her best to deliver the song to us. I'm afraid this is her moment.. but I want to believe she will be saved.


As I said, I want to believe that my favorites will be saved for elimination.. We love them, right? We want more from them. That is if every one agree to throw votes to save them. My bottom three would be Anoop, Matt and Megan.

If I will believe on a clear sign, Megan or Matt will be leaving us. Matt the very first since no one loves him. Megan is pretty and Simon loves her so she still got a slight change to come back. If America vote right base on the performances of the night.. Megan will be in trouble. And if that happen the Judges will not save her. Definitely not!

My choice to be eliminated would be Anoop. His light keeps on dimming.

If there is another shock elimination like what happen on country night... It will be Lil.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

War At Home

I'm reading online news when suddenly I notice the story about this Chip Tsao, a columnist of HK Magazine. So I read and there I found out why he is in the front page of the online news.

He has written a column on the magazine which other found insulting.. calling The Philippines - a nation of servant.. well....

News here: HK Magazine removes Chip Tsao from website.

Why? Story here: War at Home by Chip Tsao.

So as result... he is now in Immigration List banned from entering the Philippines...


My! I thought I lost my plane ticket.... hahahaha.

I purchased an online ticket from Air Asia to a beach situated in north-eastern of Peninsular Malaysia. Bordered in northwest by "Kelantan", southwest by "Pahang" and east by "South China Sea". (Dare anyone to guess.. hahaha)

This is my first out-of-town vacation for this year so I'm so excited. Together with some of my colleagues, we decided to visit the place since none of us been there yet. The farthest place I been to around this country is "Penang" last year (Johor-Singapore and Hatyai/Thailand are not included).

I'm a bit hysterical when I noticed that my itinerary sent to my email is missing (I think, I accidentally deleted it). Good thing the history of my purchase is still recorded on my "User History Page" so I was able to retrieve my booking reference. Now they sent again the copy of my ticket.. yipee!

Thought and Values Learned for the Day

No matter what, Don't EVER forget to say THANK YOU to people who done things for you. Whether how small or big that thing is... don't be a dumb*** who throw their good values on the trash can. A simple gesture of being nice make some people's day good. Who knows, they will cherish it and wont regret and help you again next time.

Kicking Update

We started the new long term yesterday... but only few people showed up. We're just 9 or 10 if my counting is right. We had a 2 weeks break from training due to school holidays.

I finally got my new uniform too.. it's quite big but they told me it just fit my physique. I feel motivated again.. hahaha.

Mr. Moi, our instructor, keeps on talking about him being acquainted with Monsour Del Rosario... as if I care! hahaha kidding :). I think he is just happy having a Flip student on his class.. his first, as he told me before.

He really amazed me on his value for time. If he told us to come early because he wants to start early.. he will start no matter how many student shows up. If he says training will start at 8.. he will start at 8. If he told us to breath air and cool down for 2 or 3 minutes.. he will sure call us for another formation after 2 minutes or 3. Its his nature I think.. which is good.. I really want set him as example to cure my laziness.. I seldom come late to some of my commitments but I changed now... hehehe

We finished at 930.. and I feel very exhausted... I forgot to bring my bottled water. Good thing, the shop nearby our training site is still open... else I will be dehydrated...

Irene told me that grading for belt upgrades is set in two weeks time.. I am hoping to pass.. :)